Sound design and editing and organisation

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1. SOUND DESIGN ANDEDITING ANDORGANISATIONBy Charlie Rideout 2. Sound designDuring my production I had to edit the sound. I did this by editing theamplitude by adding different key frames. I also added fades to makethe sound crescendo and add more tension. Doing this also preventsthe audience from being blasted the audience to quickly. I additionallycopied and pasted specific sounds that I like, such as the ambientnoises that I used to create a tense atmosphere with in the audiencesranks. I had three different tracks when editing one for dialogue, onefor ambient sounds and one for music as you can see on the nextpage. I did this to make it easy to edit so that they were not all mixedup. I additionally added some effects to the sounds such as a reverbon the non-diegetic music; this added further tension. I also decided tous dubstep because it is the teenage stereotypical music, this issupposed to be diegetic as it should seem like it is coming from theradio. It then ends when they shut the car door. This then goes into theambient sounds, it then gradually builds into the suspending terrormusic. I chose this music as I felt it was extremely suspense buildingand perfect for the genre we were conveying. 3. Sound design This are my keyThis is my dialogue track frames I added to change the volume at specific timesThese the This is my music fades that IThe ambient sound trackadded track 4. Editing and organisationI made sure that I had all of my video clips in the same place andmade sure that they were labelled so that it was easy to choose theright clip. They were saved in the E: drive in order to prevent therendering from staling which it did if they were not all in one place.When editing I added various effects. I added a blood splatter effect byadding one layer over the top of another. I then changed the alphachannel to unmatted this then make the blood splatter seem realistic.Additionally I cut numerous clips in order to made the match on actionmake sense. Furthermore I changed the brightness on the outsideshots because it was meant to be dusk. In order to made it seem scaryand to make it fit with conventional mysterious darkness of horror films.I also did some jump cuts to make it seem scary I did this by cutting at2 second intervals. I also used a fade to black and then back up at thestart to make it go with the conventional opening sequence. I alsoanimated my text by changing the colour from red to white. Thisconnotes murder and hope. 5. EditingThis is my blood splat on the videoover lay layerI added fadesI animated mytext by changing In these shots I changedthe colour the darkness