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<ul><li><p>PDF</p><p> Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd. To make it easier for you to use, access to this PDF chapter is not digitally restricted. In return, we think its fair to ask you to use it for personal, non-commercial purposes only. In other words, please dont upload this chapter to a peer-to-peer site, mass email it to everyone you know, or resell it. See the terms and conditions on our site for a longer way of saying the above Do the right thing with our content.</p><p>LusakaEasternZambiaGreatEastRoadChipataSouthLuangwa</p><p>National ParkNorthLuangwa</p><p>National ParkSouthernZambiaChirundu</p><p>LowerZambeziValleySiavongaSinazongweChomaLochinvarNational</p><p>ParkWesternZambiaUnderstand&amp;SurvivalGuide</p><p>COVERAGE INCLUDES: </p><p>Zambia(PDF Chapter)Edition6thEdition,August2013Pages 69Page Range549601, 533-548 Useful LinksWant more guides?Head to our shop Trouble with your PDF?Trouble shoot here Need more help?HeadtoourFAQs Stay in touchContactushere</p><p></p></li><li><p>Why Go?Taking its place alongside the Pyramids and the Serengeti, Victoria Falls (Mosi-oa-Tunya the smoke that thunders) is one of Africas original blockbusters. And although Zim-babwe and Zambia share it, Victoria Falls is a place all of its own.</p><p>As a magnet for tourists of all descriptions backpack-ers, tour groups, thrill seekers, families, honeymooners Vic Falls is one of the earths great spectacles. View it directly as a raging mile-long curtain of water, in all its glory, from a helicopter ride or peek precariously over its edge from Dev-ils Pools; the sheer power and force of the falls is something that simply does not disappoint. </p><p>Whether youre here purely to take in the sight of a natu-ral wonder of the world, or for a serious hit of adrenaline via rafting or bungee jumping into the Zambezi, Victoria Falls is a place where youre sure to tick off numerous items from that bucket list.</p><p>When to GoThere are two main reasons to go to Victoria Falls to view the falls and to experience the outdoor activities and each has its season.</p><p>July to December is the season for white-water rafting, especially August for hardcore rapids.</p><p>From February to June dont forget your raincoat as youll experience the falls at their full force.</p><p>From July to September Youll get the best views of the falls, combined with lovely weather and all activities to keep you busy.</p><p>Zambia . . . . . . . . . . . . 538Livingstone &amp; Around . . . . . . . . . . 538Zimbabwe . . . . . . . . . .544Victoria Falls . . . . . . . 544</p><p>Best Places to Eat Cafe Zambezi (p542) In Da Belly (p546) Olgas Italian Corner </p><p>(p542) Mama Africa (p547) </p><p>Best Places to Stay</p><p> Victoria Falls Hotel (p545) Elephant Camp (p546) Jollyboys Backpackers </p><p>(p539) Stanley Safari Lodge </p><p>(p541) </p><p>Victoria Falls</p><p>Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd</p></li><li><p>VIcTORIA fALLs </p><p>VIcTORIA fALLs A</p><p>CT</p><p>IVIT</p><p>IESdeTO</p><p>UR: VIcTORIA fALLs A</p><p>CT</p><p>IVIT</p><p>IES</p><p>534</p><p>Seventh Natural Wonder of the WorldVictoria Falls is the largest, most beautiful and most majestic waterfall on the planet, and is the Seventh Natural Wonder of the World as well as being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A trip to Southern Africa would not be complete without visiting this unforgettable place. </p><p>One million litres of water fall per sec-ond down a 108m drop along a 1.7km wide strip in the Zambezi Gorge; an awesome sight. Victoria Falls can be seen, heard, tast-</p><p>ed and touched: it is a treat that few other places in the world can offer, a must see before you die spot.</p><p>Victoria Falls is spectacular at any time of year, yet varies in the experiences it offers.</p><p>2 ActivitiesWhile of course its the spectacular sight of Vic Falls that lures travellers to the region, the astonishing amount of activities to do here is what makes them hang around. White-water rafting, bungee jumping, tak-ing a chopper ride over the falls, walking with rhinos: Vic Falls is well and truly estab-</p><p>:: : : :: : :</p><p>:: : : :</p><p>: : :66</p><p>666666666</p><p>66666666</p><p>666666666666666666666666666</p><p>666</p><p>66</p><p>66666666666666666666666666666666</p><p>66</p><p>666</p><p>6</p><p>6666</p><p>666666666666</p><p>666666</p><p>#</p><p>##</p><p>##</p><p>###</p><p>#</p><p>YY</p><p>YY</p><p>YYY</p><p>Y</p><p>#</p><p>#</p><p>#</p><p>#</p><p>#</p><p>##</p><p>#</p><p>+</p><p>+</p><p>CHINOTIMBA</p><p>ZIMBABWE ZAMBIA</p><p>EasternCataract</p><p>Gate</p><p>KalundaIsland</p><p>Lwanda Island(Long Island)</p><p>VictoriaFalls</p><p>Second Gorge</p><p>Third Gorge</p><p>Fourth Go</p><p>rge</p><p>PrinceChristian</p><p>Island</p><p>PrincessVictoriaIsland</p><p>PrincessMarieIsland</p><p>LivingstoneIsland</p><p>Zambezi River</p><p>ZambeziRiver</p><p>Zambez</p><p>i River</p><p>Maramba</p><p>River</p><p>Parkway</p><p>Mosi-oa-Tunya Rd</p><p>Livings</p><p>tone W</p><p>ay</p><p>Squi</p><p>reC</p><p>ummingsRd</p><p>Zambezi D</p><p>r</p><p>Pione</p><p>erRd</p><p>WoodRd</p><p>West D</p><p>r</p><p>So</p><p>per's Cres</p><p>DaleCres</p><p>Cour</p><p>tney</p><p>Selous Cres</p><p>ReynardRd</p><p>MalletD</p><p>r</p><p>GibsonRd</p><p>LawleyRd</p><p>Sp encerRd</p><p>Fox RdMop</p><p>aneSt</p><p>Squire Cummings Rd LivingstoneWay</p><p>Parkway</p><p>TrainStation</p><p>VictoriaFalls NP</p><p>Mosi-oaTunya NP</p><p>Zambezi NP</p><p>Mosi-oa-Tunya NP</p><p>SprayviewAerodrome(Disused)</p><p>Victoria Falls Bridge</p><p>#Y#Y#Y#Y</p><p>#Y#Y</p><p>Victoria Falls</p><p>ToLivingstone(4.5km)</p><p>#e</p><p>To Victoria FallsAirport (20km)</p><p>0 1 km0 0.5 miles</p></li><li><p>VIcTORIA fALLs </p><p>VIcTORIA fALLs A</p><p>CT</p><p>IVIT</p><p>IESdeTO</p><p>UR: VIcTORIA fALLs A</p><p>CT</p><p>IVIT</p><p>IES535</p><p>lished as one of the worlds premier adven-ture destinations. </p><p>To get the best value out of your time here, look into packages which combine vari-ous adrenaline leaps, slides and swings for around US$125. Confirm any extra costs such as park or visa fees at the time of booking.</p><p>Costs are fairly standard across the board and activities can be organised through ac-commodation providers and tour operators.</p><p> AbseilingStrap on a helmet, grab a rope and spend the day rappelling down the 54m sheer-drop cliff face for US$40. </p><p> BirdwatchingTwitchers will want to bring binoculars to check out 470 species of birds that inhabit the region, including Schalows turaco, the African finfoot and half-collared kingfisher. Spot them on foot in the parks or on a canoe trip along the Zambezi.</p><p> Bungee Jumping &amp; SwingsThe third-highest bungee in the world (111m), this famous jump is from atop the iconic Victoria Falls bridge. Its a long way down, but man, its a lot of fun. It costs US$125 per person.</p><p>Otherwise theres the bridge swing where you jump feet first, and free fall for four seconds; youll end up swinging the right </p><p>way up, not upside down. There are two main spots, one right off the Victoria Falls Bridge, and the other a bit further along the Batoka Gorge. Costs for single/tandem are US$125/195.</p><p>Combine bungee with a bridge swing and bridge slide, and itll cost US$160.</p><p> Canoeing &amp; KayakingOn the Zambian side, take on the Zambezis raging rapids in an inflatable kayak on a full-day trip (US$155), or learn to eskimo roll by signing up for half-/one-/three-day courses for US$82/145/412.</p><p>Otherwise there are peaceful canoe trips along the Upper Zambezi River on two-person inflatable canoes for US$125 or even more relaxed three-hour guided sunset trips for US$60 including wine and beer. Over-night jaunts cost US$200, with longer trips available.</p><p> Cultural ActivitiesSpend an evening by a campfire drumming under the Southern African sky, which in-cludes a traditional meal, for US$25 for the hour. You can arrange to watch and partici-pate in traditional dance for US$40.</p><p> FishingGrab a rod and cruise out to the Zambezi for the opportunity to reel in a mighty tiger fish, for around US$125 for a half day, and </p><p>THE FALLS VIEWING SEASONThough spectacular at any time of year, the falls has a wet and dry season and each brings a distinct experience.</p><p>When the river is higher and the falls fuller its the Wet, and when the river is lower and the falls arent smothered in spray its the Dry. Broadly speaking, you can expect the following conditions during the year:</p><p>January to April The beginning of the rainy season sees the falls begin their transitional period from low to high water, which should give you decent views, combined with expe-riencing its famous spray.</p><p>May to June Dont forget your raincoat, as youre gonna get drenched! While the falls will be hard to see through the mist, itll give you a true sense of its power as 500 mil-lion litres of water plummets over the edge. The mist during this time can be seen from 50kms away. If you want views, dont despair, this is the best time for aerial views with a chopper flight taking you up and over this incredible sight.</p><p>July to October The most popular time to visit, as the mist dissipates to unveil the best views and photography options from directly across the falls, while the volume main-tains its rage to give you an idea of its sheer force.</p><p>November to January The least popular time to visit, as temperatures rise and the falls are at their lowest flow. But theyre still impressive nevertheless, as the curtain of water divides into sections. The advantage of this time of year is youre able to swim right up to the edge of Devils Pool on the Zambian side.</p></li><li><p>VIcTORIA fALLs </p><p>VIcTORIA fALLs A</p><p>CT</p><p>IVIT</p><p>IESdeTO</p><p>UR: VIcTORIA fALLs A</p><p>CT</p><p>IVIT</p><p>IES</p><p>536</p><p>US$255 for a full day, which includes beer, fuel and transfers. Get in touch with Angle Zambia (%327489; for more info.</p><p> Horse RidingIndulge in a bit of wildlife spotting from horseback along the Zambezi. Rides for 2 hours cost around $US90, and full-day trips for experienced riders are US$145.</p><p> Jet BoatsPower straight into whirlpools! This hair-raising trip costs US$97, and is combined with a cable-car ride down into the Batoka Gorge.</p><p> Quad bikingDiscover the spectacular landscape around Livingstone, Zambia and the Batoka Gorge, spotting wildlife as you go on all-terrain quad bikes. Trips vary from ecotrail riding at Batoka Land to longer-range cultural trips in the African bush. Trips are 1 hour (US$80) or 2 hours (US$150).</p><p> RaftingThis is one of the best white-water rafting destinations in the world, both for experi-enced rafters and newbies. Rafting can be done on either side of the Zambezi, in Zim or Zam, and fills up between mid-February and July, high-water season. In the river below Vic Falls youll find Grade 5 rapids very long with huge drops and big kicks, and not for the faint-hearted. In high-water season, day trips move downstream from rapids 11 to 24, covering a distance of around 18km.</p><p>Low-water (open) season is between July and mid-February and is considered the best time for rafting. Day trips run be-tween rapids 1 and 19, covering a distance of around 25km. The river will usually close for its off season around April/May, depending on the rain pattern for the year.</p><p>Half-/full-day trips cost about US$120/130. Overnight and multiday jaunts can also be arranged.</p><p>Other options include riverboard-ing, which is basically lying on a boogie board and careering down the rapids for US$135/150 for a half/full day. The best time of year for riverboarding is February to June. A rafting/riverboarding combo is available, US$165.</p><p> River CruisesRiver cruises along the Zambezi range from civilised jaunts on the grand African Queen to all-you-can-drink sunset booze cruises. Prices range from US$30 to US$60. Great for spotting wildlife, though some tourists get just as much enjoyment out of the bot-tomless drinks. Highly recommended.</p><p> Scenic FlightsJust when you thought the falls couldnt get any more spectacular, discover the flight of angels helicopter ride that flies you right by the drama for the undisputed best views available. Rides arent cheap, but its worth it. Zambezi Helicopter Company (www.shear; flights 13/25 mins US$130/250, plus US$10 park entry fee) in Zimbabwe and United Air Charter (%213 </p><p>ZIM OR ZAM?Victoria Falls straddles the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, and is easily ac-cessible from both countries. However, the big question for most travellers is: do I visit the falls from the town of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, or from Livingstone, Zambia? The answer is simple: visit the falls from both sides and, if possible, stay in both towns.</p><p>From the Zimbabwean side youre further from the falls, though the overall views are better. From the Zambian side, for daring souls you can literally stand on top of the falls from Devils Pool, though from here your perspective is narrowed. </p><p>The town of Victoria Falls was built for tourists, so its easily walkable and located right next to the entrance to the Falls. It has a natural African bush beauty.</p><p>Livingstone is an attractive town with a relaxed ambience and a proud, historic air. Since the town of Victoria Falls was the main tourist centre for so many years, Living-stone feels more authentic, perhaps because locals earn their livelihood through means other than tourism. Livingstone is bustling with travellers year round, though the town is fairly spread out, and is located 11km from the falls.</p></li><li><p>VIcTORIA fALLs </p><p>VIcTORIA fALLs 8</p><p>deTOUR: VIcTO</p><p>RIA fALLs INFO</p><p>RM</p><p>ATIO</p><p>N537</p><p>323095;; Baobab Ridge, Living-stone) in Zambia both offer flights.</p><p>Another option is motorised hang-gliders, which also offer fabulous aerial views, and the pilot will take pictures for you with a camera fixed to the wing. It costs US$140 for 15 minutes over the falls.</p><p> Steam-train JourneysTo take in the romance of yesteryear, book yourself a ride on a historical steam train. On the Zimbabwe side there is the 1953 class 14A Garratt steam train through Vic-toria Falls Steam Train Co (%13 42912;; incl drinks US$40, incl dinner from US$75), that will take you over the iconic bridge at sunset or through the Zam-bezi National Park with either a full dinner or gourmet canapes and unlimited drinks. Even if youre not booked on a trip its worth getting along to the station to watch the incredible drama of its departure. There are also daily vintage tram trips (one way/return US$15/30) that head over the bridge and which also have a drinks and canapes option (US$40).</p><p>In Zambia the Royal Livingstone Ex-press (%213 323232; www.royal-livingstone -exp; Mosi-oa-Tunya Rd, Livingstone; incl din-ner &amp; drinks US$170; hWed &amp; Sat) takes you on a 3-hour ride including five-course dinner and drinks on a 1922 10th-class steam engine that will chug you through Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park on plush leather couches.</p><p> Wildlife SafarisThere are plenty of options for wildlife watching in the area, both in the nearby national parks and private game reserves, or further afield. Both guided walks and jeep safaris are available in the parks on both sides of the border. At Mosi-oa-Tunya Game Park (wildlife sanctuary admission US$10; hwildlife sanctuary 6am-6pm) in Zambia, theres a chance to see white rhinos, while the Zambezi National Park in Zimbabwe has a small population of lions. Walks cost around US$70, and drives US$50 to US$90. There are also dusk, dawn or night wild-life drives (US$50 to US$90). River safaris (US$30) along the Zambezi River are anoth-er popular way to see various wildlife includ-ing elephants, hippos and plenty of birdlife. </p><p>Another convenient option, only 15km from Victoria Falls town, is the Victoria Falls Private Game Reserve (%44471; </p><p>www.shearwatervic...</p></li></ul>