Simple Data Types Point (2d or 3d) –Coordinates with attributes Polyline (2d or 3d) –Points collected by line segments –2 lines max per point Polygon (2d)

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  • Simple Data TypesPoint (2d or 3d)Coordinates with attributesPolyline (2d or 3d)Points collected by line segments2 lines max per pointPolygon (2d)Closed polylinesRasters (2d, 3d elevations)Points in a grid (one attribute or lookup)Triangulated Irregular Networks (2d or 3d)3 lines max per point

  • Triangulated Irregular NetworksTINsA mesh of trianglesVerticesNodes Edges, Line Segments, LinksArcs

  • TINs Complex but Flexible

  • Water Resource ManagementImproving Environmental Site Management Through the Use of Internet ResourcesAuthors: Gary Whitton, Clayton Cranor, Michael Lilly, David Nyman

  • More Complex Data TypesNetworksRelated polylines and/or TINsRaster MosaicsOverlapping rastersSpatial Databases/DatasetsAll types and relationshipsObject Models

  • Object Data ModelsObjects are thingsObjects are connected through relationshipsMethods are behaviors of objects

    AddressNumberSpatial DataStreetNameSpatial Data

  • Terminology

    ArcDesktopGeoDBObject modelDatabaseDiskLayersFeature Dataset-DatabaseProject FolderLayerFeature Class-Table or portionFileFeatureFeatureObjectRecord-AttributeFieldPropertyField-Shapefile TypeFeature ClassTypeClassGeometry type in field-

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  • NetworksStreams and riversWater supplyFlood predictionNational Hydrology NetworkTransportation (mature):Freeways, highways, and roadsShipsPlanesDisease vectors (developing)Natural Resource Management (new)

  • Network AnalysisVertex: Sum of inputs and outputs = 0Edge: Has maximum capacitySource: Inputs to networkSink: Outputs from the network

  • Global Water Cycle

  • Complex FeaturesPolylineRivers & Streams: Connected networks of reachesAttributes include: quantity of flowPolygonsGroups of islands: HawaiiHoles:Lakes on surfacesIslands on lakes

    *A triangulated irregular-network (TIN) isometric map of the Bethel Fuel Sales tank farm and surrounding terrain, shown from a North East perspective. This file was created in AutoCAD and is presented here as a static graphic. To view the file in its original interactive format, which requires the Autodesk plugin "Whip!", please visit the Bethel Fuel Sales website (