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  • Silent Witness Telematics Customer Portal User Guide

    Version 1.3

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    1 Glossary of Terms

    Term Description

    Group Is an entity into which vehicle(s) are assigned through the administration suite. Viewing and reporting is performed at Group level. Individual vehicles can then be selected if required.

    POI Points of Interest – this is a defined area, created as a circle or polygon by the user. Alerts and reports can be created based on entry/exit of a POI.

    Idle Period of time when the vehicle engine is running but there is no vehicle movement being detected.

    PDF Portable Document Format - A type of file that can be used to transfer information. The file size is usually very small and it has increased security as it will not allow the content to be easily edited.

    CSV Comma Separated Values - file stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain-text form and can be downloaded and used in applications such as Microsoft excel.

    Assets Assets – These are components such as dallas tags, or driver tags which can be used to identify who is driving a particular vehicle.

    GPS Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on Earth where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites..

    Important Information

    System will run most efficiently on the following browsers

     Internet Explorer IE9 and above

     Firefox v3 and above

     Google Chrome

     Safari

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    2 Introduction

    This User guide is designed to aid the user through the key elements of the Silent Witness Tracking

    Web Portal.

    Silent Witness is an innovative solution that puts you (as a business) in control of managing your

    vehicles and drivers in addition to monitoring driving behaviours, vehicle health and insurance. Our Telematics Portal is available 24/7 which allows real time access whenever you need it.

    Whilst using this guide please keep in mind that many functions and features are dependent on

    permissions and may differ from the screenshots provided. For example, when configuring a report the user may only see the date column if they have access to one group and vehicle, however, a user

    with access to multiple groups and vehicles will see three columns (group, vehicle and date).

    2.1 Site Structure

    Dependant on the User Type and access rights that have been allocated, The below shows the portal menu along with the available options (dependent upon user permissions)

    Available pages may include

    Feature Description

    Map Ability for the user to view vehicle(s) on a single map view. The vehicles which are displayed are initially selected via the groups hierarchy and if required the view can be tailored by selecting/de- selecting specific vehicles

    Proximity Ability for the user to locate the proximity of vehicles within the selected group to an address entered by the user.

    Today Provides for a single vehicle, key information that relate to the vehicle activity for TODAY. These include current location, details of current journey, speed summary and a list of all completed journeys

    Reports A suite of reports that enable the user to report on key elements associated with their vehicle / drivers.

    Admin Ability for the user/administrator to manage the administration elements of the system.

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    Available pages may include

    Group Selection Allows you to select the group within the hierarchy to view the chosen vehicles


    Shows the vehicles in question including:

    Vehicle icon

    Time last reported

    Parked or in a journey along with the speed.

    Any inputs that have been set.

    Last known location.

    Service ID (for administrator use only)

    Assets Ability for the user to view driver tags that have been set e.g., temperature or Dallas.

    POI’s Provides location based alerts when entering and exiting a specified location.

    Order and select All vehicles in the chosen group can be selected or deselected or the selection can be inversed. The vehicles can also be ordered by Registration, street or vehicle type

    Total Vehicles in group Shows the total amount of vehicles within the group selected.

    2.2 User Types

    There are 2 different user types, which can be allocated to a particular user

    Type Description


    This provides the user to view information for a specific vehicle (Driver). The available pages and reports are limited, but provide the relevant information to enable Driver Behaviour and Performance to be monitored.

    Limited Administration rights may be assigned.

    Fleet User

    This provides the user with the ability to view and report on all allocated vehicles. A full set of pages and reports will be available.

    Limited administration rights may be assigned.

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    3 Login Page

    The web portal is accessed by using the following web address:

    Once this has been navigated the following is displayed:

    Enter your username and password. Once entered select the Login button.

    If you have forgotten your username or password please contact the Silent Witness Support Team via

    the following:


    The support team can provide you with the original password or create a new one.

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    4 Page – Map [Fleet User]

    When the Fleet User logs in, the initial (default) screen that is displayed will be the Map Page. Access

    can also be gained by selecting the Map icon.

    This will show the vehicles live location when your chosen group/vehicles have been chosen.

    Initially NO vehicles will be displayed and the user will select the Group they want to view, this is achieved by:

    Selecting the group here

    The hierarchy structure is then displayed

    From this list (structure), the user can select the group that they want to view. Once selected the assigned vehicles are then displayed

    The user then has the option to select either Vehicles (displayed as default) POIs, or assets.

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    Display Vehicles

    The user then has a number of options of how to select or view the required vehicle(s). The selection can be made from the top menu

    The default selection is time with the vehicle with most recent update being shown at the top of the list. The page automatically refreshes every 30 seconds, this refresh can be paused by using the ,,

    however by default NO vehicles are selected.

    Individual vehicles can be selected by clicking on the vehicle information box within the vehicle list, as a vehicle(s) is selected the vehicle information box is highlighted in Blue

    Additional vehicles can be selected / deselected by clicking on the required vehicle information box.

    As the vehicles are selected / deselected the map automatically resizes to provide the highest

    possible zoom level to display all selected vehicles. If multiple vehicles are selected at the same time then the map will zoom to an area which is less detailed in order to show the location of each vehicle.

    Display POIs

    Once the user has created a POI (via the admin option or from the GPS Journey report) it will be

    displayed within the POI list (more details on setting up POI’s further in the document)

    The user has all the choice to select the POI from the alphabetical tab selector or use the ? to show created POIs.


    Once Assets have been set up by the administrator, they can be viewed in the assets tab.

    Examples of assets are temperature sensors and Dallas fobs to show who is driving the vehicle.

    This will pause the automatic refresh of the page (vehicle positions)

    This will select ALL the vehicles that have been assigned to the selected group

    This will clear the highlighted vehicle list

    This will invert the selection, selected to deselect or deselect to select

    This will sort by registration (Vehicle ID)

    This will sort the vehicles by the date/time the last update was received

    This is the number of vehicles in the selected group

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    4.1 Vehicle Information Box

    Within the Vehicle Information there is key information relating to the vehicle

    Direction of travel

    Registration Vehicle ID (set within Admin)

    Date and Time of last update

    Current Location

    Vehicle Icon (set within Admin)


    Moving with current Speed