Six Ways to Maximize the Use of Your Store Room

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"Safe Harbor Storage is your solution for any storage needs in the Salt Lake City area. Our self storage units have secure, dry and clean rooms which are situated within a modern and professional warehouse storage facility. Every storage unit is protected with a locking door in which only you have access to it. Whether you are a private or business user searching for a place to store your belongings safely, Safe Harbor Storage provides the best solution for a variety of situations in the Salt Lake City area:


  • Six Ways to Maximize the Use of Your Store Room

    Urbanization brings along with it a reduction in space in almost every place you go. Small space has been stalking us all the way through and we only want to put in more items into our self storage in Salt Lake City, Utah. There are a lot of tricks and tips that can help maximize the usage of space inside your self storage unit!

    1. Go Vertical Going vertical is the ideal way to maximize space in your self storage unit. Height is regarded as the most ignored factors when keeping items inside a self storage unit and renters do not realize the massive amount of storage space they can obtain from going vertical. Take advantage of tall storage shelves that can enable you to keep your items.

    2. Use hidden storage spaces There's plenty of concealed storage space that renters may not even be aware of! You can easily hang extra items on the back of the entry doors to avoid wasting space in the drawers. You can also set up extra storage racks in shelves to help increase the storage space.

    3. Using cardboard boxes Cardboard boxes are perfect storage tools for keeping items that you hardly ever use. Rather than trying to keep items in the drawers or cabinets, throw them all inside a cardboard box and put them at the corner of your self storage unit. It is also practical to pile multiple cardboard boxes up to the ceiling of your self storage in Salt Lake City, Utah to maximize space!

    4. Multi-level shelves Setting up multi-level shelves is a simple yet effective approach to not only makes tidier storage spaces but also to totally maximize and utilize the storage features of the shelves. You can improve the storage space by almost five times if you utilize multi-level shelves.

    5. Making use of wastepaper baskets Wastepaper baskets can be utilized as a perfect alternative for keeping things that are hard to slip into other areas just like your ping pong balls, golf balls, hockey balls, and other equivalent items. You can also put hockey sticks, golf clubs, badminton racquets and umbrellas in wastepaper baskets for quick access when the need arises.

    6. Get rid of unnecessary items Getting rid of unnecessary items is one of the simplest ways to maximize the space inside your self storage in Salt Lake City, Utah. Get rid of items that you have not used for a year. Spend some time to search through all your items and set aside stuff that you don't need. You may also offer them for sale at a flea market or give them away to charity! You'll be surprised at the sudden additional room you have after organizing your items inside your self storage unit.It actually does not take much effort and time to maximize whatever space you've got at the moment. Extra space is actually there but they're not used completely. All you need is some minor customization to whatever storage needs you have now and you'll realize there's a lot more concealed spaces inside your self storage in Salt Lake City, Utah that you can utilize.


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