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Electric Cars

Sadie Soliozy

ThenHistory of the Electric Vehicle



History 1830s - first electric carriage was built 1891 - the first electric automobile was build in the United States 1900 - heyday 1908 - Henry Ford introduces Model T (topimage)

1974 -Vanguard-Sebring's CitiCar (bottom image)

History II 1970s - governmental acts 1988 - GM EV1 (top image) 1997-2000 - a few thousand electric cars were only available for lease. 2003 GM discontinued the EV1 and killed the electric car 2007- Tesla Roadster, an all electric vehicle. (bottom image)

Differences EVs are virtually silent Some Electric Vehicles (EVs) look no different from gasoline-powered vehicles. Under the hood the are very different gasoline engine is replaced by an electric motor electric motor gets its power from a controller controller gets its power from an array of rechargeable batteries.

How it works

Todays Industry GMs Chevy Volt Saturn Vue Ford Escape

Tesla Roadster

GMs ChevyPlanned to debut in 2010

GM Develop and launch the first modern-day electric vehicle back in 1996. Timing of the EV1 wasnt right. Only 800 people were willing to lease it. And gas was cheap Leases were not renewed in 2003 GM is hoping for a better outcome in 2010

The Volt Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV)

Powered by GM's innovative E-Flex Propulsion System. Which runs on: electricity E85 gasoline fuels

How the Volt Runs Runs on strictly electric power for up to 40 miles After 40 miles the range-extending power source seamlessly kicks into gear putting the lithium ion battery pack to work

The Volts Battery Similar to the one created for the EV1 1/2 the size 1/3 the weight Shaped like a T to fit into other models down the lineEngineers are continually working on increasing technology

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster Fully electric automobile Can drive over 220 miles per charge Goes from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds Comprised of only 4 main components Goes from

Teslas Main Components Battery Combination of lithium ion battery technology and the Tesla Companys own unique battery pack.

Motor Transmission Power Electronics Modules Translates drives commands

MileageExample Car: Honda Civic Toyota Prius Chevy Volt Technology Gasoline Engine Hybrid Engine Electric/ Plug-in hybrid Electric Mileage: 36 mile s per gallon 46 mile s per gallon 40 mile s on electric power 50 mile s per gallon past 40 mile s 227 mile s per charge Price: Starting at $15,400 Starting at $22,000 Estimated $30,000 $48,000 Estimated $109,000

Tesla Roadster

Benefits & Drawbacks

Benefits Reduced dependence on foreign oil could displace 6.2 million barrels of oil a day

Zero emissions Can cost of less than two cents per mile driven Can be recharged using a typical household outlet

Drawbacks The prices of Electric Vehicles are still very high Most EVs have slow pick-up Would drastically increase electric bills Move pollution and destruction of natural resources to new areas.

Buckle Up!

The era of electric cars is NOW!

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