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Suggested Tweets: Arguments from the Brief

Michigan's Proposal 2 rigged the political process against students and universities that support diversity #Schuette

All law students benefit from attending school in a more diverse environment #Schuette

Our nation is a better place when the doors of opportunity are open to all #Schuette

NBLSA urges SCOTUS to uphold the judgment of 2nd Circuit &find Proposal 2 violates Constitution's equal protection guarantees#Schuette

Hunter/Seattle doctrine compels heightened judicial scrutiny when laws threaten to place special burdens on minority groups #Schuette

After Michigan banned affirmative action, minority enrollment @UMich dropped 30% #Schuette

Educational institutions do not merely provide tools for learning, they promote social integration #Schuette

Brown v. Board of Education 347 U.S. 483(1954) education is perhaps the most important function of state and local government.#Schuette

Access to higher education generates positively reinforcing effects.#Schuette

Graduates are more inclined and able to participate and lead political processes and, in turn, expand access and participation for others.#Schuette

Increased classroom diversity leads to: improved intergroup contact and increased cross-racial interaction; reduced prejudice #Schuette

Ultimately, holistic, individualized diversity initiatives are essential for maximizing educational attainment for all students #Schuette

Court has recognized that a universitys right to decide who may be admitted, is a special concern of the First Amendment.#Schuette

Quotas have been widely recognized as plainly impermissible by universities for more than three decades #Schuette

Class-based programs are not sufficient substitutes for individualized consideration of racerelated diversity concerns #Schuette

elimination of holistic diversity considerations is likely to harm educational institutions and the ability of minority candidates #Schuette

#raceStillmatters #Schuette #ENDProp2 #keepDiversity