Solid Ways To Get More From Your Web Design Efforts

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  • Solid Ways To Get More From Your Web Design Efforts

    The web designing companies making millions are doing what you can do with the properinformation. Don't get caught up in paying huge money for a design when you can easily handle thechallenge yourself. Start now by reading the tips that follow.

    When designing webpages it is important that you use the correct graphics. Keep in mind thatbitmap files are quite large and typically do not work well, but PNGs work okay. A PNG imageshould be used when it has less than 256 colors, so try to stay with that when designing text buttons,screenshots and images that are photographic quality. JPEG works best for photo images.

    Display a tagline in a prominent area on your page. The tagline is some statement or motto thatindicates the nature of your business. The tagline serves to entice people to linger at your websiterather than just pass through. Research shows that visitors spend roughly 8 seconds deciding if awebsite is worth exploring further. So make your tagline count.

    Always keep the size of your pages to a minimum. Some Internet users have slow connections, andthey will grow impatient with your site. You don't need visitors having pages get stuck every timethey load because they may just leave your site and not return.

    It is important that your website is easy to read. There are a plethora of tests online that help gaugethe usability of a particular website. Using bolding, color changes and breaks between sections oftext makes your content easier to scan and makes it more likely that visitors will return. The top ofthe page is the correct placement for your highest quality information. This gives your visitors abetter experience.

    When a user enters personal information into a form on your website, give the user the option tohave the server retain that information should it be needed again. For instance, if a person registerson your site and a portion of the same exact information is required for filling another form out,ensure that the information they've already put in is saved so that he or she doesn't have to put inthis information again. This information retention and re-use makes site transactions much easier,and many people will appreciate that.

    On your website you want to incorporate an area where your visitors can provide feedback. If youhave forgotten something or have made an element of your site confusing to use, they will be able totell you. Getting visitors to your site to feel they are involved is a smart way to be certain they aregoing to go to your site again.

    Don't use frames if you want a site search engines can crawl! Frames are good for some situations,but they don't allow your content to be indexed. You will lose viewers if they can't find your sitebecause a search engine fails to find what they searched for on your page. If this does happen, yourvisitation may sink.

    You can begin trying out website development when you understand it better. These tips can showyou how easy it can be. Apply them wisely, and you will do just fine.