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<p>HOME</p> <p>HOME</p> <p>ABOUT CONTACT ADVERTISE WITH US LOOK BOOK JOBS@M&amp;B ARCHIVE CLASSIFIEDS LETTERS TO IMBB SUBSCRIBE</p> <p>2 Minute Bronze Smokey Eye Tutorialby R ATI on NOVEMBER 29, 2012 27 CO MMEN TS</p> <p>2 Minute Bronze Smokey Eye Tutorial</p> <p>I thought Id show you very quick go to bronze smokey eye. Here you go! 1. Prime you eyes. 2. Apply a wash of soft brown eyeshadow all over the lid. 3. Trace your upper lash line with black eye kohl. Get as close to the lashes as you can. 4. Blend the kohl with a fluffy brush. 5. pat bronze eyeshadow all over the lid.</p> <p>6. soften the edges with a fluffy brush. Get the color above the crease. Dont pick more, just diffuse the edges of whatever you have applied. 7. apply the same bronze eyeshadow on the lower lash line. Stop at 2/3rd. 8. apply shimmery highlighter on your brow bone and inner corner of the eye. 9. line your waterline and upper lash line with a black kohl.This would create the smokey effect.</p> <p>10. Smudge the black kohl on the lower lash line. 11. also smudge it on upper lash line. 12. Curl lashes and apply mascara you are done!! It may look like a lot of steps but once you get a hang of it, it gets done within 2 minutes.</p> <p>Products Used:</p> <p>Products used : MAC eyeshadows in bronze, soft brown and ricepaper, mac smoker kohl. maybelline colossal mascara. 9 Diwali Eye Makeup Looks &amp; Tutorials Dark Blue Smokey Eye Makeup Shimmery Grey Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial Silver Plum Eye Makeup Tutorial Lakme Eye Quartet Botanica Green Eye Makeup Tutorial Easy Office Eye MakeUp Tutorial Silver Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial Eye makeup tutorial using MAC Siahi Fluidline Golden Black Eye Makeup Tutorial Easy 3-minute Neutral Eye Makeup Tutorial Eye Makeup: Soft Smokey Eyes- Makeup Tutorial Blue Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial Diwali Gold Green Eye Makeup Tutorial</p> <p>{ 27 comments read them below or add one }</p> <p>sugisoni November 29, 2012 at 3:39 pmbookmarked for the time of emergencies. loved it rati</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>jomol November 29, 2012 at 3:46 pmYou know what I absolutely lob love lob about your eye makeup tutorials. I can see the shadows shade and texture in its full glory. Everything is so awesomely real</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Shami November 29, 2012 at 4:26 pm100% i agree jomol, One more thing is Rati uses less number of shadows to create a wondeful look, i have seen ppl using 5 to 6 shadows which i soo confusing for beginners and all..</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Abinaya November 29, 2012 at 3:48 pmWow awesome tutorial! Love bronze eyeshadow curler?R EPLY</p> <p>BTW Rati, can you tell me a very good eyelash</p> <p>neha November 29, 2012 at 3:50 pmomg i am so happy you doing posts for us sachi they are the best!</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>priyanka s November 29, 2012 at 3:50 pmsuperb are goddess of makeupandbeauty</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Shilpa Shri November 29, 2012 at 3:51 pmYou take 2 mins and I need at least 15 to make this much tutee coz it made my learning easier Thanks! But loved your</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Archana November 29, 2012 at 4:06 pmlolllllllllllllllllll same case with me tooo</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Parita November 29, 2012 at 3:53 pmsuper easy n pretty</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>monika November 29, 2012 at 4:07 pmlove ur tutes</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Shruti November 29, 2012 at 4:08 pmI love these tutorial posts. Like right now, when I was reading it, the girl sitting next to me also came and read it and liked it too! (BTW IMBB is always open in one of the tabs in browser when I am in office )</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Shilpa Shri November 29, 2012 at 4:14 pmSame Pinch Sruti I even refresh my tab in every 5 mins</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>madhu November 29, 2012 at 4:53 pmSame pinch shipa ans shruti</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Shruti November 29, 2012 at 4:56 pmlol me too! I am so addicted! I swear I dont think I was this addicted to FB even! IMBB rocks!I want it to go on for ages and ages..SO MUCH FUN!R EPLY</p> <p>Aru November 29, 2012 at 5:29 pmme toooooooooooo..IMBB is always one of the sites that is open..addictive beyond belief..even when i am wiaitng for someone sometimes..its on my fone too.. Rati loved this tutorial. it is a lot of practice but with fewer products its that much tougher to mess up</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Div November 29, 2012 at 6:57 pmme too addicted to IMBB come to office this is first page which I open as soon as I</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Varsha November 29, 2012 at 4:10 pmLovely</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Shikha November 29, 2012 at 4:13 pmthis look g8 !!!</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Shami November 29, 2012 at 4:28 pmRati, you explain so well, and the looks which you create are always wearable!!</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>TA November 29, 2012 at 4:45 pmBrilliant babes!!</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Dr. Shraddha November 29, 2012 at 4:47 pmHey Rati, I am a daily reader of makeup and beauty blogs. Just love reading them Can you please help me with a shade that I can use in the inner corners of my eyes to brighten themI am NC43.. with a medium complexionThank you so much!</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Kinjal November 29, 2012 at 4:54 pmamazing rati .. really loved it the way u did the eye makeup ..</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Dr. Shraddha November 29, 2012 at 5:14 pmHi Rati..This looks awesome!!! Can you suggest a good eyeshadow for the inner corners brightens up the eye. Also, can you help me with location in Mumbai, where NARS and UD products are available.</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Div November 29, 2012 at 7:01 pmwow!!! awesome tutorial!!! u have beautiful n attractive eyes.. I m loving it BTW I copied the image n saved in local for future useR EPLY</p> <p>Nandita November 29, 2012 at 7:07 pmSuper liked this Rati</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>Abeer Mubarak November 30, 2012 at 1:33 amI have to open thesaurus now rati To search new words,to describe ur gorgeous beautiful eyes.hehehe</p> <p>R EPLY</p> <p>neetu aadya lohani November 30, 2012 at 7:42 amwhooooaaaaaaa.. its great for beginners like me!! Ur tutes are so easy &amp; gorgeous at the same time, i wonder if ever i wud do all these things without any mess or mistakes.. Totally loved that u did it especially for us..R EPLY</p> <p>Leave a Comment</p> <p>sangita</p> <p>Name * E-mail * Website</p> <p>sarmasangit</p> <p>Submit</p> <p>PREVIOUS POST: NEXT POST:</p> <p>Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush Set Review</p> <p>Lakme Enrich Lipcolor Classic # 353 Strawberry Splash</p> <p>Receive IMBB updates in your email:Submit</p> <p>LIKE US</p> <p>ON</p> <p>FACEBOOK</p> <p>IMBB CLASSIFIEDS</p> <p>RECENT POSTS</p> <p>o o o o o o o o o o </p> <p>Essence Lip Liner #11 In The Nude-Review,Swatch,LOTD Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Color Watermelon Review Korres Sunflower and Evening Primrose Eyeshadow in Ivory Review Biotique Bio Lip Color Lipstick Winter Cherry Review Lush Happy Hippy Hair and Body Gel Review Outfit of the day : Low High Dress Kryolan Professional Lipstick-Classic 213 Bare Essentials Cleansing and Refreshing Wipes Review Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner-Review No Marks Neem Face Wash Review</p> <p>CATEGORIES</p> <p>SEARCH INDIAN MAKEUP BLOGSearch</p> <p> o o</p> <p>RECENT COMMENTSDeepa on The Classic Bengali Almond Eyes Tutorial Surabhi @ Womanatics on Korres Sunflower and Evening Primrose Eyeshadow in Ivory Review</p> <p>o</p> <p>Surabhi @ Womanatics on Korres Sunflower and Evening Primrose Eyeshadow in Ivory Review</p> <p>o o</p> <p>shilpi on Essence Lip Liner #11 In The Nude-Review,Swatch,LOTD Surabhi @ Womanatics on Korres Sunflower and Evening Primrose Eyeshadow in Ivory Review</p> <p>o o o o</p> <p>shilpi on Essence Lip Liner #11 In The Nude-Review,Swatch,LOTD shilpi on Essence Lip Liner #11 In The Nude-Review,Swatch,LOTD shilpi on Essence Lip Liner #11 In The Nude-Review,Swatch,LOTD Surabhi @ Womanatics on Korres Sunflower and Evening Primrose Eyeshadow in Ivory Review</p> <p>o </p> <p>aparajita on Korres Sunflower and Evening Primrose Eyeshadow in Ivory Review</p> <p> o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o </p> <p>FILIPINA MAKEUP BLOGHow to Clean a Makeup Sponge Orly Rage Nail Lacquer Review Nichido Powder Blush Peach Glow, Cool Rum, &amp; Passionate Red Review Bench Clearpore Charcoal Cleansing Strip Review Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Just Enough Buff Review</p> <p>FAUX PAS| INDIAN FASHION BLOGRamBagh Palace, Jaipur Chokhi Dhani, Jaipur Argo Weekend Goulash The Glass House by the Ganges, Neemrana Rishikesh</p> <p>MISS FIT: INDIAN FITNESS BLOGIncorrect Posture causes Back Pain Workout for People with Low Immunity: Ask MissFit Do you Sit for Long Hours? 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It is messy, simple, smudged , takes no time, and great for both day or evening time.</p> <p>Start by priming your eye lids.</p> <p>Take a dark brown eyeshadow using MAC 217 brush and apply it all over the lid. Go, past the crease.</p> <p>Now take a black eye kohl pencil and rim it on your upper lash line, lower lash liner and water line. you dont have to be perfect in lining.</p> <p>Take a clean pointy brush such as 219 and smudge the eye kohl .</p> <p>you can smudge with a flat brush as well.</p> <p>Now make a small v right on the corner of yoru eye lid with the black kohl.</p> <p>Smudge and blend the outer V by moving your brush inwards until there are no harsh lines to be seen and it looks all blended.</p> <p>Now take a dark chocolate brown eyeshadow and apply right on top of the black eye kohl. this will not only set your kohl and prevent it from moving but would also create that duo chrome eyeshadow look.</p> <p>Apply some compact powder on the brow bone.</p> <p>Curl lashes and apply mascara</p> <p>you can apply light gold eye shadow or matte peach eyeshadow just on the inner corner of your eye so that your eyes dont look too closed.And you are done!</p> <p>Black Smokey Eye Tutorialby R ATI on OCTOBER 17, 2010 207 C OMMENTS</p> <p>This is a Classic Black Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial There is just one color used for this smokey lookblack.</p> <p>Smokey Eye</p> <p>Start with priming your eye lid. Apply primer all the way up till the brow.</p> <p>MAC Painterly paint pot all over the lid</p> <p>Apply primer on lower lash line. Give a wash of loose powder all over the lid. This will help blend shadows.</p> <p>The Body SHop Loose Powder on lid</p> <p>Now take a black gel eye liner on a concealer brush. You can also use a kajal . I find gel liner easy to work with. Trace the eye liner all around your lid. Draw and outer V and the move inward.. All the way toward the inside of the eye lid.</p> <p>Trace gel liner on the lid</p> <p>Start filling in your eye lid area. Move the brush outward and downward. This will prevent streaks.</p> <p>Fill in gel liner</p> <p>Get your eye liner closest to the eye lashes.</p> <p>Fill in gel liner</p> <p>With the same brush, start softening the eye liner edges. Start from the center </p> <p>Smudge to the top lines</p> <p>then move inward and outward. Your smokey eye has started to build up. This is how it should look. A little smokey toward the top.</p> <p>Gel liner smudged</p> <p>Now pick up black e/s. Start pressing the black e/s all over the lid.</p> <p>Pat the black eyeshadow on lids</p> <p>Time to create smokey effect. Pick up black e/s just on the tip of blending brush. While blending, place your brush right below the arch of your eye brow. Then move left and right from that point.</p> <p>Brush Placement</p> <p>Little by little start moving your brush in small circles. You dont want to on increase the intensity of black , you</p> <p>just want to create the smokey look. So dont pick up too much colour .</p> <p>Smoke Out</p> <p>Go inward and outward.</p> <p>Now pick up a highlight colour. Place the highlight shadow just below your brow arch. Go all the way in ..</p> <p>highlighter in</p> <p>and out of your brow bone area.</p> <p>highlighter out</p> <p>Blend in the highlighter in the smokey black effect you just created to soften the sharp edges and blend the eye shadows together.</p> <p>Merge in black</p> <p>Pick up black eye shadow on a pencil brush. Place it right on the outer corner of lower lash line. Move inward and stop after lining two third of eye. You can go all the way in to create gothic black smokey eye. I prefer it this way. Apply kajal or black eye liner on waterline.</p> <p>kajal on waterline</p> <p>Smudge it with ring finger. Curl eye lashes and apply mascara. Now pick up highlight colour with a pointy brush. Apply it on the inner corner of eye. There you have simple black smokey eye.</p> <p>Smokey Eye HOME ABOUT CONTACT ADVERTISE WITH US LOOK BOOK JOBS@M&amp;B ARCHIVE CLASSIFIEDS LETTERS TO IMBB SUBSCRIBE</p> <p>Purple Black Smokey Eye Tutorialby D EEPTI MA on OCTOBER 28, 2010 150 CO MMEN TS</p> <p>Hello Sweta, As you mentioned that you have oily skin and have brown eyes I created a purple smokey eye look for you to wear on your cousins engagement As mentioned youll be wearing a Mustard colored dress so to add a little oomph I would suggest you to wear purple or plum eye shadow as it will complement your mustard dress. Your eyes are really pretty and big, and I even noticed the way to</p> <p>apply liner/kajal, so if I was at your place I would have done the following look. Please give a frank feedback, il not mind if you are not comfortable wearing this</p> <p>Lets begin 1. Main step is to prime your lids as it will give you a even canvas to start of</p> <p>I am using Oriflame Dual skin corrector concealer you have oily lids so try using something oil free and that doesnt crease so that you can enjoy the fuction without worrying about your eyeshadow creasing. 2. Now roughly apply a black liner on you lids, near to your lashline as shown in the pic. Quickly blend the liner before it dries up as you dont want to be harsh on your lids.</p> <p>I used Avon Kohl liner in Black.</p> <p>3. Apply a black eyeshadow on the lower part of your lids, doing so will give a smokey effect to the look. I used Incolor black eyeshadow</p> <p>4. Now apply a plum shade on your entire lid, do not proceed above the crease.</p> <p>I used Star Plum eyeshadow by Oriflame 5. Now taking pink eyeshadow on your brush start blending the plum and pink together.</p> <p>I used a cheap Matte eyeshadow (cnt remember its name) 6. Now use your compact powder and apply it under your brow to soften the pink</p> <p>I used Vision Silky pressed powder light shade 7. Highlight your brow bone concentrating more on the Arch of the brow.</p> <p>8. Now line your upper and lower lashes like u usually do, curl lashes and add Mascara</p> <p>For waterline I used VLCC kohl liner 9. Blend the outer corner where your upper and lower liner meet, the encircled area in the pic..</p> <p>You can see the difference !!!</p> <p>Products Used:</p> <p>Use a light pink blush with highlight on apple of your cheeks and a soft plumish or pinkish lippie !! Hope u like it !!</p> <p>More Smokey Eyes:Brown Black Smokey Eye Makeup Black Smokey Eye Tutorial Eye Makeup...</p>