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Silencioso DISTINCT!

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8 coatings (oil look)
12mm HDF
Designed for the modern lifestyle, Silencioso is a distinctive range
of engineered plank that offers advanced flooring technology with
striking and original hardwood veneers.
Made from the finest hardwood, using unusual species such as zebrano,
santos palissande and imbuia, the hardwood layer is impregnated
with hardeners and protected by 8 wear layer coatings, giving the
appearance of an oiled floor. The core of Silencioso is made from a
tough, water resistant 12mm high density fibre board. This in turn is
laminated to a balancing real wood layer, secured to a cork underlay.
Cork is the best natural insulator available and it also reduces the
acoustic value of the floor while retaining its natural resiliance
Silencioso comes in 1.8m lengths and is 120mm wide. The total
thickness of the plank is 15mm and it has an elegant micro bevel on
all four finished edges. The Uniclic profile makes installation easy and
the boards are well protected with a trusted Total Aqua Seal. Easily
maintained, it also comes with a manufacturers guarantee against
micro-scratches and static electricity.
practicality, durability and stunning individuality.
Teak Silencioso Distinct
a staggering 45 metres tall. Its large, leathery
leaves are so strong they are used for sandpaper
and roofing. Its unique surface benefits from the
trees natural internal oils making it feel like skin
and smell like matured leather.
Fast-growing, teak quickly gains height and
width, with the most valuable trees growing
straight and tall. To achieve this in young trees,
particular attention is given to pruning the
lower leaves. The timber used in Silencioso
flooring comes from plantations that have been
certificated by local governments, they are a
major source of income for many villages.
distinct tree stories
it keeps most of its colour forever. Grown in
swamps, when Cardinal Wood is harvested,
usually by boat, the water and mud around the
tree turns red attracting both piranha fish and
cayman crocodiles.
to funghi and termites. Extremely durable it is
perfectly suited to exterior applications but,
because of its price, it is mainly used for fine
furniture, cutlery and decorative items.
Olive Wood
grows, on average, to a height of between
12 and 15 metres. When the trunk reaches a
diameter of about 0.5 metres the heart of the
tree disintegrates and the heartwood becomes
wavy and curly. Olive trees can remain
economically productive for 300 years or more.
Extremely hard, the heart of olive wood is
yellow to beige in colour and has beautiful dark
brown to black lines running through it. The
wood is cured for a long time before processing.
It should also be noted that olive trees are
primarily planted for their fruit - olives and the
oil that is derived from them. To help with olive
production, the trees are heavily pruned from
time to time which helps them to stay productive
for generations. Only pruned branches are used
to manufacture Silencioso olive flooring, no
trees are completely harvested.
I S T I N C T !D Silencioso
Havwoods Limited Leach Place Walton Summit Preston PR5 8AS t. 01772 627000 f. 01772 694912 e. [email protected]
Board | technical specification Thickness 15mm | Length 1800mm | Width 120mm | Fitting Uniclic locking system
Bevel 4 side microbevel 1mm x 1mm | Board coverage 0.216m2
Coating Diamond Pro Lacquer System
Pack | technical specification Boards per box 6 | Pack coverage 1.296m2 | Weight 15.50kg
Construction | technical specification Lacquer top layer thickness 120 micron | Hardwood top layer thickness 0.6mm
HDF baseboard thickness 12 mm | Counterbalance backing Real hardwood veneer Scratch resistance > 3kg | Manufacturers warranty 15 years in domestic areas
Installation | technical specification Baseground condition Dry and levelled with 8mm/2m
Fitting Floating floor only | Fire resistance Euroclass D to EN12501
I S T I N C T !D Silencioso