Sorting Guide - ASR Chemnitz der Stadt Chemnitz (Chemnitz municipal waste disposal and cleaning services

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  • For a cleaner Chemnitz ASR – we’ll get rid of it.

    Sorting Guide for domestic recyclables and waste

    • Disposable bottles • Disposable jars sorted by colour, empty, no caps/lids

    Note: To avoid creating excessive noise nuisance, please only use at the following times: Mon – Fri 7:00 am – 8:00 pm Sat 7:00 am – 2:00 pm

    The following do not belong in the glass containers: • Window and sheet glass • Mirror and wired glass • Light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, energy-saving bulbs • Crystal and drinking glass, vases, bowls • Oven-proof glass • Ceramics, porcelain

    Printed using mineral oil-free inks. Status: October 2014

    • Clothing, curtains • Household linens • Wool blankets and quilts • Shoes in pairs

    Note: Both reusable and nonreusable textiles can be deposited in the container.

    The following do not belong in the orange containers: • Fur and leather clothing • Bags • Duvets, pillows

    Glass belongs in the glass containers

    Used textiles belong in the orange ASR containers If you have any questions concerning waste disposal, please contact your ASR municipal waste disposal

    advice team.

    Abfallentsorgungs- und Stadtreinigungsbetrieb der Stadt Chemnitz (Chemnitz municipal waste disposal and cleaning services ASR) Blankenburgstrasse 62 • 09114 Chemnitz

    Waste information service Phone 0371 4095-102

    Customer service centre Phone 0371 4095-777

    Office hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays: 8:30 am to 12:00 midday Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30 am to 6:00 pm

    How to contact us:

  • • Packaging made of paper, carton and cardboard • Newspapers, magazines • Flyers, catalogues • Brochures, paper bags • Packing paper • Writing and computer paper • Books (without non-paper elements)

    Note: Large, bulky cartons should be brought to our waste collection centres.

    The following do not belong in the blue containers: • Removed and residual wallpaper, nappies • Soiled paper • Paper serviettes and handkerchiefs • Files with metal parts • Carbon paper • Waxed and coated papers • Milk and drink cartons

    • Plastic bottles for dish washer, detergent and body care products • Dairy product, yoghurt and quark containers • Containers made of a combination of plastic/carton • Veg and fruit peelings • Styropor packaging • Empty drink and food tins, crown caps • Cotton string products, wooden containers • Milk and drink cartons, soup sachets • Alu foil, spray cans

    Note: Lightweight containers should first be emptied but do not need to be rinsed. Please flatten containers and do not pack one within the other.

    The following do not belong in the yellow containers/sacks: • Household articles • Garden furniture, broken toys • Ceiling tiles made of styropor or foam polystyrol, building waste • Returnable containers, glass, paper • Residual and organic waste

    • Fruits and vegetables • Egg and nut shells • Coffee and tea filters • Food waste, kitchen paper • Lawn, hedge and tree cuttings • Foliage, cut flowers • Organically compostable animal litters

    Note: Do not put plastic bags or films in these containers – these materials are not bio-degradable! Please always wrap moist organic waste in kitchen paper or newspaper before putting it in the container.

    The following do not belong in the brown containers: • Plastic, glass, metal, rubber • Wood, lignite and coal ash, grill charcoal • Nappies, coated paper, magazines • Cigarette ends

    • Dried paints • Ashes, defective writing utensils, photo slides, leather • Pencil filings, crockery • Hygiene items, dog faeces, nappies, sweepings, soot • Wallpaper, sealing materials, rubber • Vacuum cleaner bags, videos, music cassettes • Mirror glass, medical dressings, cigarette ends • Non-hot wood, lignite and coal ash, grill charcoal • Glass and ceramic fragments

    Note: For a charge, we supply sacks for large amounts of residual waste that exceed the capacity of containers. These sacks are to be sealed and left next to the black containers on collection day.

    The following do not belong in the black containers • Bulky waste, vehicle parts, hazardous waste • Building waste • Recyclable waste

    Paper belongs in the blue containers

    Packaging material made of plastic, metal and composites belongs in the yellow containers/sacks

    Organic waste belongs in the brown containers

    Residual waste belongs in the black containers