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Sony has been in the market since a long decade and after getting a huge success in smartphones, now the company has entered the market of camera. Sony has been famous for its fashionable and elegant products. The company has released the most promising camera named as Sony Cybershot DSC S5000, this is the most exquisite model which the company has ever launched., as of now having a camera is become a vital part of our life. Our eyes can't capture the moment which a camera can. The price has been set according to its specs and features.


  • SonyCybershotDSCS5000

  • Sonyhasbeeninthemarketsincealongdecadeandaftergettingahugesuccessinsmartphones,nowthecompanyhasenteredthemarket of camera.Sonyhas been famous for its fashionable andelegant products. The company has released themost promisingcamera named as Sony Cybershot DSC S5000, this is the mostexquisitemodelwhichthecompanyhaseverlaunched.,asofnowhavingacamera isbecomeavitalpartofour life.Oureyescan'tcapture themomentwhichacameracan.Thepricehasbeensetaccordingtoitsspecsandfeatures.SonyCybershotDSCS5000Price


    Thenew launchedcamera isavailable invaritiesofcolorandcomeswithahigh resolutionof1280x720fps.And, the petite has come with dimensions of 97.5mm x 61.0mm x 29.6mm and internal memory of sonycybershotDSCS5000measuresaround28MB,butthereisnoneedtobeworriedbecauseitcanbeupgaraded.The weighs of just 125grams with the batteries andmemory card included that makes it more portable andenjoyablecamera.And, if rumorsare tobebelieved thecamera isbeingcomparedwithNikoncoolpixs3100.Sonyhasmadethebridgethatcanneverbebrokenafterbeinglauncheditsrespectivemodel.


  • Price 4,474

    Face Detection Yes

    Display Type LCD

    Pixels 14.1 MP

    Flash Yes

    Video Format Yes

    Memory Upgradeable Memory

    Sensor Yes

    Zoom ( Optical And Digital ) Yes

    Height * Width * Thickness 62 mm* 96.5mm * 27.2 mm

    Weight 125 gm.


  • Ifwetalkaboutitsfocusandfacedetection,thenwecansetittoautoandfacedetectionwillhavethepowerofcapturingmore thaneights faces inasingle frame.SonycybershotDSCS5000comeswitha2.7inchesandblessedwithamodest14.1megapixel.ThereisnothinglikeSonyasthecompanyisfamousforitspicturequalityandthedayhasnolongerwhenthecompanywillhavemaximumpixelofcamera.It issaidtohaveexquisiteddesignthatwilldefinitelyincreasetheadrenalinerush.SonyCybershotDSCS5000Review





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