Social Media Listening Report for #QUIKPRO 2014 Compiled by: Jenny Devine | Social Media Channel Manager t: (07) 3212 3002 | e:

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Social Media Listening Report for #QUIKPRO 2014 Compiled by: Jenny Devine | Social Media Channel Manager t: (07) 3212 3002 | e: | | Date range 27/2/2014 25/03/2014 Slide 2 Intro 2 This report provides insight into the Social Media engagement generated by BOQs involvement in the Quiksilver Pro 2014. Date range covers all mentions leading up to and during the promotional period. BOQ supported the Quiksilver pro with two main activities in social media this year: 1.Social Media engagement with ASP, Quiksilver, Roxy and fans of the pro. 2.An Instagram Photo contest asking users to tell us the local bank you love. Slide 3 SM Engagement Results BOQ Created SM conversations and engagement in a number of ways: 1.Using BOQ SM Channels to engage with the official channels of ASP, Quiksilver and Roxy by re-tweeting, liking, sharing and comment on their content. 2.Using BOQ SM Channels to engage with fans of the Quiksilver Pro. 3.Generating our own content that was picked up by the official channels of ASP, Quiksilver, Roxy and fans of the pro. The SM conversations generated by BOQ resulted in: 7217 mentions of the BOQ Brand (Posts about the BOQ Brand, direct mentions using BOQs twitter handle or posting on the BOQ Facebook page. Slide 4 Results per channel Each direct mention of the BOQ Brand has a potential reach, this is the audience of the tweet/post. Potential follower reach of twitter mentions: 7,220,869 Total reach of Facebook audience: 551,816 Slide 5 Who/What/How The most engaged mention of BOQ was the announcement from ASP of the winners of the QSP: The number of mentions of the @BOQ Twitter handle resulting from this tweet on the 11/3/2014 was 1004 in less than 24 hours. Potential follower reach = 2,391,736 Twitter users from around the world were exposed to our brand: Slide 6 Instagram Love your local bank Instagram promotion. Instagram a photo of your local bank and #lovekirra, #lovesnapper or #lovegreenmount. Tell us in 25 words or less why its your favourite bank for your chance to win one of three Darren Handley Surfboard valued at $850.#lovekirra#lovesnapper#lovegreenmount Total of 334 entries Slide 7 Potential BOQ Brand Reach of 2 Million The people who generated the 10,000 tweets that mentioned @BOQ, had a total of 2,055,795 followers, this is the potential reach. Slide 8 Campaign vs Brand Tweets for the overall campaign focused on the fanbase. Tweets that mentioned @BOQ focused on the donation and cause. Slide 9 $1.00 per Facebook Like The twitter promo was over in 24 Hours, so we decided to run a Facebook Likes promo on the evening of Telethon 9-11PM. $1.00 per like of the Telethon7 Facebook page up to $10.000 Telethon began the evening with 35,475 Facebook Likes, by the end of Telethon evening, they had 65,000 Facebook Likes. This continued to grow and is now at 74,614 fans! Slide 10 Summary Tweets for #Telethon7 2.1 Million with a potential reach of 4 Billion. Tweets mentioning @BOQ 10 Thousand, with a potential reach of 2 Million. Telethon7 Facebook Fan increase of 50,000. Worldwide brand exposure for Telethon7 and BOQ Learnings You cant control or stop twitter!