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  • SMB Capital 850 Third Avenue 16th Floor, New York, NY

    SMB Foundation Training Program The SMB Foundation is unique, in that it is a SKILL BASED training program. Daily lesson plans have been crafted using hundreds of written lectures, classroom lectures, trading videos, audio lectures, quizzes, simulated trading drills, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and daily execution drills to build a powerful trading foundation. The SMB Foundation teaches a craft - the craft of trading.

    What the SMB Foundation is not, is a simple knowledge based program that asks traders to memorize

    technical patterns, indicators, and trading plays found in countless books and programs online. The hard

    truth is that much of these technical patterns, indicators, and trading plays are worthless without the

    trading skills necessary to trade them effectively. Statistically, trading skills take years of experience and

    lost money to develop, but SMB Capital reduces this learning curve by creating a demanding curriculum

    focused on trading skills, followed by the development and execution of trading plays that work best for

    the trainee. There are no secret trading plays that always work. Being a consistently profitable trader is about the

    adjustments made using trading skills. During the SMB Foundation trainees are taught how to build

    trading plays that work best for them. Instead of trainees memorizing trading plays without

    understanding how and why they work, trainees are taught a proprietary method to build trading plays

    using the trading skills learned in the program. Trainees are mentored through this process, building

    simple trading plays that work best for new traders and eventually building more robust trading plays

    specific to the trainees trading personality. Armed with these skills, traders finishing the SMB

    Foundation are far more mentally and physically prepared to trade professionally, than any other

    program available to the public in the United States. For traders, the SMB Foundation truly epitomizes

    the old proverb: Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life

    time. A trainee does not have to have any prior trading experience before starting the SMB Foundation. SMB

    builds traders from the ground up. The training program is laid out over a 30-day calendar. Daily lesson

    plans have been crafted covering every minute of the trading day, from 8am to 6pm EST, including

    weekend and evening written lectures and videos. Traders may choose to work through the SMB

    Foundation 30-day schedule like a trader at SMB Capital or spread the program out over two months to

    accommodate any time conflicts (we regularly extend the program even further at no cost to the

    trainee). Below is a list of the major categories covered in the SMB Foundation. Each category may contain dozens of sub-topics made up of dozens of additional written lectures, trading videos, class room lectures, audio lectures, drills, and quizzes: The first four weeks will focus on skill development:

     Stock selection  One Good Trade  The 7 fundamentals  The Playbook

  • SMB Capital 850 Third Avenue 16th Floor, New York, NY

     Technical Analysis  Psychology  Risk management  Tape Reading

    The last two weeks will focus on the building and executing of trading plays with one-on-one mentoring:

     Trading Process  Trader Performance  Trade Execution  Trading Edge  Trading Strategies  Trade Setups

    SMB trains traders on an individual base remotely or in office. Trainees may start the SMB Foundation

    at a time that best suits their schedule. Being able to work through the program independently with a

    mentor gives trainees a more personalized experience without having to compete for attention.

    Mentors usually work with no more than two trainees at a time through the SMB Foundation training

    program, assuring a trainee focused guidance. At the end of the SMB Foundation, and one-on-one

    mentoring, trainees will receive a full evaluation on the skills they are doing well and what needs

    improved; along with a road map to make trading a career. Trainees will be graded on 21 key attributes

    found in consistently profitable traders at SMB and extended the opportunity to develop as a trader

    under the coaching of SMB Capital mentors.


    Day 1

    Introduction Read: SMB Capital Introduction, & Sign SMB Contract Watch: Standards in This Job by Bella (9 min) Read: Appropriate Behavior on Our Desk Read: Book Recommendations Read: A Point of Clarification: What we teach our traders Read: Pyramid of Success Watch: Pyramid of Success Video Watch: The Future of Prop Trading Watch: SMB Scanner Read: SMB Radar Watch: Quick Tutorial: Key Mapping for Alerts Read: Alerts Watch: Where to Set Your Alerts Watch: Find a level and set an alert Watch: How to Use SMB Real Time

  • SMB Capital 850 Third Avenue 16th Floor, New York, NY

    Day 2

    Module 1 ~ Stock Selection Watch: Intro video to Stock Selection Read: Stocks in Play Checklist Watch: Stocks in Play Watch: Stock Selection & Game Planning (My Daily Process) Read: Stocks in Play Examples Watch: Finding Stocks in Play with the SMB Scanner Read: Morning Ideas - Input trading ideas into spreadsheet Watch: Stocks You Should Be Trading Watch: Identifying Your Best Trade Setup Read: Stocks with Which You Struggle Watch: Stocks with Which You Struggle Read: How to Identify the Best Stocks to Trade in the Market Watch: Stock Selection Read: Choosing a Basket of Stocks Read: Choosing the Right Stock for You (Stock Zone) Read: A Great Long Position Read: Top 10 News Plays Watch: Stock Selection with Mike Bellafiore Watch: SMB Radar: In Play Rank

    Day 3

    Module 1 ~ Stock Selection Read: The Second Day Watch: The Second Day - BA Watch: This is our time Watch: Recognizing a strong stock Read: Stock Selection Read: Stock Selection 2 Read: Stock Selection and Game Planning Watch: Stocks in Play by Steven Spencer Read: Traders Ask: Should i Trade Stocks in Play? Read: Traders Ask: Stocks in Play of a Basket? Read: Trade Stocks That Are in Play! Read: Why Trade Stocks in Play? Read: The Advantage of In Play Stocks Watch: Stock Selection: Are you trading too many stocks? Watch: Trade Set up: The Opening Drive Play Read: Super Stocks in Play Lecture Watch: Super Stocks in Play Video Read: Finding Stocks Intraday for the Close Watch: Finding Stocks Intraday for the Close Video

  • SMB Capital 850 Third Avenue 16th Floor, New York, NY

    Read: Foreshadowing Watch: Foreshadowing Read: Determine a Stock’s Pattern Read: Trading Patterns Read: Trading Patterns on the Open Read: Using Your Trading Bias on the Open Read: Moving On Watch: Moving On Watch: The SMBU Proprietary Stock Selection Process Quiz: Module 1: Stock Selection Watch: The SMBU Proprietary Stock Selection Process

    Day 4

    Module 2 ~ One Good Trade Watch: One Good Trade by Mike B. Read: One Good Trade Watch: One Good Trade Read: The Best Excerpts from One Good Trade

    Fundamental #1 Preparation Read: Proper Preparation Watch: Proper Preparation Watch: AM Preparation Watch: A Trader's Day Read: A Trader's Day Read: The Benefits of Pre-Market Preparation Read: The Trading Day Doesn’t Start until 9:30 AM! Watch: Rehearse the Open Read: KERX Morning Preparation Read: The Big Picture Read: SMB Pre-Market Mental Preparation & Watch: SMB Pre-Market Mental Preparation Read: SMB Fundamental #1: Proper Preparation Read: Proper Preparation Read: Important questions before each trade Watch: Morning Preparation Example by Mike B. - December 4th 2014 Read: An anecdote from the prop desk: The unprepared trader Read: What is the best preparation to be a trader? Read: Proper Preparation Disguised As Luck– $WLT Watch: SMB Pre-Market Mental Preparation Quiz: Fundamentals: Proper Preparation Read: Weekend Preparation

  • SMB Capital 850 Third Avenue 16th Floor, New York, NY

    Day 5

    Module 2 ~ One Good Trade Fundamental #2 Hard Work Read: Hard Work Watch: Hard Work Watch: Hard work: An example Read: Hard work pays off Watch: What a professional trader looks like Watch: A Successful Trader Who Made a Late Career Change Read: Top Ten Things About Being Overworked Fundamental #3 Patience Read: Patience Watch: Patience Read: Patience Pays – $MCP Read: Adding a Dose of Patience to Your Trading Fundamental #4 Plan Read: Developing a Detailed Trading Plan in the AM Read: A Detailed Plan Before Every Trade Watch: A Detailed Plan Before Every Trade Read: Important Questions Before Each Trade Read: The Importance of a Well-Thought-Out Trade Plan Read: Executing Your Plan is Part of Being Successful Read: This is a Detailed Trading Plan Read: Losing Trades Are Good for Your Trading Plan? Read: IF I Develop a Trading Plan THEN My Results Will Improve: EXPE (10.26.12) Read: Your Daily Game Plan Read: Always Analyzing Your Positions Fundamental #5 Discipline Read: Discipline Watch: Discipline Read: When Your Stock Hits Your Exit Price (One Good Sale) Fundamental #6 Contribution/Communication Watch: C