snow leopard rescue !!!! 

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snow leopard rescue !!!! . By brianna layne Period 7. THE MOUNTAINS OF CENTRAL ASIA. You are climbing the mountains of Central Asia. There is a baby snow leopard at the top of mountain and it looks injured. You love snow leopards and you feel really bad. What do you do?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of snow leopard rescue !!!! 

Quest to save the snow leopard

correctThats correct! If you go behind the mountain then you wont be facing the wind. You go behind the mountain and finally you get to the top of the mountain. The snow leopard starts growling at you while youre trying to pick it up. What should you do?

Give it some water or food so he/she calms downSing it a song maybe that will make it happyWrong!Youll most likely get hurt facing the storm.Try againincorrectThats incorrect! If you go to the side then you will still be facing the storm.Try again