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24 July 2014 Siphiwe Moyo @SABPP1

Siphiwe moyo presentation agm 2014

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Page 1: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

24 July 2014

Siphiwe Moyo


Page 2: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Annual Board Report

2 0 1 3 H I G H L I G H T S

1. The development, publication, launch and roll-out of the HRM System Model and Standard.

2. The development of an auditing protocol for the implementation of the Standard.

3. The development of the detailed breakdown and implementation model of the HR Competency Model.

4. The successful launch and distribution of a new series of the HR Fact Sheet and other research papers.

5. Increased visibility (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet, social media, exhibitions).

6. Financial turn-around of the organisation.

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Page 3: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

2013 – 2015

Board MembersSiphiwe Moyo (Chairperson)

Kate Dikgale-Freeman (Vice-chairperson)

Linda Chipunza (Vice-chairperson)

Frank de Beer

Mike Honnet

Christine Botha

Sonia Swanepoel

Valencia Lupondwana

Saki Makume

Cookie Govender

Dennis Coetzee

Mpolai Liau

Yolisa Ngxabazi

Yusuf Mohamedy

Dean Retief

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Page 4: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Strategic Journey

2011 - 2012 2012 … 2013 …

We are changing We are deliveringWe are improving and

adding value

More open, visible and rebranding

Products, Services, Competencies

More and improved products/services/


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Page 5: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

New SABPP Model: HR Voice for


Human resource development

Research - info

Value & visibility

Open for alliances





Learning growth & develop-



Self-governance Duty to society


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Page 6: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Annual Financial Statements

1.Statement of Financial Position

2.Statement of Changes in Reserves

3.Statement of Comprehensive Income

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p. 9

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Page 7: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Review of Financial

Statements: Year ended 31

December 2013

Income increased by 58% in 2013, this was

driven by:

– 34.5% increase in annual renewal fees;– 79.5% increase in ETQA income;

– Significant income from strategic projects.

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Page 8: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Review of Financial

Statements Year ended 31 Dec

2013Expenditure was contained to an 10% increase, driven by:

– Increases in commission paid to staff reflecting higher income achieved;

– An increase in website related costs as the new website was launched;

– Lower discounts allowed to members for renewals after special birthday discounts granted in 2012;

– An 11% increase in staff employment cost as more posts were filled for longer during 2013 than during 2012 and modest salary increases based on performance.

– Costs incurred during 2012 to establish new revenue streams and the appointment of new staff.

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Page 9: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Review of Financial Statements: Year

ended 31 Dec 2013

The statement of financial position reveals the following information:

– Tangible assets decreased in value as depreciation was allowed on leasehold improvements and computers purchased in 2012.

– Accounts receivable increased as some learning providers were slow to pay, in addition to the increase in income.

– The SABPP cash holdings have increased considerably, reflecting the re-built reserves.

– The accounts payable include R1 326 528 income received in advance in respect of registration fees for 2014, which reflects considerable improvement in early payments by members attracted by discounts offered.

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Page 10: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Board Committees














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Page 11: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Professional Registrations


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610 registrations in 2013. 110% increase from 2010.

Page 12: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

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Page 13: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Mentoring Committee

• The mentoring pilot programme carried out

in 2012 was formally evaluated and proved


• Roll out carried over to 2014.

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Page 14: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Ethics Committee

The committee met 8 times during 2013 and

worked on the following topics:

– Preparing an Ethics Toolkit for the website ( to

be launched early in 2014);

– Recording various presentations onto video

format to either a DVD or podcasts;

– Ensuring a steady stream of articles published

on ethics in HRM.

– The ethics workshops for HR professionals

were designed and piloted during 2013 and will

be rolled out during 2014.

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Page 15: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Labour Market Committee

• Research into employment relations


• Endorsement from Professor Barney

Jordaan, University of Stellenbosch Africa

Centre for Dispute Settlement.

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Page 16: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

CPD Committee

• Total redesign of the CPD model.

• Launch a new CPD system in 2014.

• New CPD policy, model and system will be


• An excellent pool of CPD providers has

been created.

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Page 17: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Higher Education


• 3 universities accredited during 2013

– Vaal University of Technology

– University of Johannesburg

– UNISA Centre for Business Management

• Letters were sent to all universities

– 21 Universities responded positively to the

National HR Standards

• Several student chapters were launched.

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Page 18: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Quality Assurance Committee

• Registered 33 new assessors and 26 moderators

• Approved 13 new providers and renewed 2 providers towards learning programme approval.

• Maintained its “green status” with SAQA for NLRD uploads of learner information.

• More than 3000 learners were enrolled for qualifications and skills programmes.

• Raised more than R1 800 000 via different initiatives ranging from workshops, in addition to the accreditation of learning providers.

• A total of 26 site visits to learning providers were arranged.

• Launched its first annual provider awards in December to recognise training best practices.

• Arranged a road show with SAQA and QCTO by facilitating 10 workshops at various universities throughout the country.

• Formal accreditation from QCTO as an AQP for the Occupational Trainer qualification.

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Page 19: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Learning, Growth and

Development Initiative

• No meaningful output during 2013.

• Sessions were arranged to support the L&D

components of the National HR Standards.

• A clear strategy and plan needs to be


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Page 20: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

IT Governance Committee

• Installations in mid-2013 of a Windows 8

platform and Office 365 cloud-based


• Systems development on the Management

Information System progressed during the

later part of the year.

• Website maintenance.

• Social media has become a way to life at

the SABPP.

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Page 21: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Social Media


2059 HR Professionals

Well Supported

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Page 22: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Risk and Audit Committee

• The Board approved the appointment of

members of the new Risk and Audit

Committee, which will commence its work in


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Page 23: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014



• Gaining HR qualifications

• Ethics, fraud and corruption

• National development plan

• Bargaining councils

• Employment equity

• HR competencies

• HR management standards

• Pay equity

• Coaching and mentoring

• HIV/AIDS in the workplace


• 3rd Annual Women’s Report

• Employment Equity

• The 2013 ASTD Survey

• HR in environmental governance (“green HR”)

• Employability of HR graduates

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Page 24: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Strategic Projects

p. 19p. 18

Page 25: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Year 2013 In Review:

13 Success Achieved• Transformation of SABPP newsletter into fully-fledged magazine: “HR Voice”

• Development and launch of first South African National HR Standards;

• Further development of a SA National HR Competency Model, including a full competency library according to levels of work;

• Forming several alliances with HR & others to advance the HR profession;

• Submissions to government to influence policy-making and national developments,

• Articles about SABPP in leading magazines and newspapers;

• Increased visibility with TV & radio appearances, 25 site visits to companies;

• Meetings at 13 universities to build relationships in pursuit of student empowerment, curriculum development and accreditation;

• ETQA achieved “green status” for upload of learner data on the NLRD, and developed a more enabling accreditation system;

• Launch of SABPP blog (hrtoday.me) and growth of participation in SABPP social media;

• Growth of SABPP student membership model;

• Several research papers published,

• Improved governance & tangible outputs from SABPP committees, including the new Labour Market Committee to address labour market issues and representing the HR profession in Parliament.

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Page 26: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

Future Developments• Development of HR Professional Practice Standards;

• Awareness & capacity-building around HR Standards & HR Competency Model;

• Development of HR Auditing Framework to audit against National HR Management

System standard;

• Launch of National HR Academy to formalise and expedite national HR professional

development on the HR Standards and Competencies;

• Increased visibility in the market and aggressive marketing campaign to mobilise HR

practitioners towards professionalism;

• Positioning of SABPP to function as an Assessment Quality Partner (AQP) for QCTO;

• Intensified social media strategy to engage with HR professionals and others;

• Development of professional products & services to meet needs of HR professionals;

• Continuous updating HR professionals & innovating HR profession through knowledge

created by research;

• Further development of HR Competency model assessment instruments &

dissemination thereof;

• Publication of 4 books on HR Standards, HR Competencies, HR Risk Management &

HR Ethics;

• Launch of National HR Scorecard;

• Roll-out of ethics workshops;

• Improving the capacity of the SABPP office to deliver on its mandate and to optimise

the impact of strategic projects.

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Page 27: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014


For regular updates join our special

HR Standards Blog:


Page 28: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014


The 2013 report emphasises key strategic initiatives

and a stronger focus on improved impact, visibility

and governance. The new strategy HR Voice will

require more focus on the continuous strategic

transformation of SABPP. Major projects are

planned for 2014 and clear capacity-building and

action plans will be developed to execute the


Thank you for your support with the HR standards.

Let us continue to build a profession we can be

proud of in years to come.

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Page 29: Siphiwe moyo presentation   agm 2014

A final note

Our success is your success, and we

therefore appreciate all your inputs and

comments on SABPP projects, as well as

committee work.

We hope to see you all at the 2nd Annual HR

Standards Conference on 28 August at

Sandton Convention Centre - already 246

delegates on board, making this event one of

the largest HR conferences in Africa. We will

launch the new HR Professional Practice