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  • 7/29/2019 Shtf Free Press Premiere




    S u b j e c t s i n t h i s p u b l i c a t i o n a r e c o n t r o v e r s i a l . R E A D W I S E L Y .

    INSIDEFEATURED STORY......................CO

    TRIVIA / GMO.........................

    LOCAL FARMING........................



    LICE TREATMENT.......................

    OFF THE GRID.........................



    MRE / FASTING........................

    WEAPONLESS HUNTING...................



    ANIMAL CARE.........................14

    THE LIST.............................






    WELCOME to the premiere issue of the SHFREE PRESS.*

  • 7/29/2019 Shtf Free Press Premiere


    SHTF FREE PRESS - November 2013


  • 7/29/2019 Shtf Free Press Premiere


    SHTF FREE PRESS - November 2013




    Akers of Strawberries (aka,Greg Evers) - strawberries,onions, tomatoes, scallions,blueberries. From theplants., restrooms, giftshop, concession stand(drinks, snacks and/orfood), picnic area, school

    tours1054 Melton Road, Baker,F L 3 2 5 3 1 . P h o n e :850-537-2768. Open: May-

    July, Call for for hours andavailability. Directions:C a l l f o r d i r e c t i o n s .Payment: Cash, Debitcards, Visa/MasterCard,S F M N P V o u c h e r s .(Suggested by a visitor,ADDED: May 05, 2011)

    A visitor writes on July 03,2011: "Akers has a Facebookpage that is a lot of fun-loads of pictures from farmvisitors etc. They alsoanswer questions and postinformation about businesshour changes, specialp r i c i n g , p r o d u c eavailability etc. It's veryhelpful! "

    A visitor writes on May 05,2 0 1 1 : " T h e y s e r v estrawberry ice cream,Strawberry shortcakes,Strawberry Shakes. Theya l s o h a v eo n i o n s ,s c a l l i o n s t opick now. Theyw i l l h a v eblueberries topick and otherproduce. Justcall and ask the.

    Hours are from9 - 6 M - S a t .S u n d a ysometimes. Thebest farm in thetri-county areaof North WestF l o r i d a(okaloosa, SantaRosa, and Escambia) Theyprovide you a box to pickthe strawberries, thestrawberries are 1.50lb youpick your own. They sell T-shirts, have chalk for kidsto play with, they also selljellies and jams. GREATP L A C E ! ! ! H i g h l yrecommended!"

    U-Pick Blueberr ies -blueberries,5949 Dairy Road, Baker, FL32531. Phone: 850 537-0340.Open: Daily from 7 am to 7pm, beginning June 1 to

    July 31, or until the berriesare gone. Directions:Coming from the Southtoward Baker, turn right atthe traffic l ight ontoGeorgia Avenue (There isonly one traffic light!). Go5 blocks to the four-waystop; turn left onto DairyRoad. Go 8 tenths of a mileto our driveway.

    Gerald Brooks - Peas,T o m a t o e s , C o r n ,Watermelon, Cantaloupe,Blueberries5645 Gerald Brooks Road,Baker, FL 32531. Phone:850-537-4521. Open: May-


    Raymond Cook - SweetCorn, Peas, Cucumbers,

    Squash, Butter Beans, SnapBeans, other assortedvegetables7638 Highway 189 N, Baker,F L 3 2 5 3 1 . P h o n e :850-537-5571. Season /Open: June - July, Sun. -Saturday, Daylight to Dusk

    Bernice Mock - Blueberries6918 Lee Cook Road, Baker,F L 3 2 5 3 1 . P h o n e :850-537-8451. Season /Open: May-July, Monday toSaturday, 7am - 5pm.Directions: Take Hwy 189N to Baker, Fl .

    Eglin Air Force BaseReservation Range Road212 - blueberriesoff Range Road 212, EglinAFB, FL 32542. Phone:850-882-4164. They haveacres of blueberries topick. To get a license, call

    Jackson Guard . You willreceive information aboutthe areas and maps.

    A visitor writes on May 06,2010: "Licenses for pickingwild blueberries are $12/per person (and you haveto watch a video), and theberries are wild and mustbe searched out. Thus for afamily of three, a fewberries could cost you $36.Ouch."

    Eglin Air Force Basereservation Duke Field -blueberries one near DukeField, Eglin AFB, FL 32542.Phone: 850-882-4164. Theyhave acres of blueberriesto pick. To get a license,call Jackson Guard . Youwill receive informationabout the areas and maps.A visitor writes on May 06,2010: "Licenses for pickingwild blueberries are $12/per person (and you haveto watch a video), and theberries are wild and mustbe searched out. Thus for afamily of three, a few

    Florida Panhandle U-Pick Farms and Orchardsberries could cost you $36.Ouch."

    Eglin Air Force Basereservation Kentner Pond- blueberries near KentnerPond, Eglin AFB, FL 32542.Phone: 850-882-4164. Theyhave acres of blueberriesto pick. To get a license,call Jackson Guard . Youwill receive information

    about the areas and maps.A visitor writes on May 06,2010: "Licenses for pickingwild blueberries are $12/per person (and you haveto watch a video), and theberries are wild and mustbe searched out. Thus for afamily of three, a fewberries could cost you $36.Ouch."

    T r i p l e J F a r m s -blueberriesMelton Road, Baker, FL.P h o n e : 8 50-53 7 -4 2 59 .Directions: Take StateRoad 4 at Baker and driveeight-tenths of a mile, thenturn left on Melton Road.Go two mi les downMelton; the farm is on theright.

    from late May to early July.S c u p p e r n o n g s a n dMuscadines in ear lyAugust.

    Lundy BlueberryF a r m -BlueberriesState Road 89north of Milton,F L . P h o n e :8 5 0 - 6 2 3 - 0 6 5 2 .Open: in 2006,f r o m M a y

    27 ,2006, f rom7 a m t o 7 p mMonday throughSaturday; closedS u n d a y s a n dFourth of July.


    Sweatmore Ranch - U-pick-em strawberries, 11712Veal Road, Youngstown, FL32466. Phone: 850-722-4819.Open: Monday-Saturdayfrom 8 am to 7 pm andSunday from 8 am to 5 pm.Directions: Near PanamaCity; from the intersectionof Hwy 98 and Hwy 231,drive for 17 miles on Hwy

    231 to Veal Rd; Turn righton Veal Road, SweatmoreRanch will be about a halfmile up on the right.




  • 7/29/2019 Shtf Free Press Premiere


    SHTF FREE PRESS - November 2013


    vibrationally affect waterwith documented results.Wise men have knownthis use of vibration forthousands of years andnow modern science isfinally starting to catch onand document it.

    After all, if the structure

    of the universe is fractal, asort o f ho lographiccrystalline pulsing plasmathat is empowered and

    altered by energeticv i b r a t i o n a t a

    myriad of levels,w o u l d n t i tmake sense tou t i l i z evibration toenhance and

    even purify ourrapidly degrading

    environment and itsv a r i o u s f o r m s o f sustenance for the healthand well being of theplanet?

    Its about time.

    Radio wave-treated watercould change agricultureas we know it.

    A GROUNDBREAKINGnew Irish technologywhich could be thegreatest breakthrough inagriculture since theplough is set to changethe face of modernfarming forever.

    T h i s i s a m a j o rannouncement. Whileweve known that theinfluence of vibration onwa te r e v e n o n th eq u a n t u m l e v e l h a stremendous implications,here were seeing thet e s t e d u s e o f t h i stechnology for good.

    While this is still new andwill no doubt meet a loto f c r i t i c i s m a n dopposition from thevested big agraboys, its sureencouraging toh e a r a b o u t .Vibration isperhaps them o s tf u n d a m e n t a laspect of ourUniverse. It is howenergy is transmitted andhow reality takes form atthe most profound levels,s l o w e r v i b r a t i o n a lorganizations appear tobe what we call physicalwhile higher vibrationalenergy such as visiblelight and way beyond thatinto the quantum level aremuch faster or higher.

    Cymatics is the study ofthe interaction betweensound and liquid andsolid objects. It hasresu lted in amaz ingdiscoveries, even in theuse of in tention to


  • 7/29/2019 Shtf Free Press Premiere


    SHTF FREE PRESS - November 2013


    Some herbs that helpDi a b e te s a s s i s t i nproviding a betterb a l a n c e o f o n e smetabolism. and thebetter your PH Balanceis the better your mainsystems will functionless stressfully. Whent h e e i s a n y

    i m b a l a n c eyour mainstems needt o w o r kh a r d e rparticularlyt h e c e n t r a lnervous stem( the Core ofall the mainsystems.

    S e c o n d l y ,malnutrition andmalfunctioning inconnection with ab a d p a n c r e a t i cc o n d i t i o n c a u s ediabetes. WE also needto keep Those Bowels

    moving regularly

    So what does this allmean, Healthy mainsystems require healthyfunctional resources.E.G. the Central nervousSy s te m r e q u i r e s ahealthy liver function iti s h e a r t h a t t h en e u r o t r a n s m i t t e rchemicals are spawnedand acquisitioned bythe central nervoussystem. but when aperson has a unhealthyliver delays in timingfor the acquisition ofc e r t a i n

    neurotransmitter andthey to become unstableto to their current healthfunctionality possibly dueto an obstruction a baddiet or even drug oralcohol abuse.

    Secondly Healthy andn o r m a l

    (regular)b o w e l

    movementsa r erequired. ifnot a backedup stool can

    cause toxinsi n t h eblood andw h i c hc o u l d

    e f f e c tdiabetes and

    even effect normal brainfunction through the lackof oxogen within theblood due to the toxicityof the blood

    So diet is not all we haveto do let help out thesepoor abused main systemsw i t h n a t u r a l n o nc h e m i c a l l y t r e a t e dsupplementation throughj u i c i n g , h e r b a lsupplementation ande x e r c i s e . M yg r a n dm o th e r a l m o s tcured my grandfathersdiabetes and he no longerneeded insulin, done justw i t h n u t r i t i o n a lsupplementation.Here are some great herbsfor and diabetes( but notlimited to):

    Cinnamon: incresugar metabolism ataken for 40 days reduce blood slevels.

    Da n de l i o n r o opowerful blood pur

    Bilberry is a pow

    anti-inflammatory. herb is also a powantioxidant and glucoquinine (lowblood sugar levels).

    Goldenseal has naantiseptic propeand its a laxative

    Raw unfiltered acider vinegar: a gaid to balance Levels

    Nettle leaves: Too mbenefits to mention

    R a s p b e r r y l e aDrinking raspberry

    *tea can reduce bsugar levels.

    Aloe juice pure: will aid in normalregular passagebowels

    Herbs for Diabetes

    *Herbal Teas:

    Boil 1 cup water to ot e a s p o o n dried herb. itea ball for minutes.

    Hemp is a variety of theCannabis sativa plant. It isn o t t h e s a m e a smarijuana, as it does notcontain the high levels oftetrahydrocannabinol(THC), which is theactive ingredient thatproduces a high. Hemphas many industrial uses,but you can also obtainmany health benefits fromit by adding the seeds toyour diet.

    Hemp can provide youwith a complete protein,and a balanced ratio ofomega-3 and omega-6essential fatty acids. Italso contains many Bvitamins, vitamins A, Dand E, calcium, sodium,

    iron and dietary fiber.Hence, hemp seeds cansupply you with all yourd i e t a r y n e e d s f o roptimum health.

    1. A Healthy Heart

    The essential fatty acidscontained in hemp canreduce blood cholesterolto prevent plaque buildupin the arteries. Plaquebuildup can contribute toatherosclerosis, which isthe hardening of thearteries and eventuallycan cause heart attacksand stroke. The fatty acidsh e l p t o r e d u c e

    inflammation that canc a u s e p o o r b l o o dcirculation and high bloodpressure. Therefore hempcan reduce the workloadof the heart, and as aresult helps to preventheart disease and stroke.

    2. A Healthy Mind

    Your brain contains lot ofthe same essential fattyacids which are found inhemp. Therefore, hempcan help to improve yourmemory, and preventd i s e a s e s s u c h a sA l z h e i m e r s a n dParkinsons. Hemp seedscan also help to improveyour moods, alleviatesymptoms of depressionand reduce anxiety andstress levels.

    3. Healthy Skin

    Hemp oil is often used forcosmetic purposes inproducts such as

    soaps, skin lotionsand lip balms.This is becausethe oil helps topenetrate into thelayers of the skinto promote newcell growth for as o f t e r a n dsmoother skin.Hemp can alsohelp to clear upskin conditionssuch as eczema,psoriasis and dry skin.

    4. Weight Loss

    H e m p i s a n a t u r a lappetite suppressant, and

    helps you to feel fulll o n g e r . A d d i n g 4tablespoons of hempseeds to your breakfastcan help to reduce yourfood cravings for the restof the day. On top of thatyou will have lots of

    e n e r g yf o rexercise

    and otheractivitiest o h e l pyou loseweight.

    5 .DigestiveDisorders

    The highamount offiber thati scontainedin hemp

    seeds canh e l p t o k e e p y o u rdigestive tract clean andhealthy. As a result you

    can eliminate digestivedisorders such as bloatingand constipation.

    6. Prevent Cancer

    A heal thy digest ivesystem along with theantioxidants and plantsterols contained in hempcan help to reduce yourrisk of breast, colon andprostate cancers.

    7. Diabetes

    Hemp seeds are alsoessential i f you arediabetic, or are at risk fordiabetes, as they can help

    to controlyour bloods u g a rl e v e l s .T h i s i sdue to theh e a l t h y

    fats whichhelp the body toabsorb the glucosefrom the bloodstreamand turn it into energy.

    As a result, energylevels will increase andsweet cravings wi l ldecrease.

    Hemp seeds can be addedt o y o u r s m o o t h i e s ,

    sprinkled in cereals,salads and dips, or youcan substitute them fornuts in your baking. Theyare also great for makinghemp seed milk, forsprouting or to be groundinto a meal.

    7 Health 3fatchicks.comBenefits of Hemp


  • 7/29/2019 Shtf Free Press Premiere


    SHTF FREE PRESS - November 2013


    T o a v o i d b e co m i n ginfested with head lice,family members simplyshould daily shampoo anduse a hair dryer; theneveryone should beregularly inspected andbe taught not to shareother peoples combs,brushes, scarves, etc.

    L a u n d e r i n g - - W a s hbedding, towels andrecently worn clothing inhot, soapy water in awashing machine.Drying in a 140degree F dryer willkill both lice andn i t s . C l o t h e swashing is onlynecessary when youfirst treat your childwith Lice R Goneor when he/she isre-infested - it doesnot have to berepeated daily.

    Vacuuming--If it willmake you feel better -

    vacuum. Vacuum carpets,pillows, mattresses andoverstuffed furniture.Vacuum the car seats. It isr e c o m m e n d e d y o uvacuum these i temsinstead of using anyinsecticidal POISONsprays. Items such asstuf fed an imals andpillows which are notwashable can be stored intightly sealed plastic bagsfor two weeks. Lice andtheir eggs will be killed ifthey freeze - so someitems can be placed in afreezer overnight.

    Combs and Brushes--

    F a m i l y c o m b s a n dbrushes should be soakedfor 15 minutes in very hotwater. It might be a goodtime to get every memberof the home their owncomb and brush if theydon't already have them.Instruct children not toshare combs, brushes,hats or other articles ofclothing at school, play orother activities.

    W A R N I N G - A l lchemicals are toxic - and

    all registered pesticidesare called economicPOISONS because theyobviously are made to killand/or harm some livingt h i n g ! G e n o c i d e s ,pediculicides, pesticides,insecticides, suicides andhomicides all are ways tokill! Protect your child -do not POISON him/her.

    O n e o f t h e w a y stoxicologists warn us

    about the relative acute(one-t ime exposure)danger of a chemical is totest for LD50 values -

    Acute toxicity, which isdefined as the immediateeffect of a substance as aresult of a single dose, isrelatively easy to study.Chronic toxicity, whichresults from low doses ofa chemical repeated overlong periods of time, ismuch more difficult tot e s t . T o x i c i t y i sobjectively evaluated onthe basis of test dosagesmade on experimentalanimals under controlledconditions. The mostcommon measure thattoxico log ists use toestimate the acute toxicityof chemicals on humans is

    the LD50 value. LD50 isan abbre viat ion forLethal Dose 50%. TheLD50 value for a chemicalis the amount of chemicalthat can be expected tocause death in half (50%)of a group of a particularanimal species when thechemical enters the bodyby ingestion or skinabsorption. The amountrequired to cause death isnormally related to bodyweight: therefore, theLD50 is expressed in

    $%K%)%#%%$#milligrams of chemicalsper kilogram of bodyweight (mg/kg).

    It should be noted that noLD50 data exists forhumans. Data from testanimals is used to try toestimate the possiblea cute to x i c i ty o f achemical on a human

    being. Toxicity datashould therefore be usedto evaluate the relative

    toxicity of variousch e m i ca l s a n dwhich chemicalsm a y r e q u i r eg r e a t e rprecautions whenh a n d l e d . T h elower the LD50value, the moret o x i c t h esubstance. LD50values have notbeen measured for

    all chemicals even somek n o w n h a z a r d o u schemicals such as leadcompounds, do not have

    known LD50 values. Ingeneral, chemicals withLD50 values less than300mg/kg are consideredhighly toxic, those withLD50 values between 300and 1,000 mg/kg areconsidered moderatelytoxic, and those withLD50 values between1,000 and 5,000 mg/kg areconsidered slightly toxic.

    Because LD50 valuesdepend on body weight,however, many chemicalsthat may not harm anadult may be very toxic toa small child. Somepeople may become

    severely ill or even die atmuch lower dosages thanan LD50 may suggest.Before you use anychemical make sure youknow its LD50 values andthat you have no others a f e r c h o i c e ! E v e nexposure to peanuts isv e r y h a r m f u l t oapproximately 3.3 millionpeople in the UnitedStates that have an allergyto peanuts and/or treenuts. Peanuts are a lotsafer than POISON!

    Preparing YourCampsite

    A roaring campfire willcertainly provide someheat, but youll need tothink about insulation ifyou want to keep yourtent from losing its storedheat.

    Put your tent on a slightincline with a tarp underit. Choose a small tentd e s i g n e d f o r y o u rcamping conditions andpatch any holes beforeyou head out to yourcampsite.

    Never go camping withjust a sleeping bagyoullr e g r e t i t wh e n th etemperature drops andthe ground gets cold. Puta foam sleeping padunder your sleeping bag.If youre camping in a

    particularly cold area,bring two foam pads.Avoid pads made frompoor insulators l ikecotton.

    Eating the RightFoods

    Your body is pretty goodat regulating its owntemperature if you give itthe fuel that it needs toperform. Always packfoods with a ton ofprotein and healthy fatand eat snacks every fewhours during coldercamping trips.

    Before you go to bed, eata calorie-rich meal to giveyour body the energy thatit needs to heat itself.Peanut butter and trailmix are excellent choices.Soup is also great if

    youve got a way to up before you eat it.

    If youre still coldfollowing all of thesyou can get a smaheater for your However, these unicause dangerous cmonoxide build upkeep your tent flaps

    while the heater runshut the heater off you go to sleep.

    By paying attentih e a t s o u r c e sinvesting in some qinsulation, you shohave any trouble mit through the comfortably. Prbefore your trip anto learn from eachexperience.


    How to Stay Warm When Camping atNight


  • 7/29/2019 Shtf Free Press Premiere


    SHTF FREE PRESS - November 2013


    GM >=b l e a c h , w h i c h h a schemicals you won't wantto purify your water. Buy

    in bulk elsewhere becausem o s t b l e a c h e s a r ew a t e r e d d o w n a n dsmaller sizes anyway.

    U 4 : M < A M A >expiration dates! Even

    What NOT to buy at the dollarstores

  • 7/29/2019 Shtf Free Press Premiere


    SHTF FREE PRESS - November 2013


    Colloidal Silver is an areaof controversy in themedical f ie ld . Manypeople believe that thereare countless colloidalsilver uses, especially formedical health purposes.It has been used as ageneral antibiotic byhumans for centuries.

    However, in the last fewdecades, scientists havediscovered that it has theability to completelyobliterate antibiotic-resistant bacteria likeM R S A , S A R S(Human Coronavirus) and BirdF l u ( A v i a nInfluenza).

    Early Signs

    In the early1900s, doctorsw e r e v e r yaware that theliquid colloidals i l v e r w a s

    highly effectiveagainst event h e m o s td e a d l ymicroorganisms. Theywere very surprised tonote that even though thesilver in the liquid formw a s a s t o n i s h i n g l ye f f e c t i v e a g a i n s tdangerous bacteria, it wassurprisingly gentle andnon-toxic to the subject itwas used on.

    Does Not CauseMicrobial Immunity

    It was tested onr a b b i t s , a n ddiscovered that thea n i m a l w a sp r o t e c t e d f r o mmultiple times thel e t h a l d o s e o f diphtheria toxin.T h e o t h e rinteresting fact thatp u z z l e d t h eresearchers, wasthat no matter howmany times thesilver was used, itd i d n o t c r e a t er e s i s t a n c e o rimmunity in them i cr o o r g a n i s m skilled by it, unliket h e p o p u l a r

    antibiotic prescriptiondr ug s . T h e us e s o f colloidal silver includeanti-bacterial purposesand also for increasing thee f f i c i e n c y o f o t h e rantibiotics.

    Enhancing AntibioticEffects

    It was discovered that theantib iot ic e f fects o f amoxicillin, clindamycin,erythromycin, penicillin,and vancomycin weredramatically enhanced

    w h e n u s i n g s i l v e ra l o n g s i d e t h e s eantibiotics.

    Also For Pets

    Other colloidal silver usesare for family pets andanimals. Dogs, cats and

    other animals can

    benefit from thea n t i b i o t i c

    effects of thec o l l o i d a lsi lver thes a m e a sh u m a n s .

    They can

    be given the liquid silverfor mi ld in fection s ,antibiotic wound care,and more. Usually just afew drops daily until theinfection clears up issufficient.

    Ultra colloidal silver usesare similar to the regular

    colloidal silver, except

    tha t th is is a mor econcentrated form, andtherefore, one does notneed to take as muchwhen determining thedosage. It is especiallydesigned to work inenhancing the immunesystem functions.

    Side Effects

    The colloidal silver sideeffects are almost non-e x i s t e n t . T h e o n l ycondition that is said tohave developed from

    i n g e s t i n g to o m uchcolloidal silver is calledArgyria a condition inwhich silver accumulatesin the body, particularlyo n th e s k i n . W h e nexposed to sunlight, theskin is said to turn abluish or grey color.Although this condition is

    described as a cosmeticproblem, there have beenunrelated reports of otherneurologic or renalcomplications due to useof silver. However, mostof these reports areunsubstantiated.

    Sovereign Silver(colloidal silver) ism a d e w i t h99.999% pure

    silver. It can beu s e d i n asimilar way tot h a t o f s t a n d a r dcolloidal silvera n d h a s

    e x c e l l e n tresults as well.


    I n c o n c l u s i o n , t h ecolloidal silver uses arequite varied, and seems tobe clearly an extremelybenef icia l antib iot icproduct that has seen agreat deal of success, withlittle to no ill effects tohumans or animals.


    Beneficial Colloidal Silver UsesIm always on the look outfor alternate ways toprovide power to mytechnical gadgets. I reallywant to take my solarpower generation to thenext level, but if Ihave to bug outIll have to leaveit all behind.or

    will I?

    W h i l e s e a r c h i n for Solarpower, when I cameacross the Wagan EL2546Solar e Cube 1500. Thisthing looksl i k e ap o r t a b l esolar powerg e n e r a to ra n d i sportable.

    Portable ifI toss it inthe truck,b u t s t i l lp o r t a b l e !

    P o r t a b l esolar unitsare small but dont outputenough juice to runappliances (typically).L a r g e s o l a rimplementations aredesigned to be stationary.

    This is the best of bothworlds. Its about the sizeof a typical gasolinepowered generator, has abuilt in charge controller,batteries and a 1500 Watt

    AC inverter, that cansurge up to 3600 wattsp e a k . Thats no


    feat.Th er e are gasolinegenerators that dontoutput that much power.Y o u c a n e v e n a d d

    a d d i t i o n a lpanels for fastera n d m o r ee f f i c i e n tcharging.

    P r o d u c tFeatures

    U L H E : Kpanels (16 Wattseach) unfo ldand slide out

    from the powercube

    U 4:MML inverter (3600 peak surgepower): 2 AC outlets topower appliances such asradio, portable stereo,l a p t o p c o m p u t e r ,television, microwave,conventional refrigerator/freezerU 2 0 I H P > Kports (5 Volts 2.1 amperetotal) to charge/operateiPad/tablet, Kindle/e-

    reader, MP3 playerphone, laptop, etc. DC 12 Volt outletsU &GL DC adapters to rec

    its 55 AH AGhybrid batteryU !not require any

    assembly; this all i

    ready to use solar cready to use out opackage, plus it caexpanded with addsolar panels anbatteries if more porequired in the futur

    Read more abouWagan EL2546 SoCube 1500 at Amazo


    Solar Power Generator

  • 7/29/2019 Shtf Free Press Premiere


    SHTF FREE PRESS - November 2013


    Many people observefasting as a religiousobligation but only fewknow the health benefitsit has. Fasting is a goodpractice, i f properlyimplemented. It promoteselimination of toxins fromthe body, reduces bloodsugar and fat stores. Itpromotes healthy eatingh a b i t s a n d b o o s timmunity. Here are top 10health benefits you canderive from fasting.

    1 . Fast ing Promotesdetoxification

    Processed foods containlots of additives. Theseadditives may becometoxins in the body. Someo f t h e m p r o m o t eproduction of advancedglycation end products(AGEs). Most of thesetoxins are stored in fats.Fat is burnt during fasting,especially when it isprolonged. And the toxinsare released. The liver,kidneys and other organs

    in the body are involvedin detoxification.

    2. Fasting Rests DigestiveSystem

    Dur i n g f a s t i n g , th edigestive organs rest. Then o r m a l p h y s i o l o g i cf u n c t i o n s c o n t i n u eespecially production ofdigestive secretions, butat reduced rates. Thisexercise helps to maintainbalance of fluids in thebody. Breakdown of foodtakes place at steady rates.Release of energy alsofollows a gradual pattern.Fasting however does notstop production of acidsin the stomach. This isreason patients withpeptic ulcer are advisedto approach fasting withcaution. Some expertsbelieve they should notfast.

    3 . F a s t i n g R e s o l v e sInflammatory Response

    Some studies show thatf a s t i n g p r o m o t e sr e s o l u t i o n o f

    10 Incredible Health Benefits of Fastinginflammatory diseasesand allergies. Examples ofs u c h i n f l a m m a t o r ydiseases are rheumatoidarthritis, arthritis and skindiseases such as psoriasis.Some experts assert thatfasting may promotehealing of inflammatorybowel diseases such asulcerative colitis.

    4. Fasting Reduces BloodSugar

    F a s t i n g i n c r e a s e sbreakdown of glucose sothat the body can gete n e r g y . I t r e d u c e sproduction of insulin.This rests the pancreas.Glucagon is produced tofacilitate the breakdownof glucose. The outcomeof fasting is a reduction inblood sugar.

    5. Fasting Increases Fatbreakdown

    The first response of thebody to fasting is break

    down of glucose. Whenthe store of glucose isexhausted, ketosis begins.

    This is break down of fatsto release energy. The fatsstored in kidney andmuscles are broken downto release energy.

    6. Fasting Corrects highblood Pressure

    Fasting is one of the non-drug methods of reducingblood pressure. It helps tor e d u c e t h e r i s k o f a t h e r o s c l e r o s i s .A t h e r o s c l e r o s i s i sclogging of arteries by fatparticles. During fastingglucose and later, fatstores are used to produceenergy. Metabolic rate isreduced during fasting.The fear-flight hormonessuch as adrenaline andnoradrenaline are alsoreduced. This keeps themetabolic steady andwithin limits. The benefitis a reduction in bloodpressure.

    7 . Fast ing PromotesWeight loss

    Fasting promotes rapidweight loss. It reduces the

    store of fats in the body.However fasting is not agood weight loss strategy.Reducing fat and sugarintake, and increasingfruits and rest are bettermeasures to achieveweight reduction.

    8 . Fast ing PromotesHealthy diet

    It has been observed thatfasting reduces cravingfor processed foods. Itpromotes desire fornatural foods, especiallywater and fruits. This isone way fasting promotehealthy lifestyle.

    9 . F a s t i n g B o o s t sImmunity

    When an individual is onbalanced diet in betweenfasts, this can boostimmunity. Elimination oftoxins and reduction in fatstore also helps the body.When individuals takefruits to break a fast, they

    increase the body's storeof essential vitamins andminerals. Vitamins A and

    E are good antioxireadily available in They help to bimmunity.

    10. Fasting May HeOvercome Addiction

    Some authors showfasting can help adreduce their cravingnicotine, alcohol, caand other substabuse. Although theother regimens reqto resolve addictfasting can play a rol

    Despite these benf a s t i n g h a s sdemerits. It may reduction in body called dehydration. l e a d s m a y l e aheadaches and trigger migrainepredisposed personmay worsen hearand peptic ulcer. Prewomen, nursing momalnourished peopleindividuals with ca

    arrhythmias, renal orproblems are adviseto fast. []

    SHTF doesnt generallydrop by at the best oftimes. In fact, SHTFt h r i v e s a n d g r o w sexponentially under moreadverse circumstances.

    So, suck it up, put on yourboots, and power throughit if SHTF doesnt care,then neither can you!

    1. SHTF doesnt care

    about inclement weather snow, hail, tornadoesand hurricanes all justa d d t o t h e p a r t yatmosphere for SHTF.

    2. SHTF doesnt care thatyou sprained your ankle,broke your leg or areotherwise less thanambulatory. If you have tobug out without a vehicle,you have to bug out,regardless of your injurystatus.

    3. SHTF doesnt care thatyou decided to startprepping after the trip toDisneyworld (because

    that trip is expensive!!!!)

    4. SHTF doesnt care thatyou are on a boat in themiddle of the ocean,regardless of what youpaid for the luxury cruise.(Check out recent ill-fatedCarnival Cruise of theTriumph if you dontbelieve me!)

    5. SHTF doesnt care thatyou had planned to getyour vehicle repaired.You have to evacuateregardless of the leak

    25 Things That the SHTF Doesnt Care Aboutfrom the oil pan, thecondition of the brakesand the funny noise in thetransmission.

    6. SHTF doesnt care thatthe entire family is illwith the stomach flu. Theentire family will justhave to pause to throw upwhile bugging out.

    7. SHTF doesnt

    care that youn e e d n e whiking bootsa n d th a tyou justhaven th a dtime toget tot h es t o r ea n db u ythem.

    8. SHTFd o e s n tcare thatyou plannedto buy some

    bulk foods withy o u r n e x tpaycheck.

    9. SHTF doesnt care thatyou always use electronicbanking. If the ATMS aredown and you have nocash, you cannot buyanything.

    10. SHTF doesnt care thatyou used all your ammo atthe range and Wal-Marthas been out for the pastmonth.

    11. SHTF doesnt care thatthe grocery store is closedbecause of a power outageand you only have a canof peas and some saltinecrackers in the house.

    12. SHTF doesnt care thatyou are wearing high

    heelswhen your car plummetsto the bottom of a ravine you still have to climbout.

    13. SHTF doesnt care thatthe pharmacies are closedbecause of a pandemicand that you have no OTCor herbal medicines athome if you catch thevirus, you will suffer

    t h r o u g h i t w i t h o u tmedicine to treat it. Andso will your kids.

    14. SHTF doesnt care thatyour truck is almost outof gas and the local gasstations have closedbecause of the disaster. Ifyou have to bug out, youmay end up walking

    instead of driving.

    15. SHTF doesntcare that you ared e p r e s s e d

    because youjust brokeu p w i t hy o u rs p o u s e ,boyfriendo rgirlfriend.S happensw h e n Shappens.

    1 6 . SHT Fdoesnt care

    that you havemade a rock

    solid plan to get

    in shape - as soonas the weather warms


    17. SHTF doesnt care thatyou are visiting your in-laws, the most unpreparedpeople on the planet.

    18. SHTF doesnt care thatyou had planned to getthe propane tank refilledand now the propanetrucks arent running.

    19. SHTF doesnt care thatyour wood is not dry.

    20. SHTF doesnt carethat you have 300 poundsof beans and rice butfailed to plan on a way tocook them.

    21. SHTF doesnt care thatyou dont know how tocook over an open firewithout inflicting 2nddegree burns on yourself.

    22. SHTF doesnt care if

    you have only a weekssupply of toilet paper ifthe crisis lasts longer thana week, things will bep r o g r e s s i v e l y l e s spleasant regardless ofy o u r i n t e n t i o n t opurchase more Charmin.

    23. SHTF doesnt care youplanned to reinforce yourdoor frame and install ametal security door ifthugs arrive to invadeyour home, your hollowcore door will serve as aminor inconvenienceinstead of a deterrent.

    24. SHTF doesnt care if

    you believe the fecalmatter is headed towardsthe oscillating device orwhether you think its aconspiracy theory.

    25. Whatever your excusemay be, you may restassured, it could easily beon this list. And SHTFwont care about thateither.







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    SHTF FREE PRESS - November 2013


    MREs have been a staplef o r M i l i ta r y t r o o psoverseas for years. Thesemeals are available to thegeneral public and gainedn o t o r i e t y b e i n gdistributed by FEMAduring natural disasters.Disaster Relief Supply has

    found many more uses forthese Meals-Ready toEat than what they wereoriginally intended.

    Although the MRE wasa d o p t e d b y t h eDepartment of Defensefor combat rations in 1975,they didnt become theofficial staple for U.S.combat troops until 1988,and became a householdname during OperationDesert Storm (

    The MRE is now availablein civilian packaging foreveryday consumption.The advantage of usingMREs vs. other survivalfoods (including freezedried food supplies) isthat the MRE is fully self-

    contained including theentre, drink, desert,utensils, and even a heaterto warm up the meal.

    Besides having the MREf o r s u r v i v a l a f t e rh u r r i c a n e s , f l o o d s ,earthquakes, or blizzards,

    this little food poucmany other uses.most common alteruse would be for caand hiking. Usingsmall and lightwMRE eliminates theto bring dishes, uteand cookware to pr

    a meal.

    w i l l amore fobe packl e s s sw i t h weight.

    TakingM R E s p o reventsm u sconcera n o tp r a c t

    choice. The cost of acompared to veprices at these eplus the t ime sstanding in line or

    up a key lawn seat food, makes the Mpractical alternativthese events.

    Fishing trips, boexcursions, cross cobiking, or outings beach can all havefor the MRE as wella shelf life of over 2 the MRE is somethat can be stocked whatever the needbe.

    Disaster Relief Scarries the Eversafe of MREs (who is asupplier to the

    military). Other sufoods and suppliealso carried by DiR e l i e f S u p p l yEmergency Prepareand Disaster Recove


    [email protected]@A2?#29623$B==9F6;[email protected]&for the MRE

    Throughout our nationshistory, our troops have hadmany different kinds ofmeals. From the large bulkyrations during the civil warto the new Meals Ready toEat (MRE), the food has


    To honor our veterans, wetake a look back at thefoods that our troops haveeaten to keep themselvesready to protect ourfreedom.

    Civil War

    Food and rations during theCiv i l War var ied bylocation , qual i ty andquantity. A typical rationwould include: [civil warfood ration]

    U HS H? 0:EM>=-HKD HKBeefUHSH?%:K=M::=UHSH?:LL>=of mixed vegetables

    Every 100 rations a soldierwould receive:

    UJMLH?>:GLHK->:LUE;LH?/BUE;LH?H??>>>:GLUE;[email protected]:K



    [c ration] During WorldWar I, food was a preciousr e s o u r c e a n d t h e

    government wanted tomake sure that no food wasw a s t e d . T h e A r m y sDivision of Food andNutrition of the MedicalDepartment conducted asurvey showing that theywere actually giving toomuch food to troops. Theysubsequently createdsmaller ration sizes thatwere easier to pack aroundand more efficient for thetroops.


    Between 1941 and 1946, themilitary conducted morethan 30 surveys to assessm i l i t a r y h e a l t h a n dnutrition. The military

    introduced different rationsi n c l u d i n g K - r a t i o n s(breakfast) , D-rat ions(chocolate) and C-rations(lunches and dinners).These meals were pre-cooked and were easy toeat on the go. However,they were also bulky andloud.


    [mci ration] The militaryintroduced the MCI Military Combat Individualduring the 1950s. Despite

    the new name they werestill popularly referred to asC-rations because theyresembled them in mostrespects. They introduced awider variety of items andencouraged a better daily

    nutrition. Them i l i t a r yeventual lyphased themout for theMRE.


    MREs MealsReady to Eat replaced theC ration in order to create al i g h t w e i g h t , e a s i l ytransportable meal. Insteadof the bulky cans, theycome in metalized bags andare ready to eat in a

    moments notice heating required.


    MREs continue to bmeal that fills our t

    bellies but ti m p r oThere hasadvancemin nutritiot a s t e . suppliers a l so crMRE mea

    are more frto campers and hcalled HeaterMeals. h e a t e r m e a l s improved taste and portion sizes.



    1. Move your foot andwiggle your toes. Beartraps are designed tocatch and hold the legof a bear, not cut itoff. Your leg maybe badly bruised,but it should notbe severely injured

    o r a m p u t a t e d .Attempt to moveyour foot and toesto determine if yous t i l l h a v ecirculation and tocheck for tendona n d m u s c l ed a m a g e . I ngeneral, the steel"jaws" of the trapare not sharp. Eachside of the jawshould have "teeth"that are designed toallow circulation. Ifyou cannotfeel your

    foot or donot haver a n g e o f movement,y o u w i l lh a v e t ow o r kquickly.

    2. Sit withthe trap inf r o n t o f you. Sit onthe groundand movethe trappedleg so it is in front ofyou, bent slightly. The

    trap may be anchoredto the ground with ashort chain, or thechain may be attachedto a loose hook. (Whenthe caught animal runsaway, the hook leaves a

    trail that is easy totrack.)

    3. Familiarize yourself

    with the trap. The trapwill have one piece ofbent steel (a "spring")

    to the left and anotherpiece to the right of thejaws. The center of the

    trap will have a flatsteel plate called a"pan." Your leg will bebetween the jaws, yourfoot on the pan.

    4. Place one hand onthe top of each spring.

    5. Close the springs.With as much force aspossible, press downhard on the springs to

    c o m p r e s sthem. As thes p r i n g sc o m p r e s s ,t h e y w i l l

    l o w e r a n dr e l i e v epressure onthe jaws.

    6. Once thej a w s a r el o o s e , s l i pyour foot outof the trap.

    7. Release thesprings. Take

    pressure off thesprings slowly to avoidsnapping the jaws

    c l o s e dsuddenly.

    8. Checkyour legf o rd a m a g e .Look forb r o k e nskin andt i s s u ed a m a g e .S e e km e d i c a lattentionif you arei n j u r e d .

    Be sure tor e q u e s t a t e t a n u sbooster if metal has

    pierced the skin.

    [WORST-CASESCENARIOSurvival Handbook:



    DISCLAIMER We doNOT advocate poaching,however in times of a truecrisis, low profile huntingskills could be a savinggrace for you and your

    family. During the GreatDepression hunting oftenhelped keep food on thetable when other fooditems were to costly orunavailable. So what are afew tips and tricks forcovert hunting?

    1) Use sling shots andhigh powered air rifles onsmall game

    2) Implement snares andtraps to catch small game

    3) Use bow and arrow orcrossbow on larger game

    4) Prowl at night andr e m o t e l y t o a v o i ddiscovery

    5) Employ camouflage andsteal th for avoidingdetection by people aswell as wildlife

    Having just a few of theseskills in your back pocketor even the idea ofperforming them plannedin your head, could beextremely beneficial toyou in a time of disasteror crisis.

    Poaching is wrong.This article is specifically

    talking in terms of a totalcrisis situation (WROLWithout Rule of Law)e c o n o m i c c o l l a p s e ,societal meltdown, civilwar, etc..


    M i l i t a r y M e a l s T h r o u g h o u t H i s t o r y

    How do I do alow profilehunt in adisastersituation?


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    SHTF FREE PRESS - November 2013


    Have you ever thoughtabout exactly what you'regoing to hunt and how,should it come down to allof us bugging out in thewoods? These are veryi m p o r t a n t t h i n g s t oconsider. A lot of people I

    have asked these questionsto automatically say, "Wewill shoot them!"

    Of course, any experiencedsurvivalist knows thiswould be the last thing youwould want to do for fearof attracting others to yourbug out location.

    Not only that, wouldn't youw a n t t o s a v e y o u rammunition for homeinvasion against all thosenon preppers who thinkthey are going to just waltzon up to your home spreadand take what you preppedfor?

    So now I ask, what otherskills do you have incapturing and preparingyour family a meal? Thereare multiple ways to obtainfood in the forest and I amgoing to talk about a few ofthem today. When myhusband and I discussedthis, my first thought wasusing a Compound orCross Bow. There is adifference for those of usthat are unfamiliar with

    Survival Hunting Without a Gunthis type of hunting. If youhave ever watched WalkingDead then you have seen aCross Bow.

    Pros and cons of a CrossBow hunting:

    Pro: Are easier to fire than

    regular bows. Easier to aimand shoot.

    Con: Slower tor e l o a d t h a nr e g u l a r b o ws .Sometimes louderthan regular bows(not a problemfor self-defense).Must cock andload ahead oftime. Only geto n e s h o t( r e l o a d i n g i sslow)

    H e r e i s aco m pa r i s o n o f Cross Bows and LongBows: "Regarding the rangeon Crossbows versusLongbows, the standardballistics analysis will tip infavor of the longbow. Allthings being equal (that is,a typical 75-80lb. longbowis being compared to atypical 150lb. crossbow,both shooting missilesfrom 450-650 total grainweight), the longbow winsfor distance...the crossbowwins for kinetic energy and

    yes, f latter trajectoryO V E R T H E S H O R TTERM. (Flatter trajectorymeans: FASTER FPS or thearch of the arrow afterleaving the bow).

    The real benefit to the

    crossbow is controllability

    and the rapid single-firepotential of carrying a

    m i s s i l e "co ck e d a n dlocked." Like all weaponsand survival gear, keepspare parts and LEARNhow to use and repair yourb o w ! I f y o u h a v eexperience in archery,please start a discussion onhunting with bows!


    Trapping animals for foodis an invaluable skill tolearn. I remember, when I

    was younger, trying tomake a box trap to catchsomething with my bestfriend. It was so excitingmaking the trap andchecking it for somethingevery day. Of course, livingin Houston, Texas at the

    time, probably meant wewere never goingto catch a thing.And we didn't,but it was funtrying. There areabout 5 types oftraps I can thinko f t h a t a r emainly used intrap hunting. Ifyou can think ofany others feelfree to sharethem with us.

    Foothold Traps:

    The foothold is adevice that has 2 jaws, 2-3springs and a spring triggerin the center that is usuallyround and when steppedon the trap closes aroundthe animals foot. They aremade in all different sizesand types depending onthe animal you are tryingto capture. Be carefulthough, some states haveoutlawed the use of thesetraps so check your statefor the laws on these traps.As well, animals have been

    known to chew off theirfoot to escape.

    Cage Traps

    Cage traps, like footholdtraps, are intended to catchanimals live. These areoften baited with smaller

    *lure* animals, cat food, orf i s h . C a g e t r a ps a r econsi dered the mosthumane traps because theanimal is unharmed. (Untilyou kill it) Often thesecages are used by animalcontrol or homeownerswho just want to relocatean animal verses killing it.They will usually have atrigger at the back of thecage, which causes thedoor to shut on the animalonce inside. Some trapshave a different triggerlocated in the middle of thetrap causing a door to shutfrom the back and thefront, leaving two points ofentry for an animal. I foundsome reasonably pricedcage traps at

    D i r t H o l eTrapping:

    This requires a little bit ofdigging. A trapping pit isexactly what it sounds like:A hole dug in the ground tolure an animal. I could seewhere this could be very

    useful if you found a in the woods wanimals cross frequHere is a video showiexample of dirt holesetting.

    Dead fall Tra

    The deadfall trap is a hrock or log that is setan angle with sticks olimbs. One of these serves as a trigger. Tconnect the bait totrigger stick and wheanimal moves that stirock or logs fall oanimal crushing it.figure four dead fprobably one of the common deadfall trap


    Snares are anchored cor wire nooses set to wild animals like rasquirrels, foxes or coI have even found vwhere they can be bucatch hogs. (I will those videos at the ethis section.) Snareone of the easiest tram a k e a n d a r e e f f e c t i v e . T h e stightens around the neb o dy o f th e a n irestraining it.


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    SHTF FREE PRESS - November 2013


    by Paul Purcell

    Hurricane Katrina andother recent disastershave given us yet anotherdisaster preparednesswake-up call. Do we payattention now or hit thesnooze button again?

    Pushing past the debatesover government reaction,we come to the bottomline conclusion that, Yes,more could have beendone. In other articleswell get into some ofthose debates, but fornow, lets look at the mostimportant part of ac o m p r e h e n s i v eemergency readinessplan, and that is thepreparedness levelsof individuals andfamilies.

    We find that thebiggest obstacles to

    co m pr e h e n s i v efamily emergencyr e a d i n e s seducation are themisconceptionssurrounding thetrue nature ofpr e pa r e dn e s s .So, to set the stagefor better education,and ultimately betterpublic safety, lets take alook at some of thesemyths.

    1. If something happensall I have to do is call 911.

    Help can only go so far, orbe there so quickly.

    Security, like charity,begins at home and theresponsibility for yourfamilys safety rests onyour shoulders. This isntto say that you shouldntcall for help when itstruly needed, its toremind you that you maybe on your own for while,especially if the situationis an expansive or severeone.

    2. All I need is a 72-hourkit with a flashlight, firstaid kit, some food andwater, and a radio.

    Were not sure where the72 hour figure camefrom, but its an extremelyminimal amount of timeand not very realistic. Amore practical goal is tobe self-sufficient for aminimum of 2 weeks.Why 2 weeks? As bad asKatrina was, there arenumerous disaster andterrorism scenarios thatcould see substantiallymore damage, and ad i s r upt i o n o f l o ca lservices for three weeksor more. Also, many

    biological scenarios maysee a 2-week quarantine.Regarding supplies andequipment, avoid the o n e - s i z e - f i t s - a l lsimpleton l ists andcustomize your disasterkit to fit your familysunique threats, needs, andassets.

    3. My insurance policyw i l l t a k e c a r e o f everything.

    SWAT teams of insuranceagents arent going toinstantly rebuild your lifelike on TV. Insurancecompanies will be farmore concerned about

    their o w n

    b o t t o mline than yours.In fact, many insurancecompanies are rewritingpolicies to redefine somerather common terrorismo r d i s a s t e r r e l a t e di n c i d e n t s a s b e i n ge x c l u d e d a n d n o t

    coverable. Check yourpolicies closely!

    4 . G o o dpreparedness istoo expensivea n d t o ocomplicated.

    Nothing could befurther from thet r u t h . T h eproblem is, wehaven t madepreparedness apart of our overalleducation. We get morepreparedness info on anairline flight than we getas citizens. Most of us

    arent taught that thereare literally thousands ofs ub t l e , s i m pl e , a n deconomical things we cando to drastically improveour emergency readiness.The notion that it mightb e e x p e n s i v e o rcomplicated has comefrom companies thataggressively market high-priced unnecessary gear.

    5. We can only form aNeighborhood Watchgroup through FEMA, the

    Red Cross, or local LawEnforcement.

    N e i g h b o r h e l p i n gneighbor is one of ourhighest civic duties. Noone regulates this and youdont have to get anyonespermission to coordinateyour safety with others.

    Working with theseg r o u p s i s r a t h e radvantageous, but notrequired.

    6. In a Weapons of MassDestruction terroristattack, were all deadanyway.

    WMDs might kill largernumbers of people, butt h a t d o e s n t m e a n

    widespread destructionis a guaranteed thing.I n f a c t , f o rw i d e s p r e a d

    destruction, a top-grade WMD must be

    expertly and preciselyapplied under idealconditions. This doesnot mean that WMDs

    are to be ignored ort h a t t h e y r enothing to fear, its

    just that MassDestruction does

    N O T m e a n T o t a lDestruction at all.

    7. Nothing like thatcould ever happen here.

    Though some areas aremore prone to certaintypes of disasters, sayearthquakes in California,or terror attacks in New

    York, no area on earth is

    completely immune. Too,with as much as peopletravel, you might travelsomewhere and wind up

    in a disaster you neverthought about.

    8. All I have to worryabout is my own family.

    Technically yes, but themore youre able to carefor your own family, themore you can and shouldhelp others.

    9. If preparedness werereally important it wouldbe taught in school.

    The Disaster Dozen Top Twelve Myths of Disaster Preparedness

    Preparedness really is thatimportant, but schoolshave only so much timeand budget to teach thethings they already do.This is one of the manythings were trying tochange, but for now,youre going to have tonot only realize the

    importance of thoroughemergency readiness, butto teach your familyyourself.

    10. I can get freepreparedness informationon the Internet.

    Many free sources containreally good information.However, it takes timeand experience to filtert h e t r a s h f r o m t h etreasure. Worse, some ofthese free sites haveinformation that couldactual ly cause moreproblems than they cure.This is why we spentyears in gathering theover 400 additional booksand training manuals onthe CDs in Disaster Prep101.

    11. Full preparednessmeans I have to get a loto f g u n s a n d b e aSurvivalist.

    While personal securityand family safety are validc o n c e r n s , t h e v a s tmajority of people aroundyou will not be a threat.In fact, though lootersgained a lot of mediaattention after Katrina,

    there were far morenumerous stories of

    heroism. Wes u g g e s t y o ubalance yourp e r s o n a lsecurity needsw i t h y o u rdesire to helpthose aroundyou and striveto reach thebest of bothworlds.

    12. If somethingreally bad happens, NOone will help.

    Theres no such thing as n o o n e h e l p i n g . However, the best thingpeople can do to is toprepare their families sothey need as little outsidehelp as possible. Theresalways someone needierthan you and the moreprepared you are, them o r e y o u f r e e u passistance resources sothey can help those lessfortunate.


  • 7/29/2019 Shtf Free Press Premiere


    SHTF FREE PRESS - November 2013


    When a crisis is

    brewing, making a

    comprehensive list

    of supplies is no

    easy task neither

    is purchasing them.

    Because youve read

    through this

    checklist to make

    sure you have

    everything your

    family needs to

    survive a crisis.

    Here are our Top 20

    Items to Hoard:

    1. Rice Dried ricehas an incredibly

    long shelf life,

    making it ideal for

    storage. In

    nutritional terms,

    rice is rich in

    starch and

    carbohydrates. Its

    also a good source

    of Vitamin B, iron,

    and protein.

    2.Beans, Lentils,

    Black-eyed peas Legumes are a great

    source of protein,

    iron, and dietary

    fiber. Like rice,

    which theyre

    traditionally served

    with, dried beans

    have an

    exceptionally long

    shelf life.

    3. Candles Youllprobably never read

    a disaster

    preparedness list

    that doesnt include

    candles, and for

    good reason. A good

    stock of slow-burning emergency

    candles is a

    20 ITEMS TO HOARD CHECKLISTsurvival essential, as

    well as something to

    light them with.

    4. Cigarette Lighters

    I recommend stashinga combo pack of at

    least 6 lighters in

    your stockpile. In a

    power outage, these

    guys can become very,

    very important. Thecan also be very easy

    to misplace.

    5. Pasta Pastastores well, has a

    long shelf life, and

    its loaded with

    carbohydrates. Its

    also easy to prepare.

    Not to mention, pasta

    pairs well with lots

    of other items on this


    6. Peanut

    Butter Hoarded by

    everyone from


    students todoomsday


    and for many of

    the same

    reasons, peanut

    butter is a

    tasty, shelf

    stable source

    of protein that

    pairs with lots

    of other items.

    7. Can Opener/

    Multi-Tool Its a good

    idea to carry a

    survival knife,

    but its

    agreatidea to carrya quality multi-tool,

    like a Leatherman. A

    Leatherman comes in

    handy almost every day

    under normal

    circumstances and

    could be used as a

    weapon in a pinch.

    8. Dried fruits, such

    as raisins,

    apricots,and papayaDried fruits are a

    great source of

    nutrients,calories,potassium, and fiber.They can also be added

    to nuts to make

    delicious trail mixes.

    9. Energy bars Sincethese bars are

    typically loaded with

    carbs and protein by

    design, theyre

    actually a good choice

    for your survival

    storage (maximum

    nutrition with minimal

    effort and prep).

    10. Canned soups and

    chili Canned soupsare easy to prepare

    and offer a nice

    variety of ingredients

    for the effort. Look

    for low-sodium

    options. Premium

    brands may be

    healthier, but value

    brands will make your

    money go further.

    11. Gauze/Bandages For more serious

    injuries, youll want

    to keep a supply of

    dedicated gauze and


    12. Rubbing Alcohol Rubbing alcohol burns

    on an open wound, but

    it is a great way to

    sterilize instruments,

    surfaces, and the skin

    surrounding a wound.

    13. Batteries Obviously, youll need

    to coordinate your

    battery storage plan

    with any of the

    flashlights, radios,

    or other devices you

    may keep in your

    emergency stockpile.

    Batteries will last

    longest in cool dry

    conditions, but shouldbe rotated out of your

    emergency supply on a

    yearly basis.

    14. Toilet Paper Running out of toilet

    paper is annoying in

    any situation. But you

    certainly dont want

    to run out in a


    crisis scenario. My

    advice is to get more

    than enough. Life

    can get messy.

    15. Trash Bags Trash will still

    need to be

    properly disposedof, even in a

    crisis. In fact,

    trash bags are

    even more

    important in a

    crisis. If running

    water is

    unavailable, trash

    bags may have to

    double as a

    toilet. Dont

    skimp here.

    16. Firearms

    Last but certainly

    not least, youre

    going to need some

    type of weapon, just

    in case. It doesnt

    have to be a gun, but

    then again what else

    are you willing to

    risk your fam

    safety on, a s

    Pepper spray?

    17. Drinking Wat

    Most experts reco

    a 2-week supply

    water in

    emergency storage

    72-hour supply is

    bare minimum. A

    filter can help

    extend you supplallowing you to

    cooking water.

    18. Hand-Crank Ra

    Hand crank r

    offer the abilit

    listen to impo


    power and

    networks are

    Some hand crank r

    even offer a



    19. Camp Stoveare a million op

    available for

    purpose every

    from handy backpastoves to heavy

    outdoor ranges

    its hard to beat

    old self-cont

    Coleman camp stove

    20. Flashlights

    it comes

    flashlights, I

    two recommendat

    and neither one

    expensive. First,

    a comfortable

    headlamp. Se

    rather than fi

    the brightest,

    high-tech avail

    invest in a Ma

    that runs on simp



    encryptor that works withGmail or any other Web-based text. Click theEncipher It bookmarkletyou install, give the textan encryption key, watchit get garbled, and send it.The person on the otherend needs the key todecipher it.

    6. Hide Your IP Address

    A sure way to get noticedis to visit a website that

    collects IP addresses fromits visitors; this can evenh a p p e n w i t h s o m eFacebook applications.Once an IP is matched toyou, its simple enough forlaw enforcement or cleverskiptracers to call the ISPassigned that IP addressand match it to a user.Even if its not direct toyou, it could be too closefor comfort. It gets worseif youre surfing from aschool or business. Theycan track you right toyour dorm or cubicle.

    A proxy server can help.Tor (aka The OnionRouter) helps preventpeople from seeing you,by routing your webpagerequests through multiplerouters on the Internet.The people at the otherend will see an IP addressfor a router nowhere nearyour computer. Bundlesexist for every majoroperating system andeven some smartphones( A n d r o i d , i O S , a n d

    Nokia), though some aremore finished than others.Theres a browser bundleand an IM bundle, andboth come in multiplelanguages. The bundleswill run from a USB flashdrive, so you dont evenneed to use your owncomputer. There is aFirefox add-on calledTorbutton that lets youenable Tor instantly withone click.

    S e v e r a l C h r o m eextensions promise the

    off the grid

  • 7/29/2019 Shtf Free Press Premiere


    SHTF FREE PRESS - November 2013


    By Maureen BlaneyFlietner

    Rabies! Its a potentword that demands anexclamation mark.

    O ur r e act io n s a r eprimal , colored bymyths, modern moviesand novels such asRage, Cujo, OldYeller and To Kill aMockingbird. You mayhave heard the popularwarning: Beware of batsor raccoons in thedaytime. They carryrabies!

    B u t t h et r u t h i ss u c h ar a c c o o nmight be am o t h e rt a k i n g abreak fromcaring forher babies,o n e t h a th a s

    distemperor anotherdisease, orone dazedafter beinginjured bya passing car.

    A bat in the daytimemight be a juvenilelearning to fly butdriving erratically andwithout parentalconsent to beo u t a n da b o u t ,accordingto CharlesRupprecht,VMD, PhD,

    c h i e f o f R a b i e sP r o g r a m ,Centers forD i s e a s eC o n t r o la n dP r e v e n t i o n(CDC).

    No signs can tell you ifan animal is rabid, hesays. Thats why thereare diagnostic tests.

    Wild animals actingo d d l y p e r h a p sapproaching peoplemay indicate they haverabies. But non-rabidwild animals also may

    do that because they are

    used to humans, saysRupprecht.

    Another myth is thatcertain animals carryt h e d i s e a s e . A n ymammal infected withthe virus is its victim aswell. Some species arebetter hosts. Those thatlick, suck and bite in

    their social interactionsallow the virus tospread through saliva orbrain/nervous systemtissue. Hosts that live inlarge and dense socialgroups help maintain

    the virus success.

    With an incubationperiod that can be lessthan a week, a fewmonths or more than a

    year, rabies can passfrom one unsuspectingvictim to the next.

    Although Louis Pasteurdeveloped a rabiesvaccine in 1885, rabiesstill kills more than55,000 people aroundthe world each year,according to the World

    Health Organization.

    The Truth About RabiesIn the United States, withi t s i d e a l a c c e s s t oaffordable vaccine andvaccination laws, rabieshas dropped dramaticallyover the last 100 years.There used to be 100human deaths annuallyaround 1900. Today, thereare about two per year.However, every year,

    about 40,000 people inthis country receive aseries of shots due topotential exposure torabies.

    In 2010, 48 states andPuerto Rico reported 6,153

    c a s e s o f r a b i e s i nanimals tot h e C D C .A b o u t 8 %w e r e i nd o m e s t i canimals, withPennsylvaniareporting thel a r g e s tnumber (72)

    for any state.New Yorkwas second,with 51.

    With wildlifeacco un t in g

    for about 92% of the rabidanimal reports in theUnited States, raccoons(36.5%), skunks (23.5%)and bats (23.2%) lead the


    Once symptomsdevelop, rabiesi s a l m o s talways fatal.Onset may bep r e v e n t e dafter contact

    with a suspectrabid animal.T h o r o u g h l yc l e a n a n yw o u n dimme d ia te ly

    with soap andwater. Get the

    victim immunizedor boostered, within

    a few hours.

    With this killer virus,nowhere is the adagetr ue r : A n o un ce o f prevention is worth apound of cure!


    No matter what treafeed, they shoulcounted as part ofdog's or cat's daily cintake. It's easy to imas you're handing amorsel of this or thyour pet, that thosec a l o r i e s inconsequential insmall amounts.


    How to Quickly Turn a Can of Pet Food into Nutritious Trea

    If you buy commercial(hopefully human grade)canned food for your dogor cat, you can 'repurpose'a can for use as a supply ofhealthy treats.

    Open a can of your pet'sfavorite brand, preferablysomething with a strongaroma, and spoon out little

    treat sized amounts onto abaking sheet covered withparchment paper.

    Put the baking sheet intothe freezer until the bitesized bits of food arefrozen. Then move them toan airtight container andback into the freezer theygo until you're ready totreat your pet to a treat!(Most dogs will enjoy thetreats frozen, but you'llneed to thaw them to a

    chewy consistency forkitties.)


  • 7/29/2019 Shtf Free Press Premiere


    SHTF FREE PRESS - November 2013


    By Dr. Becker

    The chicken jerky dogtreat problem is severalyears old, has expandedto other types of pettreats, and is no closer tobeing solved than it wasback in 2007. So it's notsurprising pet owners arelooking for the safest

    options they can findwhen it comes to offeringtreats to their dog or cat.

    And there's certainly noshortage of commercialpet treats on the markettoday. They come inevery conceivable shape,size, smell, flavor, colora n d t e x t u r e . T h echallenge is finding safe,high-quality, species-appropriate treats in asea of productsclaiming to be "all-natural" and "madein the U.S.A."

    T h e f o l l o w i n grecommendations

    will help point youin the direction ofs e l e c t i n g s a f e ,wholesome treatsfor your furryfamily member.

    T i p # 1 : D o n ' tOverfeed Treats to YourPet

    Dog or cat treats evenvery healthy ones should not constitutemore than 15 percent ofyour pet's daily foodintake, and preferablyless than 10 percent. Andit's best to limit them totraining and behaviorrewards, as a bedtimeritual, or as a "time to getin your crate" enticement- things of that nature.Treats should be offeredprimarily as rewardsduring house training,obedience training orother similar activities,and not because the restof the family is sittingdown with a bowl ofpopcorn to watch amovie.

    Tip #2: Treats Should BeSourced in the U.S. andMade in the U.S.

    L e g a l l y , p e t f o o dmanufacturers can make

    the "made in the U.S.A."claim as long as theproduct was assembledin this country even ifthe ingredients arei m po r te d . So wh e nyou're shopping for safetreats, it's not enoughthat a product claims tobe made in the U.S. Youwant to be sure all theingredients originatedhere as well.Tip #3:Treats Should Be High-Quality

    A high-quality pet treatwill not contain grains orunnecessary f i l lers ,rendered animal byproducts, added sugar(sometimes hidden iningredients like molassesand honey), chemicals,artificial preservatives, oringredients known to behighly allergenic to pets.

    These criteria rule outthe vast majority ofcommercial pet treats onthe market.

    As is the case withcommercially availablepet foods, high-qualitypet treats aren't likely tobe found in big-boxstores, large pet storec h a i n s , y o u r l o c a lsupermarket, or your

    vet's office. Your best betshopping locally is tovisit small, independentp e t s t o r e s w i t hknowledgeable staff whocan answer customerq u e s t i o n s a n d a r ec o m p e t e n t t orecommend productsthat make sense forindividual pets.

    Most excellent quality,human-grade pet foodproducers typicallysmaller companies alsomake a few types oftreats. So if you'realready feeding your dogor cat a high-qualitycommercial pet food yout r u s t , s e e i f t h emanufacturer also makestreats.

    Another option is to shoponline, especial ly if y o u ' v e d o n e y o u rresearch and knowexactly what you'relooking for.

    Tip #4: Offer Fresh

    Human Foods as Treats

    I recommend avoiding allgrain-based treats. Yourdog or cat has nobiological requirementsfor the carbs in thesetreats, and in addition,t h e y a r e p r o -inflammatory.

    Consider instead living"human" foods. Berriesare a great treat becausethey're small and loadedwith antioxidants. Youcan also offer small

    Recommendations for Avoiding Toxic Pet Trea

    amounts no more 1/8 inch square for or small dog and ainch square for bdogs of other f(melons and applesgood fruits to start was well as cheese.

    Many cats enjoy bizucchini or cantalo

    You can also try offesome dark, green veggies as treats for kitty. It might even her away from yhouseplants!

    Excellent training tfor dogs include frpeas and raw almocashews and Brazil (but NEVER macadnuts).

    [cont. next page]

    Tip #5: PreHomemade Tfor your Pet

    If your dog hapto be wi ld

    dehydrated chis t r i ps (ch i cjerky), you make your quite easily.

    J u s t b u y sboneless chi

    breasts, clean them,slice into long, thin s the thinner the bePlace the strips ogreased or non-scookie sheet and them for at least thours at 180 degrees.low temp dries chicken out slowly the strips wind up and chewy.

    Let the strips cool,then store them in plbags or another aircontainer. You can freeze them.

    If you buy commecanned food for youro r c a t , y o u 'repurpose' a can foas a supply of hetreats.

    Open a can of your favorite brand, prefesomething with a staroma, and spoon little treat sized amoonto a baking scovered with parch

    paper.Put the baking sheetthe freezer until thesized bits of foodfrozen. Then move to an airtight contand back into the frethey go until you're rto treat your pet treat! (Most dogs enjoy the treats frobut you'll need to t h e m t o a c h econsistency for kittie






  • 7/29/2019 Shtf Free Press Premiere


    SHTF FREE PRESS - November 201399 Ways to Spend a Buck - Dollar Store Finds for Preppers: the complete liPerhaps you've read theshort list of the top tenitems to buy from thedollar stores?

    You never know whenhyper inflation might kickin and the Dollar Storesbecome the $10 Stores!Take advantage of thesituation now, and whowhile things are still

    reasonable. The buckstops here with 99 waysto spend a dollar at thedollar stores.

    Consider this completelist of dollar storesemergency supplies foryour preparedness...

    1. Bottled water (jugbottles and six-packs).Look for Crystal GeyserAlpine SpringWater.

    2. Candles. Emergencycandles come packed 6and each last for 5 hours,look also for jar candlesand tea light candles.

    3. Wooden clothes pinsfor hanging your laundryin an off grid world.Cordage could fill manyother needs. Look forbraided cord that you canbreak down into smallerstrands.

    4. Clothesline for thewooden clothes pins.P a r a c o r d i s b e t t e rmaterial.

    5. Drop cloth. Plastic dropc l o t h s f o r s e a l i n gwindows and doors onconcern of pandemics,

    also has a myriad ofc a m p i n g u s e s .Unfortunately, there is alimit of 4 per person.

    6. Manual can opener(buy extras to stash withyour preps).

    7. Matches (small size andlarge pack). Extra matcheswi l l b e a we l co m eaddition to your preps.Store them in a watertightcontainer. Small packs forthe bugout bag. You'll findthe boxes themselves willalso be a source of tinder.

    8 . Magnifying glass.

    Again, a firestarter optiona n d a v a i l a b l einexpensively at theDollar Stores.

    9. BIC Lighters. Haveextra firestarters on hand.Ideal for starting fires onhigh wind conditions.

    10. Duct tape. Discover 11+good uses for duct tapefor your survival.11. Bungee cords (often anoverlooked item, but idealfor bugging out to strapequipment).

    12. Dental Floss. Learn the25 uses of Dental Floss forsurvival.

    13. Super glue to fix aninnumerable things you'llinevitably break when you

    won't be able to buy itagain.

    14. Bandages (look forquality brands, includingCurad). Buy differentsizes.

    15 . Baking soda forslugging pests. Check outten uses Preppers have forbaking soda. If you canafford it, buy baking sodain bulk at the warehouse

    stores. You'll pay a wholelot less and get a brandname you trust.

    16. Gauze for your firstaid kit, available indifferent sizes.

    17. First aid paper tape foruse with gauze.

    1 8 . E l a s t i c s u p p o r tbandages. Look for AEClatex-free spandex (madein the U.S.A) by AECN a r r o w F a b r i c

    19. Flashlights. There aremany inexpensive options

    for flashlights at thedollar stores and it'sessential to have extrasthroughout your home, solong as you can maintainthe batteries!

    20. Hydrogen peroxide(generic is fine). You'lln e e d l o t s t o f i g h tinfections.

    2 1 . H a n d s a n i t i z e r .Unfortunately, most of thestock comes from China,but hand sanitizer is anecessary for survival andit comes inexpensively atthe dollar stores!

    22. Liquid soaps. Look forSoftSoap (made in theU.S.A.)

    23. Bar soaps, tried andtrue, and ideal for whenthe liquids run out. (Ivorysoap is a classic, tried andtrue brand.)

    24. Lip balms to retainmoisture in your lipswhen water is in shortsupply. Look for namebrands such as Chapstickand Blistex.

    25. Lotions to help youkeep moisture in yourbody when water is inshort supply.

    26. Triple AntibioticOintment (made in theU.S.A.).

    27. Epsom Salts. Learn theimportance of epsom saltsf o r p r e p p e r s a n d


    28. Tiny first aid kit (forthe kids backpacks oryour purse).

    29. Tiny sewing kit (idealfor bugout bags), and theyinclude tiny scissors.

    3 0 . A d v i l f o r y o u rmedicine cabinet.31. Halls Cough drops.

    32. Tums antacids.

    33. Instant ice packs.

    34. Rubbing Alcohol. Lookfor the highest percentageo f a l co h o l y o u ca n80-90% is best.35. Petroleum jelly for useas a fire-starter withcotton. Petroleum jelly isthe same as the namebrand Vaseline.

    36. Cotton balls andcotton rounds for use inyour first aid kit and forf i r e - s t a r t i n g w i t hpetroleum jelly.

    37. Toothbrushes (they ared o u b l e t h e p r i c eeverywhere else!)

    38. Extra socks becauseyou're sure to run out ofthem when laundry goesoff the grid. Dry, cleansocks will help preventblisters. Ideally, look forwool socks for yourbugout bags.

    39. Latex gloves fordishwashing.

    40. Latex medical examgloves for dealing withmedical emergencies andpandemics,

    provided your preppinghousehold does not haveany allergies.

    41. Gardening and workgloves for tending to yourcrops, collecting woodand other chores.

    42. Potted meats (unitprice is actually .50 each,and not a dollar!). Be sureto buy only the brandsmade in the United States.Tuna for example, isunregulated in manycountries.43. Canned fruits (unitprice is actually around .79 each, and not a dollar!)

    44. Canned veggies (unitprice is actually around .79 each, and not a dollar!).Look for Libby's slicedbeets, along with theusual varieties of greenbeans, corn, sweet peas,potatoes, and mixedveggies).

    45. Pure Cane Sugar. Lookfor Domino or C&H pure

    cane sugars.

    46. Brown Sugar. Look forDomino or C&H purecane sugars.

    47. Hard candies to boostmorale and provid eenergy burst for your bug-out bag.

    48. Gum. Where else canyou get for or five packsof gum for a buck? Lookfor gum that contains realsugar. Find out why gumis an essential item foryour survival.

    49. Condiments, includingKoops mustard and Huntsketchup without highfructose corn syrup.

    50. Twine. Twine. You'lluse twine for the garden,choose paracord foroutdoor survival.

    51. Automotive repair kits(hose clamps to splice).

    52. Solar lights.

    53. Salt with iodine. Salth a s m a n y us e s f o rpreppers.

    54. Spices. The dollar

    stores are ideal forpurchasing chili powder,cinnamon, oregano, basiland parsley.

    55. Ear plugs. Ear plugs fordiscreet comfort whilemanning firearms.

    56. Playing cards. You'llneed something to do soyou won't get bored.

    57. America's Almanac(available seasonally, thealmanac provides usefultidbits of information anda spring planting guide).

    58. Bandannas. Preppers

    have dozens of uses forbandannas. If you're luckyenough to find them, getthem.

    59. Bottled foods, such assalsa, pickles, olives,asparagus, peppers andthe like.

    60. Elastic hairbands willlast you much longer thanrubber bands.61. Hairbrushes. It'salways good to haveextras.

    62. Combs. Think ofcombs as bartering orreplacements.

    63. Nail cutters. Pack onein your bugout bag.6 4 . P l a s t i c f o o dcontainers. Look forRubber maid, which ischeaper than the samething at the grocerystores.

    6 5 . P l a s t i c s h o e b o xcontainers. Make yourown Dollar Store Kit forthe car. Be sure to look forboxes that seal well, assome are flimsy.

    66. Safety pins. Get 100safety pins for $1 whenelsewhere they will costyou three times as much.Safety pins are a prepperfavorite for bugout bagsand key rings.

    67. Thumbtacks.

    68. Nails and screws.

    69. Vegetable peelers.

    70. Scrub brushes fordishes.71. Sponges.72. Scrub buddies (metalscrubbers), for scouringpots and pans.

    73. Dish towels. You'llneed more than you thinkfor cleaning up in a life offgr i d . Buy a pla st iccontainer and fill it up!Look for super absorbentcar towels as well.

    74. Kleenex and Scott'sfacial tissues. Always just$1 at the Dollar Tree Store,but more than double theprice elsewhere.

    75. Small pack facialtissues. Great for the caror the bugout bag.7 6 . Z i p t i e s , a l s osometimes called Cableties.

    77. Cookie tins for makingyour own home-madecharcoal.

    78. Nail polish is anunusual prepper item, and

    not for vanity's sake!Preppers will find loadsclever uses for nailpolish .

    79. Camping fuel in a can.

    80. Sturdy tote bags.

    81.Small cutting boards.82. Funnel for canning.

    83. Care free maxi pads.Both for feminine hygieneand for first aid.

    84. Canned heat. Avaseasonally, canned hjust a dollar!

    85. Rain poncho fobugout bag.86. Compact mirrorsignaling device.

    87. Knives (not whawant for your bugouhowever the pl

    sheath i s incredvaluable for camping

    88. Utility bags. Idebugout bag to cowood or forage for fo

    89. Shoe laces or leat

    90. Utility Knife. bench uti l ity kn(inexpensive Exknife).

    91. Sun hat. For just ayou can cover your Ideal to stuff in a bbag and forget about92. Eyeglass repaiEyeglass repair kit.93. Eyeglass cleacloth. Eyeglass clec l o th s a r e a l s osunglasses!

    94. Baking tins. preppers choose a baking tin for cookit h e i r d o - i t - y o uca m pi n g e q u i pmparticularly the breais popular for bubags.

    95. 8-quart dish panoff grid dishwasY o u ' l l n e e d t h

    dishpans. One for a rinse, one for warm water, and one for brinse (one capful fopan).

    96. Plastic dish rackfor off grid dishwaand ideal for campin

    9 7 . We t w i p e ssanitation. Just bethey dry quicklyreplenish your stock

    98. Sharpie markeridentifying expirda te s o f y o ur storage.

    99. Travel bottles wi t h a s h a r p i econtents: rubbing albleach, dish soap).


    (Look for WNOT to buy at Dollar Storelsewhere in issue)