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  • 5/27/2018 Sleeping Beauty


    Her soul was sleeping, floating in the cold, blue, cloudy water of melted dreams.

    For so long, she had felt she was in a mysterious place, where mummies whispered in

    Egyptian hieroglyphs secrets that long turned to dust, and the ancient song of the lute

    once again danced over Sahara el Beyda, the White Desert, where giant chalk

    mushrooms rise from the sand. She could not remember the light. She had beenswallowed in darkness for so long that now sunlight was a distant dream. Dust, so much

    dust. It coated her throat, making her want to cough, but she couldnt move. She was

    frozen in time, and yet, she sensed, time marched around her, continuing while she

    stayed still.

    A man was shuffling about her, moving crates and wheezing. She could see him in

    her minds eye, a little whisper of a man with a long, silver beard in a dirty blue uniform.

    Suppose he found her? Would that be so bad? She heard his sharp intake of breath the

    moment he moved a crumbling mummy aside and saw her lying on golden silk, her hair

    cascading over the pillow like rippling honey. And then, she felt herself being moved,

    and the dust dancing as the man pushed her away. What would happen now she had

    been discovered? She didnt know. The man ran away, calling for help.

    * * *

    She felt trapped. Her mind swirled around as she felt thousands of eyes staring at

    her, whispering her name. Banners with her name plastered the walls, announcing her

    as the newest exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. She didnt want to be an

    object that everyone admired. She wanted to live again, to feel the wind on her face and

    dance in a field of wildflowers. She wanted to escape.Someone was staring at her. There was something different about the way he

    looked at her, as if he cared about her and didnt just want to eat her with his eyes.

    * * *

    The boy took a breath as he stared at the girl with the golden honey hair. There

    was something about her that glowed, that separated her from the hordes of people that

    crowded over her like shadow vultures. He wanted to whisk her away to his abandoned

    warehouse in the Bronx and bring her to life.The boy stayed in the museum bathrooms till midnight, creeping out of a stall as

    soon as security passed to make his way toward the glass box.

    There she was--shining like a sea star in the moonlight. What if someone caught

    him? He carefully opened the lid and lay it down, his heart thumping wildly at every

    sound. Her hair danced like waves as the wind ruffled it, and he thought he heard her

    sigh at the welcome breeze. He wanted to kiss her. His heart beat as his face got closer

  • 5/27/2018 Sleeping Beauty


    and closer. He blushed as red as a cherry, stroking her hair that glowed. His lips gently

    touched her pale pink lips, and at that moment, pure joy flew in his heart.

    As her eyes fluttered and opened like a blush pink camellia blossoming in spring,

    he took a sharp breath and pulled his face away. Her eyes were lazuline blue, like a clear

    blue sky in daytime and were rimmed with dark, thick, curling lashes.They looked at each other, and in his head, he felt as if he were dancing in a

    sphere of warm golden light.

    * * *

    She took a deep breath and tried to sit up. There was a strange boy staring at


    Where am I, Village Boy?

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!Well be discovered if you shout.


    Were in The Metropolitan Museum of Art! There are guards everywhere!

    Of course there are guards everywhere. Theyre guarding my castle.

    No! You were a display. I kissed you and bam! You came alive. I dont know

    how I did it.

    You kissed me!!!!! How dare you? Where is my castle?!

    What castle?

    My CASTLE!

    Whos THERE?! yelled a security from around the corner.

    Both Aurora and the boy jumped.Shhhhhhhhhhh! The boy whipped around to clamp his hand over Sleeping

    Beautys mouth before she shouted anything else.

    Unhand me, you peas--hghhj!

    Come on! We have to find a way out without being seen.


    We dont have time to talk!

    With one hand clamped over her mouth, they tip-toed around security and

    slipped out the EXIT door as quiet as two shadows. What they didnt know was that her

    bejeweled dress was so old that with every step, Aurora left a path of diamonds,sapphires, and pearls for the shadow that trailed them to follow.

    * * *

    What dungeon is this? Aurora asked, sweeping her eyes over trash-filled

    warehouse they had just entered.

  • 5/27/2018 Sleeping Beauty


    Its my home.

    Oh. Sorry.

    Its okay. I know its not a fairy tale castle, but at least you have a place to stay.

    Aurora looked around, scrunching her nose as she searched for something that

    resembled a bed. But all she saw was trash and weird sculptural objects scatteredaround the room.

    What is all this?

    My inventions.


    They are machines and robots that help me do chores and dishes.

    Oh. So you mean servants.

    Sort of, but theyre not alive.

    Aurora wandered around and finally found a broken chair upon which to sit.

    Then, she looked at the robots as if she expected something.

    Arent the robots going to serve me tea?

    Um. No.

    Scrunching her nose, she muttered under her breath.

    Excuse me?


    It was going to be a long night.

    * * *

    In the morning, Aurora yawned grumpily as she made her way through the grayocean of trash to the door, she looked at the village boy hammering away at another of

    his inventions. She wondered how could he wake up so early and not make a delicious

    breakfast for her. Instead, he was busy making another trash sculpture. Chivalry must

    have died while she was sleeping.


    No answer. Instead, he ignored her and kept on hammering.

    How rude, she thought. He cant just kidnap me and ignore me.

    She stalked up to him, her hands on her hips.

    HELLO! she yelled, smacking him on the head.OW!!!!!! he cried, plucking cotton out of his ears. Whyd you do that for?

    You didnt cook me breakfast and serve me!

    Was I supposed to? he asked, looking incredulous.

    Of course you were! You are a village boy and I am a princess!

    He rolled his eyes.

    Boy, if Id known you were this much trouble I wouldnt have woken you up.

  • 5/27/2018 Sleeping Beauty


    She glared at him. He sighed.

    First of all, my name is not Village Boy and I am not your servant.

    Then who are you?

    My name is Brandon.

    Oh. Never heard of it.Its ok. Whats yours?

    Oh, you never read my biography,Sleeping Beauty? It was penned by the

    Brothers Grimm.

    Oh! No wonder you looked familiar.

    How could you not know? she asked, her hands on her hips.

    Hey, Im a guy. After I saw you, I didnt exactly read your plaque.

    Aurora blushed, then tried to hide her pleasure.

    Oh. I guess thats okay.

    * * *

    After they finished arguing, they caught some pigeons on the roof, speared them

    with wire hangers, and roasted them in the fireplace. It was then that Brandon noticed a

    trail of gems on the wooden dusty floor.

    Why is there a trail of gems following us?

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! yelled Aurora, covering her mouth as if she didnt get

    voted as homecoming queen.

    What? Its just gems leaving a trail from the...........MUSEUM!!!!!!

    I dont care about the museum! Lets talk about how you are going to sew thegems back on my beautiful dress!

    But if someone follows the gems, they will know where you are. Duh! he

    replied, rolling his eyes.

    Dont you dare talk to me like that! I should be treated like a princess, not a

    peasant like you!

    I am not a peasant! How many times do I have to tell you?!

    Whatever. Aurora shrugged.

    Brandon sighed.

    Ok, so we need to retrieve the gems. And we also need to distract security fromseeing them.

    What do you mean? Ill just tell them not to look at my gems. Theyre my

    guards--theyre here to protect me.

    No, you are not a princess anymore. You are a person in the modern world.

    Fine, she muttered.

    Brandon rolled his eyes heavenward, praying for divine intervention.

  • 5/27/2018 Sleeping Beauty


    None was forthcoming.

    Well, first we have to change your name and clothes. You cant walk around

    wearing a silk dress that leaves trails.

    What? Change my amazing name and beautiful dress? Aurora looked like she

    was going to faint.Ignoring her, he looked through a pile of what looked like a lump of grey


    Aha! I found something you can wear!

    What? Aurora asked, starting to look nervous.

    This! he replied, holding up a faded pink shirt with some skinny jeans.

    What is that THING?! she yelled, then ran out the door to throw up.

    Its not that bad! he called out. I mean, that was the best thing compared to

    the other ones.

    There was no response--only the sound of a flushing toilet.

    He shrugged, then went to get her a glass of water.

    * * *

    AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Aurora screamed, looking at herself in the

    half-shattered mirror.

    You look fine, Brandon muttered under his breath.


    yelled, furious.

    Ok, whatever. Whats important is what were going to call you.Humph!

    Hmmmm. How about Candice, Megan, Kayla, Katherine, Karen, Elise, Juliette,

    Hope, Audrey, Skyler, Katie, or Lucy?