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    Green County Genealogical Society, Inc 925 16th Ave Monroe WI 53566

    Some Births, Some Deaths, Some Marriages and Some Comings

    and Goings 1899

    From the Albany Vindicator

    Albany Vindicator, Jan. 12, 1899

    Birth, to Mr. and Mrs. William Heins, Jr., on Sat., Jan. 7, a son.

    Thomas Layton, who resides near Attica, has been declared incompetent and his brother-in-law, William Lewis,

    appointed his guardian.

    Bertha Acheson of Magnolia, aged 14, died Sunday as the result of being burned severely last Friday.

    Birth, to Mr. and Mrs. Will Ackerknecht of Waukesha on Monday, Jan. 9, a son, eleven pounds.

    Janesville lays claim to a man who has not partaken of any nourishment for the past 36 days. His name is A.D.

    Hendrickson and he is suffering as a result of a stroke of paralysis he suffered December 1. Nothing but water

    has passed his lips and although he is not in any immediate danger of dying of starvation, he is failing fast. He

    was for 16 years superintendent of the state industrial school at Waukesha.

    Ludwig Schoenle, better known as Lewis Chandler, died suddenly Tuesday afternoon. An autopsy showed that

    his death was the result of heart disease and a coroners jury returned a verdict accordingly. The deceased had

    been at his shoe shop during a part of the day and no warning of his sudden death was evident. Mr. Schoenle has

    been engaged in making and repairing shoes and boots here for several years. He was a good workman and a quiet

    and peaceful citizen, respected by all. On the 13th May last he was married to Mrs. Ella Kundert of New Glarus,

    who survives him. The remains will be taken to New Glarus tomorrow for interment.

    Emily A. Turman Burt, daughter of Benjamin Turman, was born at Turmans Prairie, Sullivan County,

    Indiana on Nov. 27, 1825 and moved to Green County with her father and three sisters in December of 1846, her

    mother having died five years previously. Of her sisters, Mary, now deceased, was married to John Sutherland

    in December of 1849. Sarah, now deceased, was married to Joseph Harris in 1851 and Ellen to John Jewett in

    the autumn of 1862 and now lives in the state of Washington. The early days of the deceased in Green County

    were spent in teaching school. She was married to Franklin J. Burt on March 17, 1850. Four children were born

    to them, two of whom, with her husband, survive to mourn their loss. She was one of the best wives and one of

    the kindest mothers. Her home was her great delight and she made it a great delight to all who came under its

    roof. She was hospitable and kind; always ready to sympathize with those who were in trouble and always ready

    to help those who were in need. She found great pleasure in doing good. After her marriage in 1850 she located

    her home at Jordan Prairie where she died on Jan. 3, 1899 aged 72 years, 2 months and 6 days.

    Albany Vindicator, Jan. 19, 1899

    Mrs. George Townsend died at her home in Magnolia last Saturday, aged 46.

    Mrs. Harriett Griffith of Fluvana, New York is visiting here, the guest of her sister Mrs. Lydia Comstock and

    Mrs. Sarah Lewis

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    Green County Genealogical Society, Inc 925 16th Ave Monroe WI 53566

    Mrs. David Acheson of Magnolia was so overcome by the death of her daughter Bertha that she died the night

    of the funeral.

    A.D. Hendrickson of Janesville died Tuesday after a fast of 47 days. His remains will be taken to Milwaukee and


    Mrs. J.E. Litel went to Footeville to assist in taking care of her sister who is very ill with brain fever.

    Emil Cornte, a Swiss cheesemaker of Monroe, was judged insane and will be taken to the Mendota hospital.

    Albany Vindicator, Jan. 26, 1899

    Jacob Steinman, a well known contractor of Monroe, died last Thursday evening. He was 69. The Monroe

    Evening Times of Tuesday says that Guy Silver has been taken to the Mendota asylum. He has regained part of

    his physical strength but his mind has become seriously affected.

    Albany Vindicator, Jan. 26, 1899

    Mrs. Dewey Gardner died at Brodhead at the advanced age of 92. She came to Green County with her husband

    in 1846 and settled on a farm southeast of Albany now owned by her son Warren.

    A.L. Kavelage, court reporter for this circuit committed suicide in Janesville Tuesday by shooting himself

    through the head. He was hanging by one hand to the Court Street bridge at the time and fell into then feet of

    water. He was temporarily insane. He was fifty years old and left a wife and three children.

    M.J. Hayden died at his home at Lodi Saturday of pneumonia. The deceased was a traveling salesman, having a

    wholesale point firm in Chicago and was well known throughout the northwest. Mrs. Hayden is a sister of H.N.

    Simons, formerly of Albany and the family visited her many times. They had one child, a little girl.

    Monroe Evening Times: Lawrence Horan and wife left for their home in Algona, Iowa yesterday afternoon.

    Mrs. Horan came here to visit her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Clemmer but she was taken sick shortly after

    arriving here. While she has been improving, she cannot be moved without being carried. Mr. Clemmer went with

    them as far as Janesville to help them in making the change of cars.

    Albany Vindicator, Feb. 2, 1899

    Mrs. John Garwood died at her home near Dayton on Jan. 23.

    Mr. and Mrs. D.Bump of Decatur, Ill., are here for a visit with Mrs. Bumps parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.L. Eldred

    and other relatives. Mr. Bump is a railway conductor running from Decatur to St. Louis.

    Miss Gertrude Warren and Martin Nichols were in Milwaukee yesterday to attend the funeral of their cousin

    A.L. Kane. Deceased had been a resident of Milwaukee in 1846. He was 75 years of age.

    William Frazee died at his home in Laurens, Iowa on Jan. 21 in his 81st year. Mr. Frazee was a well known and

    prominent man in this part of the country until his removal to Iowa about eleven years ago. He settled on a farm

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    Green County Genealogical Society, Inc 925 16th Ave Monroe WI 53566

    near Jordan Prairie now owned by Samuel Roderick in 1846 and lived there forty years. He then removed to

    Brodhead and built a fine residence and several brick blocks. He leaves a wife and four living children. The

    remains were brought to the Gap Church for interment beside his first wife who was a sister of W.H. Hudson.

    Married, at the Baptist parsonage on Wed., Jan 23, Thornton Leroy Newman of Juda to Miss Shafer of this

    place, by Rev. P.W. Rogers. Attendants were Frank Newman, brother of the groom and Helen Brown, a friend

    of the bride. The groom is a popular, well to do farmer and in winning Miss Shafer has found a companion of

    sterling worth.

    John Richard Jones was born in New York on Jan. 10, 1834 and rested from his labors in Albany on Jan. 26,

    1899 after a few weeks illness. He remained at his work two days longer than he should have forgetful that 65

    years of sunshine and storm were affecting the home of clay. An only brother came from New York but too late to

    see him alive. Mr. Jones came here from Oshkosh about eight years ago and by industry and economy was able to

    secure a fair share of this worlds goods. He held the respect and esteem of all who knew him. He leaves one

    child, Mrs. Thorpe, his wife having passed over the river nine years ago. The funeral was held at his late home

    Sunday conducted by Rev. Brenaman and the remains interred in the Albany cemetery.

    Markie, only child of William and Mina Gill of Attica, was born December 4, 1898 and died Jan. 25, 1899.

    Doris, youngest child of Mrs. Etta Lewis, was born April 18, 1898 and died Jan. 27, 1899. The funeral was

    Sunday, conducted by Rev. H. B. Brenaman.

    Mrs. Laurence Horan who had been in poor health for some time, died at her late residence on 3:30 am

    Thursday morning. Deceaseds maiden name was Clemmer; she was a native of Wisconsin; and would have been

    31 years of age next April. She was married at Algona in 1892 to Mr. Horan, who had come shortly before that

    and provided a home for her. Since that time, Mr. and Mrs. Horan have lived at Algona and occupied the same

    residence with Mr. Horans brother and wife who was Mrs. Horans sister. About a year ago, her health began to

    fail and despite all that could be done in medical treatments she grew worse until the end came. She had but

    recently arrived home from a visit with her parents in Monroe(?). She leaves no children. Anticipating the end,

    her father and mother were here at the time of her death and her sister from Wisconsin and other relatives from

    Charles City are expected today. The funeral will take place from the house tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 and will

    be conducted by Rev. Stiles and the Baptist Church. Algona, Iowa Courier, Jan. 27.

    Albany Vindicator, Feb. 9, 1899

    Sylvia Mathilda Montgomery was born in Waterbury, Vermont on Dec. 15, 1829. She came to Janesville with

    her parents in 1844. She was married to Joshua Clark on July 3, 1846. They resided in Rock County until 1856

    then they moved to Attica where she has lived ever since. She was a loving mother, a kind neighbor, a member of

    the M.E. Church revered by all who knew her. Mr. Clark died July 19, 1891. They had seven children, three

    daughters alone surviveMrs. Amelia J. Whipple, Mrs. Morse A. Ross and Mrs. Sylvia M. Scott. Mrs. Clark

    died at the home of her daughter Mrs. Scott in Belleville on Feb. 1. She was brought to Attica and buried on Feb.

    3, services conducted from the M.E. Church in Attica by their pastor Rev. H.B. Brenaman.

    Albany Vindicator, Feb. 16, 1899

    Miss Coyla Flint went to Milton this morning to spend several days with her sister Mrs. F.G. Borden.

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    Green County Genealogical Society, Inc 925 16th Ave Monroe WI 53566

    W.W. Wright, the well known abstractor of Monroe, died last Friday and was buried on Sunday with Masonic


    It is currently reported that Kay Humphrey and Nellie Hulburt were married last Sunday although we have no


    Dr. Evans and other home physicians assisted by Dr. Jackson of Madison, amputated John Gills foot above the

    ankle Tuesday. Mr. Gills limb was troubling him of late and amputation was found necessary to allay further

    trouble. Evansville Review

    Mrs. S.E. Pearson and little daughter of Madison and Miss Laura Roberts of Lancaster are guests of Mr. and

    Mrs. W.H. Wagner. The ladies are nieces of Mr. Wagner.

    Mrs. Anthony Carroll died at her home near Monticello last Thursday. She was the mother of the late Dennis


    Miss Grace Swartz of Plainfield is here on a visit to her sister Mrs. W. H. Wagner.

    Mrs. C.C. Mathems went to Edgerton this morning for a brief visit with her sister Miss Bess Van Wart.

    Married, at the residence of Russell Atkinson on Feb. 10 at 8:00 pm, George Larmer of Attica to Mary Alta

    Atkinson of Albany. The officiating clergyman was Rev. H.B. Brenaman, pastor of the M.E. Church, of which

    both the bride and groom are members. Both are zealous in good works and esteemed and revered by those who

    know them. H.B.B.

    Died, at Albany on Feb. 10, little Harry Jones, son of Elmer and Maggie Jones, aged 7 months and 19 days.

    Funeral services will be conducted by the writer at the Allen Creek Church from Matthew 18:10. Elder E.P.


    On Saturday evening, August Wechert died in Spring Grove a few hours after his daughter Emma, aged 14,

    passed away. Both were buried on Monday. A week ago last Friday the mother was buried. The disease is la

    grippe developing into pneumonia. Two children and their grandmother are also critically ill.

    Albany Vindicator, Feb. 23, 1899

    Jerome Bonaparte Fleek died at his home in Brodhead last Sunday, aged 68 years, 5 months and 26 days. Mr.

    Fleek was one of the pioneers of this country, coming here from Virginia at the age of 16. For many years he

    resided on Jordan Prairie where he owned nearly 500 acres of land. Several years since, he retired from active life

    and moved to Brodhead. For many months he had been a sufferer of Brights Disease and death was a welcome

    release from earthly trials. The funeral was held Tuesday and the remains interred in the Dawson Cemetery near

    his old home. Deceased leaves a wifea faithful companion of forty yearsand three children.

    This community was much shocked Friday morning to learn of the death of Ezra S. Holmes at the residence of

    his brother-in-law G.L. Bump, on the evening before. Mr. Holmes had arrived at Mr. Bumps Thursday morning

    on a visit for a few days before returning to his home at Browntown, Minn., and was accompanied by his wife and

    two children. During the day, he complained of not feeling well but refused to have a physician as he did not

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    Green County Genealogical Society, Inc 925 16th Ave Monroe WI 53566

    consider his case was dangerous and he retired at an early hour. About 10:00 he sprang from his bed grasping his

    throat and seeming in great agony. Mr. Bump came to his relief but when laid on the bed life was extinct. Dr.

    Roberts was called and pronounced the cause of death laryngitis. Mr. Holes was born on the farm where Mr.

    Bump now lives and grew to manhood there. He went to Browntown, Minn., when a young man and has a

    handsome property there. The remains were shipped there for interment. Mrs. Bump and Mrs. L.G. Holmes

    accompanied the bereaved wife and children. Mr. and Mrs. Holmes have two other children living at Browntown.

    Fred Edward Trow was born in Brooklyn, Green County on August 5, 1878 and died at his home on Feb. 20,

    1899, aged 20 years, 6 months and 15 days. A boy who was fond of home and ever found at home. Funeral

    services were held at the home on the 22nd inst. The many young people from far and near attested their affections

    to the deceased. Rev. H.B. Brenaman conducted the sad and solemn service. His sun went down while it was yet

    day. Jer. 15:9

    Albany Vindicator, March 16, 1899

    J.F. Maynard returned home Tuesday night after several months visiting with his son-in-law and daughter Rev.

    and Mrs. H.A. Rogers of Black Earth.

    Mrs. Lewis Kaufman returned to her home in Beloit this morning after a weeks visiting with her parents Mr.

    and Mrs. L.W. Preston.

    Caspar Aultman, a farmer aged 45 years who lives near Monroe, committed suicide by hanging Saturday

    morning. He was a man in good circumstances and a successful farmer. Lately he has been drinking hard and it is

    thought whiskey is responsible for the act. He leaves a wife and two children.

    Mrs. Julia Anderson, whose illness we noted last week, died Saturday morning. She was the daughter of Mr.

    and Mrs. Ole Gilbertson and was born in Albany. On Christmas, 1879, she married Andrew Anderson who died

    13 months later. A son, now in his 19th year, survives her. The funeral...