Simply the Best GPS/Fleet Management Solution in the Business! Simply the Best GPS/Fleet Management

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Text of Simply the Best GPS/Fleet Management Solution in the Business! Simply the Best GPS/Fleet Management

  • Simply the Best GPS/Fleet Management Solution in the Business!

  • Core GPS is a perfect way to start managing your operation in real-time. With Core GPS, you can track, map, and create meaningful reports. Our easy-to-use software allows you to watch live activity, map historical routes and stops, create arrival reports and much more, including:

    Key Performace Indicators Drill Down Reporting Stop and Arrival Information Live Dispatch Tools Speeding and Mileage Extensive Reporting

    In addition to the numeous core benefits Blue Bird Connect™ delivers, our software is designed to be completely user-friendly. We provide you with essential information that is simple and easy to understand.

    Through an exclusive relationship with Synovia Solutions™, you can now order your new Blue Bird school bus straight from the factory with Blue Bird Connect™— simply the best GPS fleet management solution in the business. When you buy a Blue Bird bus, you have the option to activate, at no upfront cost, any or all components of Blue Bird Connect™ and enjoy the ease and peace of mind that comes with the backing of Synovia’s proven GPS fleet management system. This integrated solution has proven, time and time again, to reduce total cost of ownership. Your Blue Bird Dealer can upgrade your existing fleet of buses as well, regardless of brand. Watch your fleet save money and increase efficiency with Blue Bird Connect™— your source for efficiency and savings!

    How quickly can you determine if a student is on the bus? Instantly, with Student Ridership Tracking from Blue Bird Connect™!

    With the information provided by Student Ridership Tracking and Parent Portal, parents can send their children to the bus stop at just the right time, reducing their exposure to weather conditions, traffic and other dangers. The industry-leading Parent Portal Access tool allows you to see your bus’ ETA in real-time. Parents can sign up for text or email alerts to know when the bus will arrive, giving them peace of mind knowing their child has been dropped off safely.

    Tracking can be completed with the use of RFID readers, barcodes on existing student ID cards, or with a tablet. Contact your Blue Bird Dealer to discuss the option that best fits your needs!

    More Than Just a GPS


    Student Ridership Tracking

  • “Synovia’s solution clearly provided the most progressive GPS options. Synovia was the most knowledgeable company and their system was competitively priced. They were responsive with tailoring the system to our needs. The system is directly responsible for improvements in arrival times. Best of all, our savings have more than paid for our investment, and we have peace-of-mind knowing that we can instantaneously track our entire fleet and respond to school and parent inquiries.”

    —Garry Puetz, Transportation Director Forsyth County Schools



    Connect Works on All Bus Makes

    While Blue Bird Connect™ can be installed OEM on your new Blue Bird bus, it is designed to work on all bus makes and models— making it a perfect solution for your mixed-make fleet. Best of all, your Blue Bird dealer can install Blue Bird Connect™ hardware on every bus in your fleet; at no additional upfront cost!

    No Upfront Cost & Self-Funded With Synsurance, school districts can be assured of a long-term and reliable solution, backed with unmatched service and support. ++Connect’s comprehensive service will provide you with everything needed to track, manage and improve your fleet operations without a major upfront investment. Synsurance means you pay nothing to get started with Connect and are provided with everything you need to get going right away, including all training, hardware and support. Just sign up and go!


    Includes all hardware, software and ongoing services No servers or infrastructure to maintain Automatic software updates


    Lifetime hardware warranty Hosted software


    No upfront or hidden costs Savings offset monthly service Rapid return on investment

    Student Ridership Tracking


    Track Actual Work Time with Accuracy Our Driver Time and Attendance solution has become one of our most valuable fleet management and money saving tools. With our in-vehicle solutions, you can instantly review timesheet exceptions, compare planned versus actual schedules, pay fair and accurate wages, and save money in the process. Automated payroll collection and integration allows staff to be more productive and reduces the risk of errors. With improved accuracy of reporting and validation with GPS data, control of your payroll system is guaranteed.


    Clock-in inside the vehicle or via the web Multiple-employee log in with job codes Enter non-driving activities


    Review web-based time cards Compare planned schedule to actual worktime Create reports to manage overtime


    Export time and attendance details Import employee data

    Real-time Route Analysis


    Monitor stop arrival times Compare against planned times Manage time performance


    Ensure on-time departures Track route compliance

    With Comparative Analysis, you can see planned routes compared to actual routes and use this information to improve on-time performance and keep your drivers on route.

    Comparative Analysis allows you to avoid overspending on fuel by reducing idling and ensuring the most efficient routes. By tracking driver performance, including excessive speeding, harsh braking, abrupt turning and sudden acceleration, you can make certain that your drivers operate your vehicles safely and efficiently.

  • “With 350 buses in the fleet, we have utilized the Synovia Solution for 7 years. Utilizing Synovia’s telematics, the district saves thousands of dollars each year due to reduced idle time and reduced fuel consumption. We have utilized other telematics solutions in the past and are dedicated Synovia customers due to their state-of-the-art technology, simplicity, accuracy and quick response to our evolving needs.”

    —Gary Lake, Transportation Director Ft. Wayne Community Schools



    Maintenance & Uptime Wouldn’t you like to repair it before you have to replace it?

    With Connect’s Engine Diagnostics solution, you will have peace of mind knowing that your district’s time and money is being used in the most efficient way. If a fault code appears, our software will inform you of the problem in real-time, helping you avoid costly repairs. Because it costs far less to prevent an issue than it does to fix it, being able to see what kind of work your fleet needs in advance prevents unexpected, expensive repairs and replacements.

    In addition to a lower cost of ownership, Connect provides safer transportation for students and drivers. Blue Bird Connect™ gives your dispatchers the ability to see which vehicles are closest to a specific location, so they can send the nearest driver in the event of an emergency. This can be especially valuable if you are looking to better response times or avoid additional wear on high mileage vehicles.

    With Connect, fleet managers and school districts are able to manage each bus proactively. Ultimately, Blue Bird Connect™ lowers total cost of ownership by providing real-time engine diagnostics that save school districts the time and effort required to ensure a working, productive fleet.


    Review MPG for your fleet Determine where you are losing fuel efficiency


    Receive alerts of engine fault codes Schedule regular reports to review engine hours and fuel used Have ample time to fix and perfect operations


    Safer transportation for students and drivers Immediate assistance in emergencies




    Why Choose Blue Bird ConnectTM?

    Blue Bird’s commitment to safety, quality, durability, and serviceability combined with decreased costs makes Blue Bird Connect™ the optimal GPS fleet management system. Our goal is to help your fleet drive safer while managing your operational costs such as fuel, payroll and manpower. Our incredibly capable and intuitive platform is paired with a knowledgeable and experienced sales and support team you can count on. Then there’s Synsurance, a way to pay for your system over time that is unlike anything our competition can offer. Many customers have switched from another GPS solutions provider to Blue Bird Connect™ because it’s simple, easy to use and doesn’t require any upfront investment.

    Assess idling, speeding, location, mileage, zone entry/exit, etc.

    Integrate payroll with the true time worked for the day

    Allows you to see your bus’ ETA in real-time

    Improve on-time performance and keep your drivers on route and punctual

    Proactively identify and address vehicle malfunctions

    No upfront costs; All inclusive monthly fee per vehicle; rapid return on investment







    Industry’s Best