Simple Things to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

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  1. 1. Simple Things to Get Your Home Ready to Sell Simple Things to Get Your Home Ready to Sell Getting ready to sell a home involves a lot more than just the home. There are also emotions, schedules and other things to consider. Here are some tips to help you in getting ready for the day you hand over the keys to the new owners. Remove Old Items Over the course of time most people accumulate lots of things that are no longer needed. It is fairly common for folks to have clothes that they no longer wear, old books and magazines and other items. Go through the closets, cupboards and other storage areas to get ride of all the unnecessary items. Make sure to get things off the kitchen and bathroom counters too. Separate Yourself from The Home Emotionally Now is the time to make the decision to say goodbye to the home. It is important to realize that the memories and emotions you have from living in the home will always be a part of you. Moving away from the home is merely separating yourself away from the structure. Imagine how the new owners will enjoy the home and be able to make their own happy memories. Get Things Organized Since potential buyers will be coming through the home and inspecting every possible area it is a good idea to get everything as organized as possible. If you need some ideas, here are a few suggestions: * Put spices in alphabetical order * Arrange all coffee cups to face the same direction * Put shoes in order * Place dishes in nice stacks Remove Personal Decor Remove the photographs and items that may have your surname or initials. People who will potentially buy the house want to be able to imagine their own belongings and decorations in the
  2. 2. new home. By having generic items in the house it will be easier for people to see themselves enjoying their new abode. Take Care of the Little Repairs Give potential buyers a great first impression by making sure all of the little items are handled. This includes * Replacing light bulbs * Applying oil on door hinges * Add new filters to the air conditioner * Tighten or repair any water leaks * Fix any holes that may be present in windows, doors or walls Add More Storage Space It can be a good idea to find a nearby storage rental agency and get a contract on a small unit. The extra space can help you remove some of your belongings to make the home seem larger. Removing empty bookcases, taking out extra leaves in dining tables and extra chairs can free up space throughout the entire home. It can also be handy for storing seasonal items that you may not need when you are ready to move. Once you have cleaned up the home and organized everything it will be much easier to sell and start your new life in a fresh new home.
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