South Carolina By: Leighton Weber. South Carolina

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  • South CarolinaBy: Leighton Weber

  • South Carolina

  • State CapitalSouth Carolina has many big and popular cities but the capital is Columbia.

  • Nickname South Carolinas nickname is the Palmetto State.

  • State MottosDum Spiro Spero (Latin) which means while I breath I hope.Animis Opibusque Parati (Latin) which means smiling faces beautiful places.

  • Governor The governor is Mark Sanford.He was born May 28, 2010. He was elected in 2002.He was beaten for his 2010 reelection by Nikki Hale mostly because in the past few years he has been the center of a lot of negative events.

  • State SongCarolina Written by Henry Timrod Composed by Anne Custis BurgessHold up the glories of thy dead; Say how thy elder children bled, And point to Eutaw's battle-bed. Carolina! Carolina! Throw thy bold banner to the breeze! Front with thy ranks the threatening seas Like thine own proud armorial trees, Carolina! Carolina! Thy skirts indeed the foe may part, Thy robe be pierced with sword and dart, They shall not touch thy noble heart, Carolina! Carolina! Girt with such wills to do and bear, Assured in right, and mailed in prayer, Thou wilt not bow thee to despair, Carolina! Carolina!

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  • Historic SitesHistoric Brattonsville- You can experience history. They show you a Revolutionary War site and tell you an African American story.

    The Battle Of the Rice Boats- in Yamacraw Bluff South Carolina. It took place in the Savannah River between American militia and the British navy in 1776.

  • CollegesAllen UniversityArt Institute of CharlestonBendict CollegeUniversity of South Carolina

  • Vacation SpotsMyrtle Beach- the number one golf destination in the U.S.A.Greenville Pawley's Island- a great place for familiesKiawah Island- a small island that I used to go to for my birthday every summer. Even though it is small it has the states most valuable resort called The Sanctuary.

  • Industries

    Of course tourism is a big industry there.

    Also the textile industry which is making cloth.

  • State FlowerA yellow Jessamine.

  • State BirdThe bird is called the Great Carolina Wren

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