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<ul><li><p>Class VI </p><p>ANNUAL EXAMINATION (2017 2018) </p><p> S.NO SUBJECT TOPICS COVERED </p><p>1 English English Literature: Fiction: </p><p>1.Down the rabbit hole by Lewis Carroll </p><p>2. The starting point by Milkha Singh </p><p>3.Wild Duck by Romesh Gunesekera </p><p>4.Brown Wolf by Jack London </p><p>5.The Village School </p><p>6.Resting Hill by Griffin Ondaatje </p><p>7.Brighter Still by Graeme MacQueen </p><p>8.Saving the Tiger by Shekar Dattatri </p><p>Poems: </p><p>The Lotus by Toru Dutt </p><p>Her head by Joan Murray </p><p>The Fog by W.H .Davies </p><p>Cows on the Beach by Mathew Sweeney.(Memory) </p><p>English Language: </p><p>Writing Skills: </p><p>Formal and Informal Letter writing </p><p>Notice making / News Report </p><p>Grammar: Integrated Grammar </p><p>2 Math Portions </p><p>1) Operations on whole numbers 2) More about numbers 3) Understanding elementary shapes 4) Integers Add &amp; sub 5) Fractions 6) Decimal fraction 7) Data handling 8) Perimeter and area 9) Algebraic expression 10) Ratio , Proportion and unitary method 11) Constructions 12) Multiplication &amp; Division of Decimals </p><p>3 Social Science History: Chapter 2. The Pre historic Age </p><p>Chapter 7. The Vedic people </p><p>Chapter 8. New Ideas in the 6th</p><p> century BCE </p><p>Chapter 9. The Iron Age Civilization Greece and Rome </p><p>Chapter 10. The Rise of Magadh </p><p>Chapter 11..India from 200 BCE to 300 CE </p><p>Chapter 12. The Gupta Period </p><p>Chapter 13. India between 500 and 800 CE. </p></li><li><p>Civics: </p><p>Chapter 16. Local Self Government - Giving Power to the </p><p>People </p><p>Chapter 17. Being a Good Citizen. </p><p>Geography: </p><p>Exploring Africa Full Text Book Lessons 1 to 11. </p><p>4 Science Physics: 1) Measurement 2) Force 3) Pressure 4) Work and </p><p>Energy 5) Simple Machines 6) Magnetism </p><p>Chemistry: 1) Fundamentals of Chemistry 2) Water 3) Air </p><p>4) The Nature of Matter 5) Elements, Compounds and </p><p>Mixtures 6) Separation of Mixtures 7) Changes in the World </p><p>around Us </p><p>Biology: 1) Characteristics of Living Things 2) Classification </p><p>of Animals 3) Classification of Plants 4) Structure and </p><p>Functions of the Parts of a Plant 5) Our Environment. </p><p>5 Second Language </p><p>Tamil 1 9 , , , </p><p>6 Second Language </p><p>Hindi </p><p>Chapter1,6,9,10,14,16,17 </p><p>Grammar- Full portions. </p><p>Shabdh Bandar, paragraph writing, letter writing, dialogue </p><p>writing, story writing, advertisement, picture description. </p><p>7 Second Language </p><p>French </p><p>Leon 0 Un coup d il sur la France. </p><p>Leon 3 Mon pays : La France </p><p>Leon 5 C est Nol </p><p>Leon 6 Allons lcole. </p><p>Leon 7 Dans un grand magasin. </p><p>Leon 8 Les repas. </p><p>Leon 9 Ma maison </p><p>Leon 10 Une lettres de Rouen </p><p>GRAMMAIRE - Toutes les leons de 0 10. </p><p> ( Full portions ) </p><p>8 Third Language </p><p>Tamil , , , , , , , , . </p><p>9 Third Language </p><p>Hindi </p><p>Chapter--7,12,15,16,17 </p><p>10 Third Language </p><p>French </p><p>Leon - 5 Un nouveau professeur. </p><p>Grammaire- </p><p> Les adjectifs , </p><p> L heure , </p><p> les adjectifs possessifs , </p><p> Les verbes ER , IR , RE </p><p> Les expressions avec TRE </p></li></ul>


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