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  • 1. Music Clip Editing To avoid copyright infringement and the use of multiple 7 second sound clips I decided to manipulate the sound of a 30 second clip from a song, by doing this I was also able to avoid obtaining permission to use the song in my advert. As the sound that I used no longer sounds the same as the original song I will not be breaking the copyright laws. As you can see here I have changed the filter effects on the song. Although the song is still recognizable this completely changes the tone and key of the music To further change the sound of the clip I used a fade in/fade out effect which slightly alters the beginning and end of the short clip. The clip will now start/finish quieter and smoother than before making it sound more professional. As well as the filter effects and fade in/fade out I decided to add some slight distortion to the song to give the effect of the music playing from a radio in the background whilst the characters talk to each other.