Slaughtering equipment for cattle

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Innovative concepts from one single competent source

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  • Slaughtering equipment for cattle

    Your partner for

    plant engineering

    and construction

    P L a n n i n g P R O D U c T i O n i m P L e m e n TaT i O n

  • Our comprehensive range of services:

    Planning of food processing plants of variable sizes, in particular:

    Slaughtering plants for cattle, pigs and sheepRed meat processingPoultry slaughtering and processingFish processingcanning factoriescooling and freezing technology

    in-house manufacture of machinery and installations in germanyPersonnel trainingTransfer of marketing know-how (e. g. recipes)Turnkey construction and elaborate cooperation concepts


    i n n O vaT i v e c O n c e P T S F R O m

    O n e S i n g L e c O m P e T e n T S O U R c e

    That is how we implement customized plant concepts and complete solutions of any size with equal commitment as we apply ready- to-install plant modules. in addition our faci-lities meet the highest standards regarding animal welfare, ergonomics, operational sa-fety, hygiene and environmental protection.

    Quality management all along the line.

    consistent quality management and pro-duction of the machines and plant modules in our own manufacturing plant is an im-portant factor in meeting our targets. Being manufacturers of high-quality prefabricated building elements we have been success-fully implementing complex turnkey projects for years, supporting our customers far beyond commissioning. This close collabo-ration has enabled us to extend our field of operations more and more.

    Today, emF has a global network of branch offices allowing us to give our customers even better support.

    On the following pages you will find an exemplary outline of a slaughter line for cattle with its most important components; we are aware that this line can be adapted to your individual requirements, from the size of your company to the different levels of automation. We will be glad to advise you on your project.

    Production plants for the food industry are not made in a day. This makes it all the more important that you can rely on the perfect coordination of all individual steps of pro-ject development from the planning up to turnkey handover of your plant. With emF you have a partner who offers you the full line of development from one single source.

    Wide-ranging technical know-how, firm commitment to the selling markets and more than 35 years of international experience on several continents put us in an ideal position to define the specific conditions and requirements of each project and to develop economic solutions for you.

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    e F F i c i e n c Y a L L a LO n g T H e L i n e

    EMF delivers cattle slaughtering plants with a capacity of 5 to 60 animals per hour per line, throughout the world.

    Our priorities are quality, reliability and efficiency. at the same time we are able to fulfill our obligations for the slaughtering and conveying systems in adherence with the guidelines for hygiene and food safety.

    conveying technology is crucial for the correct production flow of a slaughter line.

    The plant in detail:

    Pen/s (1)Stunning (2) Transfer (3)Pre-skinning (4)Skinning (5)Paunch removal (6)Splitting (7)inspection (8)cold storage room (9)cutting up (10)

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    On request, emF will supply any auxiliary equipment required for your plant.

    Please contact us. We will be glad to advise you.

    The hygiene technique is one of the most important functions in the food industry. For this reason, emF supply on request all the health facilities according to the latest eU hygiene requirements.

    For example our range of supply comprises of:

    Hand washbasins Pass-through disinfectant gratings Hygiene stations Knife sterilization tanks Soap and disinfectant dispensers Boot and apron cleaning systems Towel dispensers apron washing cubicles Waste paper baskets etc.

    emF designs, manufactures and assem-bles all production facilities for its slaughte-ring and cutting plants. Based on our long-term experience in this field we are able to respond promptly and optimally to any special requests our customers may have.

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    2 3 4

    Pens for stress-free housing in accordance with animal welfare requirements.

    Conventional stunning trap with safe fixation for traditional stunning.

    Conventional stunning trap with corridor and elevator for empty hooks.

    Ritual slaughter boxes for ritual slaughtering of cattle. Sturdy, hot-dip galvanized steel construction, optionally available in high-grade steel. 180 rotatable by electric drive. Safe fixation of the animals by pneu-matically controlled shutters and pressure plates. Roll skinning machine with electrically

    or hydraulically driven roller for optimal rolling up of the hide. Two lifting platforms allow easy finishing cutting of the skin.

    Pre-skinning platform to apply a preparatory cut pre-paring skinning.

    Transfer station with either stationary platform or lifting platform to trans-fer the carcasses from the bleeding pipe track to the eviscerating pipe track.

    EMF offers you various effective technologies for stunning.

    S T U n n i n g ,

    B L e e D i n g ,

    T R a n S F e R

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    Paunch lifting platform for removal of the white organs and dropping them into the paunch trough.

    S K i n n i n g , R e m O va L O F Pa U n c H e S

    a n D O R g a n S , S P L i T T i n g

    Slaughter hall with lifting and stationary platforms. ergonomically designed workplaces with horizontally and vertically movable lifting platforms for effective operation. To ensure op-timal hygiene and food safety all platforms come with sterilizing equipment for tools as well as with cleaning and disinfecting units for personnel.

    Splitting platform Lifting platform with saw to divide the carcasses in half.

    i n S P e c T i O n ,

    c O O L i n g , c U T T i n g U P

    Cold storage houses for various cooling and freezing require-ments. also available with automatic pipe track conveyor system and destination con-trol system.

    Cutting systems for coarse and fine cutting. Transportation of meat on an easy-to-clean and therefore hygienic conveyor belt. Transportation of the bones on a separate bone belt. variable, height-adjustable tables with or without chutes in the cutting plate.

    Stationary platforms for inspection - various working heights for veterinary inspection of the whole carcass.

    Cutting wall with circular saw for the coarse cutting of hang- ing cattle carcasses in quarters.

    Bandsaw for coarse cutting of cattle quarters before fine cutting.

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