Some Unknown Facts About Lehsunia / Cat’s Eye Gemstone

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Text of Some Unknown Facts About Lehsunia / Cat’s Eye Gemstone

  1. 1. Cats EyE GEmston E somE Unknown FaCts aboUt LEhsUnia / Cats EyE GEmstonE
  2. 2. namEs assoCiatEd with CatsEyE 1. Alexandrite 2. Cats-eye 3. Chrysolite 4. Lehsunia
  3. 3. QUaLitiEs oF CatsEyE Smoothness Brilliance of chatoyance Heavier than average stone of a similar size Having 3 streaks of sunshine Straightness of the chatoyance
  4. 4. Some FlawS oF catSeye Crack within the gem - brings injuries from sharp-edged weapons. Having 5 streaks or bands of sunshine - brings misfortune. Holes or dents - bring diseases of the abdomen. Flat - barren of impact and so not appropriate for carrying.
  5. 5. identiFy real one If a true gem is place in a very dark place, it shines just like the eyes of a cat. If a true gem is rubbed against a material, its brilliance will increase.
  6. 6. catS eye colourS
  7. 7. Cats EyE improvE lifEstylE Increase stamina Physical strength Wealth Happiness Radiance
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