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Slippery Samoa . President: David Gallegos Vice President: Chris Misaalefua Operation Manger: Justin Schlaepfer Accountant Manger: Mario Aleman. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Slippery Samoa

Slippery Samoa President: David Gallegos Vice President: Chris MisaalefuaOperation Manger: Justin SchlaepferAccountant Manger: Mario AlemanMission Statement Slippery Samoan water park provides guests a relaxing and enjoyable aquatic experience through the highest quality standards of customer service. Each employee will focus on their dedication to all guests and maintain the highest level of honesty and courtesy. Slippery Samoan Water Park in Lindsay Ca, Strathmore is a municipally operated park in the State of California. Slippery Samoans is designed to encourage the entire family to participate together in an enjoyable and safe aquatic experience.Goals We plan on franchising our business nation wide We want to be known as one of the cleanest water parks We would like to bring joy and happiness to every family that comes to our establishment We want our customers to feel invited We want feedback from our costumers so we know how to make Slippery Samoa a place that the people will love Working Conditions Working conditions are very harsh when it comes to heat but as a company we will provide the sun block and plenty of water so workers can stay hydrated through there shiftsBe prepared to get wet Be prepared to do a lot of walking Knowing the right way to talk to the costumers We also will hold monthly physicals to make sure your body is functioning well because these jobs do require a lot out of you physically We will also have a medical assistant on the foundation that you can check in with if you're not able to do your job to your full ability (before leaving your post check in with your department head to advise him to find a temporary replacement

Safety Inspection and maintenance programs will be done everyday before our park is opened and continuously through out the day Slippery Samoa is a responsible, professional industry, subject to a thorough set of internal safety checks and independent examinations. Safety instructions to show a guest the right way to do something Safety to warn visitors Caution signs on anything that can harm a customerAt every slide and or pool we will have plenty of safety vest for people who cant swim on their own As a company we will also offer swimming lessons

LifeguardLifeguard training Safety is our number 1 goal If youre looking to be a lifeguard you will need to be certified with the state We offer classes to become a lifeguard it is a two week program that will cost 50$ Instructional areas cover water safety, CPR, first aid, and crowd control, the use of automated external defibulators, backboards, and oxygen delivery. Consequently, water park lifeguards are well-trained in responding not only to water-related emergencies, but in spotting and reacting to life-threatening medical situations as well.

Lifeguard description Always on alert for danger or dangerous activity 2 life guards at every water slide 6 life guards at every 8ft poolThe rest will be posted in-between activities to help any customers Required to buy own uniformJobs Involving Money Cashier Must complete training in any or all of the following areas: answering phones, utilizing a cash register, & up-selling May be hired into any area of the revenue department: Front Office, Retail, Rentals, or Food & Beverage androtated throughout each segment. Must adhere to cash-handling procedures; demonstrating integrity and accountability Must be able to stand for periods of time 4 hoursRevenue Associates May be hired into any area of the revenue department. Must complete training in any or all of the following areas: Front Gate (AP Processing, turnstile), Retail(re-stocking, running the floor), Food & Beverage (running the counter, food prep) Must be able to stand for periods of time 4 hour maintenance jobs Has to be willing to stand for long amounts of time Needs to have a keen eye to look out for any damagesMust report all damages to head of department They need to be willing to work harder than any other employee on a day-to-day basis

Water quality The water quality is always checked on a daily basis Facilities work with outside consultants and government agencies to meet the highest public health standardsThere are protocols involving water parks, manufacturers, and government agencies that result in the reporting of possible or actual problems regarding guest safety. We check illness that can travel through water We check the temperature of the water make sure its at customer satisfaction Procedures for Maintaining Slides will be cleaned with a water pressure machine every three weeks All pool water will be drained out every two-weeksAt the end of every week we will go through and clean all of the walk ways and our floors of all buildings All equipment will be cleaned after every day Restrooms will be cleaned every day All family areas will be cleaned every dayRepairing For any repairing issues we will have a partnership with a company that is qualified to assist usBut we will also have to fill out a incident report and send out to the IIAPPA (Water Park Safety Overview)To inform them that we had an incident and have repaired itThe next step would be for them to send a inspector to see if our repair meets their satisfaction If a slide is repaired it cannot be used again until it is cleared by the Water Park Safety Overview

How our company flows David David handles everything with the Water Park safety overview. If we need anything repaired or inspected we go to David. He also helps overview background checks on employees and any complaints or concerns that come throw the parks Chris Chris works a lot with the hiring of employees he set up job interview and background checks. He also will deal with any training employees will need(all training is paid by company). Chris also works with Justin to help promote the business and job opportunities Justin Justin helps maintain the companies appearance he helps keep the company clean and he also overviews any repairs that will be needed. If a repair is needed he is to inform David and Mario this is because David will get a hold of the water park safety overview and Mario will need to pull out the money that is needed for the repair MarioMario works with all money anything that comes into the park and anything that leaves the park. He helps with all pay rolls and any specialties that the park has to offer. Of course anything Mario sends out rather it be pay rolls and our business related work it is all looked over by Chris and then sent to David to be signed sealed and sent

Prices and Specialties Prices Ages 5-18: $15 plus tax General Admission: $25.99 plus tax Senior Admission (ages 65+) & Handicap: $20 plus tax (available at the gate only) Children 2 years and under are FreeSlippery Samoan Gift Cards (found at any local Store) Can be used for anything that cost money inside the parkStarting the summer off right deal! Buy a ticket for $34.99 online to pay for you and a friend to come for the first month of summer with out waiting in lines to pay for the entrance feeThe Family Package The family package is $35 for you and your immediate family to get in without waiting in line at the entrance for any 7 days in the summer of your choosing

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