Sienna Becomes an Artist

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Sienna Becomes an Artist. By Becky Puckett August 2010. The Story. Sienna is one of four students taking the art class at North Seattle Community College. There are four classes, allowing room for growth! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Sienna and Art

Sienna Becomes an ArtistBy Becky PuckettAugust 2010The StorySienna is one of four students taking the art class at North Seattle Community College. There are four classes, allowing room for growth! In Siennas first class she showed little interest in the art activities that were being taught. She frequently roamed the room to visit with other students. We had to bring her back to the table several times and try to interest her in the art that was taking place.

The StoryIn the second class she was still hesitant to take part in the art activities. The art task this night was for her to try to draw her shoe. She would start and very quickly give up and lose focus. She told us several times that her drawing looked nothing like her shoe, when in fact it was taking on a similarity to her shoe.

The StoryThe third class we didnt have a drawing activity, but Sienna wanted to draw! We gave her a pen and blank piece of paper, we asked her to try to draw the objects that were in front of her; tea bag, bottle cap, and bracelet. She used her patience and was very deep in concentration.

What it MeansSienna, you showed extreme growth in the three classes that I have taught. In the beginning you were very quick to give up when an art project was difficult or complex. The second class you werent sure about drawing your shoe. This was a difficult project. You looked around to watch the other students drawing their shoe. You picked up the pen and started drawing! You produced a drawing of your shoe, it took a bit of time and encouragement from others, but you did it.By the third class you were asking us for the pen. You were interested in drawing the objects that were laid out in front of you. You inspired your classmates to draw pictures of their objects as well.

What it MeansSienna, you are continuing to grow and are becoming open to the new ideas and projects presented to you. You are inspiring your classmates to branch out from the project that has been presented to the class. With more time spent exploring art you will become more used to the materials presented to you. You have already changed the way you hold your pen while drawing, imagine the possibilities with more art classes!

Opportunities & PossibilitiesI see many possibilities for Sienna. With continued practice in art activities she will become used to the idea of creating her own piece of work. I see Sienna branching out and helping other classmates with their art, offering support and creative ideas. I also see Sienna receiving a lot of encouragement and support from her classmates. I see many more art classes in Siennas future!Parents ThoughtsThis next page is for you, the parent, to write your thoughts and ideas to continue supporting Siennas exploration of all that is art. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to teach Sienna, I feel very privileged.


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