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  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


    The eu&harist in the monstran&e being &arried in a #ro&ession

  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


    4ow, to sum this u#, the *oman Catholi& !nstitution tea&hes that you must believe that the bread, or host, &onse&rated in the mass a&tually be&omes Jesus Christ and it is to be worshi##edas od 1lmighty. This is why, ba&k in 5667, a #riest &arrying the eu&harist 0the little Jesus&ookie2 &ould stand before a family of Christians in %&otland, tied to #osts with dried brush u# totheir waists. e'd hold that #ie&e of bread before them and ask if what he held in his hand was

    a&tually the body, blood and deity of Jesus Christ. When they said, "4o, it is only a symbol," the #riest's assistant #la&ed his flaming tor&h into the brush and set those (ible8believers on fire. 1sthe vi&tims s&reamed in agony, the #riest held u# his &ru&ifi) and said, "1ll this is for the greaterglory of od."

    !t holds firm, just as strong today, as it did in the time of the Middle 1ges, that anyone whoridi&ules it, or says that it only re#resents Christ, is damned. The 9ati&an !! Coun&il re8affirmedthis. +o#e John ::!!! said, "! do a&&e#t entirely all that has been de&ided and de&lared at theCoun&il of Trent."

    That Canon law is in effect today, beloved.

  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


    The Hand of RomeThis is a very diffi&ult book to write. Many of you will think it is unbelievable. ;et, ! believe we&an #rove our #osition histori&ally and s&ri#turally. +ay &lose attention to some of the ?. 4ow, that's just aboveour borders, beloved. ! mentioned earlier that mu&h of history has been &overed u#. $et's go ba&kand look at the bloody history of the 9ati&an. Then you'll have the fa&ts to de&ide for yourself

    whether or not she is the great whore. $et's go ba&k in history now and tou&h on what took #la&ein @ran&e at the %t. (artholomew massa&re and what ha##ened later in !reland. We will then lookat what took #la&e in ;ugoslavia during World War !!.

    An 1ugust ??, 56B?, the bloody %t. (artholomew massa&re began. This was to be one fatal blow to destroy the +rotestant movement in @ran&e. The king of @ran&e had &leverly arranged amarriage between his sister and 1dmiral Coligny, the &hief +rotestant leader. There was a greatfeast with mu&h &elebrating. 1fter four days of feasting the soldiers were given a signal. 1t

  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


    What you've just read is fully do&umented and histori&ally fa&tual. !t is found in @o)e's (ookof Martyrs. (eloved, ! want you to noti&e that both of these murderous assaults by the 9ati&anagainst the Christians in @ran&e and in !reland followed a similar #attern. (efore the atta&ks,there was a time of healing when the *oman Catholi&s be&ame friendly and warm, and in both&ases the Christians were so relieved that they let their guard down and assumed the 9ati&an had

    &hanged. This was their fatal mistake and it &ost them their lives. ! #ray to od you will notforget what you've just read.

    A 20th Century Inquisition;ou may say, "Well, that was a long time ago. !t's not like that anymore." (ut has the 9ati&an

    really &hanged $et's look at her a&tions during World War !!. Many of you have not read ourCrusaders book, THE GODFATHE ! , or the book, THE !EC ET H"!TO # OF THE$E!%"T! , and, therefore, you don't really know what ha##ened behind the s&enes during WorldWar !!. %o let me give you a brief #i&ture of the &onditions.

    The Jesuits had se&retly #re#ared World War !!, and itler's war ma&hine was built andfinan&ed by the 9ati&an to &on

  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


    immler tried to &o#y e)a&tly. immler's title as su#reme &hief of the %.%. was to be thee

  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


    "The 4a i +erse&ution of the Chur&hes" by J.%. Conway, +gs. ?6, ?D H 5D?.itler with *ei&h (isho# Muller and 1bbot %&ha&hleiter, surrounded by #arty bosses/ %e#tember 5= 7.

    1 A$+ !T$E* %1! -

    "! am #ersonally &onvin&ed of thegreat #ower and dee# signifi&an&e ofChristianity, and ! won't allow anyother religion to be #romoted. That iswhy ! have turned away from$udendorff and that is why ! reje&tthat book by *osenberg. !t waswritten by a +rotestant. !t is not a+arty book. !t was not written by himas a +arty man. The +rotestants &an beleft to argue with him ... 1s a Catholi&

    ! never feel &omfortable in theEvangeli&al Chur&h or its stru&tures.That is why ! will have greatdiffi&ulty if ! try to regulate affairs ofthe +rotestant &hur&hes. Theevangeli&al #eo#le or the +rotestantswill in any &ase reje&t me. (ut you&an be sure- ! will #rote&t the rights

  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


    and freedoms of the &hur&hes and notlet them be tou&hed, so that you needhave no fears about the future of theChur&h."

    itler was also ready to dis&uss withthe (isho# his views on the Jewish5

    The #o#e des#ised the *ussian Arthodo) members. They were &alled %erbians and they weremarked for death in ;ugoslavia. They were given one &hoi&e- to &onvert to Catholi&ism, or die.

    Why were they killed Why did the #o#e have su&h a vendetta against the *ussian Arthodo)1s we said in our Crusaders book, THE GODFATHE ! , the &ommunist #arty was &reated bythe 9ati&an to destroy one of her greatest enemies, the *ussian Arthodo) &hur&h. The&ommunists had double8&rossed the #o#e and refused to destroy the *ussian Arthodo) &hur&h
  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


    members and at last, +o#e +ius :!! had &reated a ma&hine to do what the &ommunists had failedto do 8 but&her every Arthodo) &hur&h member and their &lergy. $et's see how this wasa&&om#lished.

    %tane Iukavi&a, a @ran&is&an monk, also seen in theuniform of the Gstashi.

    The Catholi& #riests &hanged their robes for the uniforms of the dreaded Gsta&hi killersFF years ago. We are talking 5=7F. ! wasin high s&hool then.

    The whore of *evelation showed her fangs, tore her enemies to shreds and &leverly &overed u#her &rimes. 1ll this is do&umented in many books, in&luding CATHO&"C TE O TODA# ,

    by 1vro Manhattan, the book the following

  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


    1nte +aveli&, the head of the Gstashi %tate of Croatia, surrounded with Croatian Catholi& &lergy in 1#ril, 5=7?. e was to;ugoslavia, what itler was to ermany .

    The bisho#s and ar&hbisho#s of Croatia gave full su##ort to the Gstashi. ere, the Croatian bisho#s and ar&hbisho#s are seen #i&tured with 1nte +aveli& during one of their fre

  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


    4uns mar&hing together with Croatian 4a i8legionnaires 0Gstashi 2.

    +aveli& among Croatian nuns. They were de&orated 0see de&oration on &hest2 by +aveli& for their "heroi&" Gstashi deeds.

  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


    1n Gstashi, with a sadisti& smile on his fa&e, &ho##ing off a man's head with an a).

  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


    This #hotogra#h of Gstashi taken in (osnia in 5=7 before they e)e&uted their vi&tim .

    "Mass murders were su##lemented by the massa&re of individuals, mostly in rural distri&ts.The Gsta&hi very often used the most #rimitive wea#ons, su&h as forks, s#ades, hammers andsaws, to torture their vi&tims #rior to their e)e&ution. They broke their legs, #ulled off their skinand beards, blinded them by &utting their eyes with knives and even tearing them from their

    so&kets." This information is do&umented by #i&tures and by the sworn testimony of survivors.

    "They did not s#are women or &hildren. To

  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


    1 #riest named !van *agu , re#eatedly urged the killing of all %erbs, in&luding &hildren so that "not even the seeds of the beasts areleft."

    1 Catholi& #riest named Juri& said, "Today it is no longer a sin to kill a &hild of seven, shouldsu&h a &hild be o##osed to our movement of the Gsta&hi.'"

    "The worst atro&ities, strange as it may seem, were &arried out by members of theintelligentsia. The &ase of +eter (r i&a is undoubtedly one of the most in&redible in this &ategory.+eter (r i&a had attended the @ran&is&an College at %iroki, (rijeg, in er egovina, was a lawstudent, and a member of the Catholi& organi ation of Crusaders. !n the &on&entration &am# atJasenova&, on the night of 1ugust ?=,5=7?, orders were issued for e)e&utions. (ets were made asto who &ould li

  • 8/13/2019 Smokescreens: Real truths


    The @ran&is&an monk, Miroslav @il

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