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Smokeless Tobacco: The Next Generation Niki Sue Mueller www.throughwithchew. com

Smokeless Tobacco: The Next Generation

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Smokeless Tobacco: The Next Generation. Niki Sue Mueller www.throughwithchew.com. The Story Continues…. Big Tobacco Enters Smokeless Market. Harm Reduction Strategy. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Smokeless Tobacco: The Next Generation

  • Smokeless Tobacco: The Next GenerationNiki Sue Muellerwww.throughwithchew.com

  • The Story Continues

  • Big Tobacco Enters Smokeless Market

  • Harm Reduction StrategyHarm reduction is a term used by the tobacco industry referring to a strategy that encourages tobacco users who cannot or will not quit smoking to switch to an alternative nicotine-delivery product that is potentially less harmful than their regular product, (Robins R, ed. The Seduction of Harm Reduction: Proceedings from the September 2004 Summit. Sacramento, CA: Department of Health Services; 2005)

  • U.S. Smokeless Tobaccos Graduation StrategyUST document exhibited in the Marsee vs. UST lawsuit in 1986

  • A smokeless tobacco user since age 12, Sean refused to believe his mother's warnings that tobacco was hazardous, smoke or no smoke.

  • Graduation StrategyNew users of smokeless tobacco . . . are most likely to begin with products that are milder tasting, more flavored and/or easier to control in the mouth.After a period of time, there is a natural progression of product switching to brands that are more full-bodied, less flavored, have more concentrated tobacco taste than the entry brand.

  • Graduation PartyUST Sponsors College Parties

  • Industry QuotesMoist smokeless tobacco is the only growing segment of the tobacco industry from the UST websiteCherry Skoal is for somebody who likes the taste of candy, if you know what I am saying. Quoted in Wall Street Journal article on USTs marketing strategies by a former UST sales representative, Bob Deets

  • UST Capitalizing on Smoke Free Environments

  • Promoting Use of ST On Airplanes

  • As smokefree policies increasespit tobacco use may increase, too

  • Ad Found in Money Magazine

  • What can we do now?Wyoming Through With Chew Strategic Plan 2007/2008Wyoming Five Year Strategic Plan

  • Goal 1Prevent Initiation of Smokeless Tobacco Use Through Promotion of Tobacco Free Policies, Practices and Procedures

  • Wyoming Business Toolkit

  • Goal 2Promote Reduction in Smokeless Tobacco Use and Increased Enrollment in Wyoming Cessation Services Among Youth and Adults

  • Wyoming Quit Services

  • Goal 3Counter Pro-Tobacco Influences by Reducing Exposure to Tobacco Advertising and Product Placement and Increasing Awareness of Tobacco Sponsorship and Marketing Techniques

  • Project AWAREThis project allows community-based tobacco prevention and control programs to help states' Attorney General offices monitor whether U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. (USSTC) is complying with the terms of the Smokeless Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (STMSA).

  • Goal 4Identify And Reduce The Disparities Related to Smokeless Tobacco Use and its Effects Among Different Population Groups

  • Native American Ad for TWC Week

  • Goal 5Through With Chew Week

  • TWC Week Activity Toolkit

  • Wyoming Through With Chew TeamNiki Sue [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]