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Smart Goals

Smart GoalsLinda RossReading 125April 24, 2013Professor Yisrael

First Goal-To receive my associates in: Computer Information SystemsI will need two years of college experience in the field.

I am about to compete my first semester fulltimeI have been maintaining a passing grade in all four classes.

Second Goal-To enroll in the summer classes.I will take my required 6 hours for, fulltime summer classes.

I have picked my two classes.Beginning InternetEnglish 100

Third Goal-maintain my study's

I will stay in school, without skipping a semester.

To learn everything I can in my field.I love working with my mind and my hands. Computers give me the stimulation Im looking for.

I will stay in track!I keep all the nonsense out of my life. Im passed 50yrs young. I just dont have tolerance for distraction's.