Solopreneur Big Bang 2013 Session 4

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  • 1. Session 4 Tactics + Time Management
  • 2. Tactics Products and Services Marketing Plan Time Management, Productivity and Balance Discover productivity tricks that help you stay focused Learn how to create that elusive balance between work and life Learn how to reward yourself for a job well done.
  • 3. Your company goals will determine how many products andservices you offer. You may find one or two will best serveyour client base or perhaps dozens, even hundreds, will bemore appropriate.You must be able to clearly answer the following questions: What are the specific products and/or services you provide? Can you clearly communicate features and benefits of your products and services? Are you focusing primarily on business-to-business or business to consumer? Do you have a narrow offering or a variety of products and services?Before you decide to roll out new products or services,consider all aspects.
  • 4. Used to build an opt in list and establish credibilityand expert status. Can be completely automated. Report eBook eZine Mini course 4 day course can work well One hour teleconference
  • 5. LOW RISK SOMETHING UNDER $20 OR $30 DOLLARS. CAN BE COMPLETELY AUTOMATED. MID RANGE $39 - $59 CAN BE COMPLETELY AUTOMATED HIGHER $97 - $199 NOT MUCH HANDS ON SELLING HERE. Next level - $299 - $799 More hands on selling involved. Part of the process can be automated. Higher $999 $4999 May require sales people to do the selling for you Exclusive - $5,000 plus private consulting
  • 6. How much money do I want to make? How many people do I want to serve and in what capacity, i.e., one-on- one, groups, trainings, etc.? What products and services do I want to offer? How big do I want to grow my list, and by when? How do I want to be spending my time? Coaching, training, growing a large business and managing others, speaking, teaching, creating products, etc?
  • 7. Plan your marketing messages like USP, tagline and elevatorpitch. Be inspired by businesses around you. Describe your business offering in one sentence (Make it interesting!) Describe your main point of differentiation from competitors (What makes it better?) What is your unique selling proposition (USP)? (Try combining the above two answers.)
  • 8. We really cant control life, the seconds, minutes and hourstick by no matter what we are doing.If you are like me and 50% of the people in the world, we haveWAY more stuff going on then we can find the time for. Now wehave to choose what we spend our time doing.
  • 9. 1. Know How You Spend Your Time2. Set Priorities3. Use a Planning Tool4. Get Organized5. Schedule Your Time Appropriately6. Delegate: Get Help from Others7. Stop Procrastinating8. Manage External Time Wasters9. Avoid Multi-tasking10. Stay Healthy
  • 10. 1. Create a 24/7 Schedule2. Automate as Many Administrative Tasks as you Can3. Devise Creative Ways to Sleep, Eat and Exercise4. Schedule Offline Time5. Focus on Quality over Quantity