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Smarter Balanced & Higher Education. Jacqueline E. KingRichard Pattenaude Director, Higher EducationChancellor Emeritus Smarter BalancedUniversity of Maine System. SHEEO Annual Meeting July 14, 2012. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Smarter Balanced & Higher EducationJacqueline E. KingRichard PattenaudeDirector, Higher EducationChancellor EmeritusSmarter BalancedUniversity of Maine SystemSHEEO Annual MeetingJuly 14, 2012Common Core Standards and Assessments: Essential Components of the Completion AgendaResearch has consistently shown that the single most powerful predictor of student success in college is the rigor of academic preparation.Common Core standards and assessments:Anchor K-12 experience in real-world expectations for success in college and careers.Remove the guesswork for teachers and schools.Allow schools, parents and students to track progress.Identify students who need additional assistance while still in high school.Reduce remediation and increase college successCommon Core Standards Implementation: Important Roles for Higher EducationA New Vision for Assessing ReadinessAdvantages to Higher EducationReaching the Goal: Expectations of Higher EducationHigher Educations Involvement MattersSmarter Balanced Assessment Consortium27 states (22 governing, 5 advisory states)K-12 & Higher Education Leads in each stateWashington state is fiscal agent

A Balanced Assessment SystemCommon Core State Standards specify K-12 expectations for college and career readinessAll students leave high school college and career ready Teachers and schools have information and tools they need to improve teaching and learning

Interim assessments Flexible, open, used for actionable feedbackSummative assessments Benchmarked to college and career readinessTeacher resources for formative assessment practicesto improve instruction9Summative Assessment: Two-pronged ApproachDeveloping business plan for post-2014 and seeking additional funding for ongoing support States actively involved in determining future of Smarter BalancedAddressing Higher Education ConcernsPARCC and Smarter Balanced working together to ensure that proficiency standards and data will be comparable and portable.ComparabilityRelevanceStabilityComputer adaptive technology and performance tasks.Common protocols for item development: accessibility, language/cultural sensitivity, accommodations, etc.QualityData to support tailored instruction for students not on track to college/career readiness.UtilityHigher education faculty involved in assessment design to ensure that the assessments are true to Common Core standards and higher education expectations.11/19/201211Find Out MoreSmarter Balanced can be found online at:

Some Possible Options for Integration of Smarter Balanced Assessment in Placement*The Consortium has not yet determined whether there will be a Conditionally Ready performance category.College and Career Readiness: Really the Same?