So you want to be a (book) herald? Part I - Introduction

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So you want to be a (book) herald? Part I - Introduction. Presented by Yehuda ben Moshe, Elmet Herald. Introduction. What do SCA Heralds do? Book Heraldry Names Armory Voice Heraldry Court Tournament Silent Other Order of Precedence Regalia. Introduction. Class parts Introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Introduction to Heraldry</p> <p>So you want to be a (book) herald?Part I - IntroductionPresented byYehuda ben Moshe, Elmet Herald</p> <p>1IntroductionWhat do SCA Heralds do?Book HeraldryNamesArmoryVoice HeraldryCourtTournamentSilentOtherOrder of PrecedenceRegalia</p> <p>IntroductionClass partsIntroductionArmoryNamesThe parts need not be taken in orderThe parts are not prerequisites of one another</p> <p>Becoming a HeraldMany kingdoms warrant heraldsUsually connected to handling moneyNot required in the EastPeriodic reportsKingdom-dependentGroup Herald vs. Herald-at-LargeOSCAR accessMust be authorized by Kingdom Principal Herald</p> <p>WebsitesSCA College of Arms of Acceptance and Return archiveContact information</p> <p>WebsitesKingdom College of Heralds websitesKingdom submission websitesForms and instructions for submitting names and armoryEach kingdom has one: - East - thelmearc - Middle</p> <p>WebsitesAcademy of Saint Gabriel an official SCA websiteMedieval Name Archive articles on medieval namesMedieval Heraldry Archive articles on medieval armory and links to period armorialsAcademy Reports answers to specific questionsNot accepting new questions at this time</p> <p>Mailing Lists - SCA-HRLDS mailing listKingdom ListsMany are listed at East Kingdom heraldry mailing list, send blank email to subscribeMailing ListsEducation ListsSociety: Kingdom: East Kingdom heraldry education mailing list, send blank email to subscribeFacebook group: SCA Heraldry ChatGoogle+ community: SCA HeraldryRulesSENAStandards for Evaluation of Names and ArmoryFound at: rules for all submissionsBroken into 4 main sections:General PrinciplesPersonal NamesNon-Personal NamesArmoryIncludes 13 appendices</p> <p>RulesGP.1.A: "Laurel shall define standards suitable to the type of item to be registered, and apply them uniformly to all such submissions. These standards shall be designed to support the historical re-creations of the Society and to provide sufficient difference from names and armory registered within the Society to avoid undue confusion, to avoid the appearance of unearned honors or false claims, and to provide sufficient difference from historical or fictional personages to prevent offense due to obvious usurpation of identity or armory. Members are encouraged to develop unique, historically valid names and armory."RulesGP.1.B.1: Submissions should be reasonably periodPeriod elementsPeriod combinations of the elementsCore style defines most common elements and combinationsIndividually attested patterns allow submissions outside core style</p> <p>RulesGP.1.B.2: Submissions should be free of conflict, presumption, or offenseConflict prohibits submissions that are too close to another SCA registrationPermission can be given to resolve a conflictPresumption prohibits submissions that are too close to an important non-SCA person, or which claim special powers or positionPermission cannot resolve a presumption problemOffense prohibits submissions that are offensive to the populace or general public.</p> <p>RulesGP.3.A: Definition of Period - TimeGenerally before 1600The period 1600-1650 is known as the grey periodElements will usually be allowedMust be from cultures known to Medieval and Renaissance EuropeClassical Greek and Roman elements are acceptableElements from Pharaonic Egypt are not acceptableRulesGP.3.B: Definition of Period PlaceAny part of Europe is always allowedNamesNames from other cultures that had contact with period Europe are allowed for people and householdsNot allowed for SCA BranchesArmoryNon-European heraldic elements and patterns are allowedRules are stricter than for EuropeanRulesGP.4 DefinitionsAttestedPrecedentDocumentationStep from Period PracticeWeirdnessNo longer used for namesRulesAdministrative Handbook (AH) submission proceduresIncludes non-submission actionsReconsiderationsAppealsHeraldic WillsDuties of senior HeraldsAppendicesRulesAdministrative Handbook (AH)AppendicesAppendix D standard form lettersPermission to conflictHeraldic willTransfersPetitionsReleasesAppendix F Name sources to avoidAppendix H Sources that dont require photocopies</p> <p>RulesGlossary of Terms (GT) many termsIncludes several tables: RegaliaReserved and Restricted chargesStandard tinctures and posturesLists oft-misused termsSubmission ProcessConsultationThe process of a herald helping a client choose and document a name or device submissionNot required in all kingdomsIn some kingdoms, the consulting herald takes the forms and payment and forwards them to the Kingdom Submissions HeraldIn other kingdoms (East) the client mails forms and payment themselves</p> <p>Submission ProcessInternal Letter of Intent (iLoI)In some Kingdoms called Letter of Presentation (LoP)Collects a number of submissions for in-kingdom commentaryIssued by a senior kingdom herald (Eastern Crown Herald in the East)</p> <p>Submission ProcessInternal CommentaryA period during which heralds from within the Kingdom can comment on submissionsExcellent learning opportunity Newer heralds are highly encouraged to comment and ask questionsDuration varies usually one month in the EastNames and device emblazons can be updated if a problem is found</p> <p>Submission ProcessKingdom Letter of DecisionA senior kingdom herald (Eastern Crown Herald in the East) makes decisions as to which submissions have significant problemsThose without problems are forwarded to LaurelThose with problems are returned for further work</p> <p>Submission ProcessExternal Letter of Intent (xLoI)Similar to the iLoI, this letter will include those submissions forwarded by Kingdom to LaurelIssued by a senior kingdom herald (Blue Tyger Herald in the East)</p> <p>Submission ProcessExternal CommentaryA period during which heralds from the entire SCA can comment on submissionsGenerally commentary is done by more senior heralds - new heralds are encouraged to read commentary, but probably should not comment unless they have special knowledgeDuration is two monthsNames can be changed, but device emblazons cannot</p> <p>Submission ProcessDecision MeetingsBased on external commentary, Society-level senior heralds make final decisions as to the registration of each submissionPelican Queen-of-Arms rules on namesWreath Queen-of-Arms rules on armoryGenerally done at a meeting where other senior heralds participate </p> <p>Submission ProcessProofreadingOnce the decisions are made and written up, they go out for two rounds of proofreadingGenerally takes about one monthProofreaders are sworn to secrecy please dont ask them for previews</p> <p>Submission ProcessLetter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR)Official publication of the registration decisionSent out once per month by email and posted at</p> <p>Submission ProcessLetter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR)Organized into AcceptancesReturnsPends (delays) usually to allow more commentaryFurther organized by kingdom of submissionCover LetterOrganizational infoImportant rulings and other information</p> <p>Submission ProcessLetter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR)</p> <p>OSCAROnline System for Commentary and Response LoIs and commentary are handled through OSCAR.Main part contains xLoIs and Laurel-level commentaryKingdom Gardens contain iLoIs and Kingdom-level commentary</p> <p>OSCARPublic accessFreely open to anyone, not just heraldsAllows viewing of all xLoIs and some iLoIsGenerally does not allow viewing of commentaryUseful for checking on submission status</p> <p>OSCARCreating an accountStep 1: Simply click on Create Account and fill out the formStep 2: Contact your kingdoms principal herald to have your account activated for commentingMay require warranting in some kingdoms</p> <p>OSCARMain Page</p> <p>OSCARNavigation</p> <p>SENA shortcut to SENA</p> <p>AH shortcut to the Administrative Handbook</p> <p>Track table of all recent xLoIs</p> <p>Sub Status useful for tracking a submission</p> <p>Kingdom link to the Kingdom Gardens</p> <p>OSCARKingdom Gardens</p> <p>Kingdom iLoIsLinks to other KingdomsKingdom-specific posts</p> <p>OSCARLoI</p> <p>OSCARLoI - Header</p> <p>Notification togglesBlazonB&amp;W, color, and color-corrected emblazonDocumentation</p> <p>OSCARLoI Commenting</p> <p>Threaded commenting</p> <p>OSCARPrivilegesSet by Kingdom Principal HeraldsMay includeViewing and commenting on your Kingdoms iLoIsViewing and commenting on other Kingdoms iLoIsViewing and commenting on Laurel-level xLoIs</p> <p>PrecedentPrecedent is set on LoARsRulings on registrations can create precedentPrecedent can also be set on a LoAR Cover LetterItems registered without comment do not create precedentPrior registration is not a guarantee of future registration</p> <p>PrecedentNot precedent:</p> <p>Simply a note on a registration</p> <p>Artists note</p> <p>PrecedentNot precedent:</p> <p>Reason for return is unique to this submission</p> <p>Identifies a conflict</p> <p>PrecedentPrecedent:</p> <p>Ruling establishes (or reiterates) specific rules</p> <p>PrecedentStandard cite format:[Angela Fabbricci, A-Ealdormere, Feb 2013 LoAR][Brigit Larkin, R-Ealdormere, Feb 2013 LoAR][Cover Letter, Feb 2013 LoAR]</p> <p>PrecedentCollected Precedents by Laurel TenureArmor current through July 2008Names current through May 2005Compiled Name PrecedentsCurrent through May 2004Other ongoing or future projectsPrecedentSearching Precedents</p> <p>Organization of the CollegeSociety Level (Laurel level)Laurel Sovereign of ArmsChief heraldic officer of the SCAPelican Sovereign of ArmsHandles names submissionsWreath Sovereign of ArmsHandles armory submissionsSeveral other officers:</p> <p>Organization of the CollegeKingdom LevelKingdom Principal HeraldHead herald for KingdomBrigantia Principal Herald in the EastInternal and/or External Submissions HeraldsHandle name and armory submissionsOther staff heralds vary by KingdomLocal branch heraldsHeralds-at-large</p> <p>Organization of the CollegeHerald RanksPursuivantHeraldHerald ExtraordinaireSovereign-of-ArmsOtherMacerCornetPursuivant ExtraordinaireOrganization of the CollegeHerald RanksUsage varies by KingdomIn some Kingdoms, ranks are awarded to individuals as they advanceAtlantiaIn other Kingdoms, ranks are linked to specific officesEastOrganization of the CollegeHerald RanksSovereign-of-ArmsReserved for Laurel and two deputies Wreath and PelicanHerald ExtraordinaryAwarded by Laurel or Kingdom Principal HeraldReward for significant service to the College of ArmsAllows the registration and use of a Personal Heraldic Title</p> <p>Organization of the CollegeHeraldic TitlesTitles must be registered with the College of Arms as a Non-Personal NamePersonal titles are registered by the individualTitles associated with offices are registered by the branch</p> <p>Organization of the CollegeForms of AddressIt is appropriate to address a heraldic title holder by given name + titleExamples:Meistari Gabriel Kjotvason can be called Gabriel LaurelMaster Ryan McWhyte can be called Ryan BrigantiaI can be called Yehuda ElmetGenerally not combined with other honorifics</p> <p>Organization of the CollegeForms of AddressInformally, can address by title aloneOften used in commentary and herald-oriented emailExamplesLaurelBrigantiaElmet</p> <p>Final ThoughtsRegisterable vs. AuthenticA submission must be registerable, it need not be authenticWhile we can encourage clients to design authentic names and devices, we cannot, and should not force the decisionIf a client is set on a registerable but not very authentic submission, you should process it!</p> <p>Final ThoughtsCustomer ServiceFinal ThoughtsCustomer ServiceIt is our job to help our clientsWe are here to make registrations happen, not prevent them from happeningWhen consulting, help clients create registerable submissions they likeWhen commenting, look for reasons to allow registration, not prohibit itHeralds want a reputation for being helpful, not obstructionist!About meElmet Herald I am the East Kingdom heraldic education deputyelmet@eastkingdom.orgjgalak@gmail.comThis handout can be found at:</p>