Social enterprise and charity consulting

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Overview of our services for social enterprises and charities.

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  • 1. Social Enterprise & Charity Consulting
  • 2. There are 62,000 Social Enterprises in the UK.
  • 3. They contribute approximately 27bn to the UK economy and this number is increasing.
  • 4. Social Enterprises experience similar problems as other small and medium sized businesses
  • 5. The charitable sector in the UK is currently experiencing one of the most challenging times in the UK.
  • 6. Donations are decreasing.
  • 7. An increasing amount of Charities are adapting andbecoming more commercial.
  • 8. They are becoming Social Enterprises.
  • 9. The main challenges for Social Enterprisesand Charities: Managing cash flow to enable them to pay employees and suppliers.
  • 10. The main challenges for Social Enterprisesand Charities: Obtaining finance from banks and other institutions to maintain and/or grow business.
  • 11. The main challenges for Social Enterprisesand Charities: Identifying cost savings to offset decreasing revenues
  • 12. The main challenges for Social Enterprisesand Charities: Unable to find ways to grow business.
  • 13. The main challenges for Social Enterprisesand Charities: Ensuring they can deliver their mission / guarantee on a decreasing amount of revenue.
  • 14. What is the answer?
  • 15. rinobe provide small and medium sized social enterprises and charities with an affordable, value adding and flexible business consulting service that improvesprofitability, increases efficiency and helps businesses to grow.
  • 16. Modernizing OperationsThese goals areachieved byfocusing on our 3 Reinventing the WorkforceKey Concepts: Energizing Strategy
  • 17. Core Solution for Social Enterprises & Charities
  • 18. Financial Management We help social enterprises and charities control theirCash flow Management cash flow by reducing costsCost Reduction and improving cash collection processesManagement Accounting We ensure the managementBusiness Analysis team receive frequent, high quality financial data to help them make informed decisions.
  • 19. Market Planning & StrategyGetting your Marketing & Advertising Market Planningright is crucial for social enterprises andcharities, it can be the difference Marketing Performancebetween success or failure. ReportingWe help them: Branding Analyze core marketing activities. Customer Service Ensure branding of the is aligned to the corporate vision & target Customer Loyalty Strategy market Improve customer loyalty Improve customer service
  • 20. BUSINESS PLANNING & GROWTH Not having a Strategy and Performance Management system in place puts businesses at risk. We help our clients with: Corporate Strategy Business Planning/Budgets & Forecasts Growth Strategies Employee Performance Management Building of new reporting systems - Dashboards, Scorecards & KPIs
  • 21. PROCESS IMPROVEMENT & INNOVATIONPolitical, cultural and technological Innovation is the introduction of newevents and trends have a profound ideas, goods, services, and practices.impact on how business is Its not just about new technology. Itsconducted as they affect your about new ways of doing things: newcustomers and staff. methods and new processes. We help drive innovation initiates, increasing productivity and efficiency. Key Areas of focus: Cloud Computing Process Improvement Outsourcing options New Products & Markets Open source software options
  • 22. Talent Management Recruiting and retaining quality staff is one of the biggest challenges social enterprises and charities face as they find it difficult to compete with larger companies. The workforce is changing and employees are more demanding than ever before. We help social enterprises and charities: Ensure they recruit and retain the best employees Implement succession management for key employees to reduce business risk Ensure the organizational structure is agile and able to respond to change Ensure the business fosters a culture of productivity and innovation
  • 23. Social Enterprises & Charity Services
  • 24. We provide four core services aimed at supporting them at every stage of the business life-cycle. Business Micro- Consulting Consulting Business Analysis Business Outsourcing Mentoring (BAO)
  • 25. Business ConsultingWe focus on 12 key areas of businesses management thatenables them to plan, understand and grow their business.
  • 26. Micro - ConsultingMicro-consulting is a fixed price consultingsolut