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here you can find information about the importance of the Engilsh and some expressions for you improve your English.



    What are idioms ? they are expressions that show us the real daily routine in a

    american family because they use some words in other way, when they need to

    express feelings as love, sad, concerns, and more so for example if you say in

    Spanish Hola Qu tal? in English you say Hi. Whats up?, other example

    maybe Vamos! Let's get going

    Idioms are so important that you should learn them if you want to understand

    to people from different parts of the same country.

    when you have learned some idioms your conversation can be

    more creative and it can sound more interesting .

    Now when you are learning idioms is important to know which is the origin of

    each one because its interesting to know their history so you can feel closer to

    this culture. Also people can think that you are very special and smart and

    involved with your vocation .

    Now we as teachers have to attempt improve every day our