Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida August 2014

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The August 2014 Newsletter of the Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida


<ul><li><p> The Only Motorcycle Rights Organization in the Tri-County area </p><p>Legislative News MSAP Instructors Community service </p><p>Lobby &amp; Educate the Government &amp; the General Public to Promote Motorcycling in a Safe &amp; Positive Image </p><p>AUGUST 2014 Volume XXXIV, Issue II </p><p>See page 21 for flyer </p><p>August 9th </p></li><li><p> ABATE of Florida, Inc. Southwest Chapter </p><p>PO BOX 60745 Fort Myers, FL 33906 </p><p> MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION </p><p>SEE PAGE 4 FOR MEMBERSHIP TRUSTEE INFORMATION </p><p>Southwest Chapter </p><p>Name (Please Print Legibly): ________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>___________________________________________________________________________ City State Zip Code + Four Phone: (Include Area Code) ___________ _______________________________ May we use your phone number for our phone tree? YES NO Email Address: _____________________________________________________________________ Are you a registered Voter? YES NO </p><p>Please List your voting districts from your Voter Registration Card: </p><p>_________ FL House _________ FL Senate _________ US Congress District Name of Chapter you wish to join ___________________________________________________________ If you are a member of more than one chapter, please designate your home chapter ________________________ </p><p>Select ONE of the following: </p><p> New/Renewal - Annual Membership Due $20.00 </p><p> Lifetime Membership $ 150.00 </p><p> Transfer Membership to: ______________________________________________________________ </p><p> Change of Address: __________________________________________________________________ Signature _______________________________________________________ Date: __________________ Sponsored by Chapter Member : ____________________________________________________________ Memberships are open to anyone 18 years of age or older All members receive with their paid membership </p><p>a membership card, our bi-monthly Masterlink magazine, Chapter Newsletter, Chapter voting privileges and personal involvement in Statewide legislative actions and their freedom to ride </p><p>CHAPTER USE </p><p>Dues Paid by Cash Check Money Order </p><p>Mailed Date: Membership Card _________________________ Make Checks Payable to: </p><p>Copy of By Laws _________________________ ABATE of Florida, Inc. </p><p>Membership Expiration _________________________ Southwest Chapter </p></li><li><p>ABATE OF FLORIDA, INC. </p><p>MISSION STATEMENT WHO WE ARE </p><p>We are a non-profit organization of motorcycle enthusi-asts from all walks of life. We lobby and educate the government and the general public to promote motorcy-cling in a safe and positive image. We endeavor to enlist the cooperation and participation of all organizations and individuals that share a similar interest in preserving our American tradition of FREEDOM. We promote mo-torcycle safety, training, &amp; political awareness. We ARE NOT A CLUB OR A GANG. We fund our work through toy runs, poker runs, campouts, and other motorcycle activi-ties. We are your neighbors &amp; friends who work, pay taxes, and get involved with our community. We serve and support our country and believe in freedom. We use all legal means to protect our rights without infringing on the rights of others. </p><p>OUR GOALS </p><p>To become a powerful and viable political force in legis-lative matters concerning the motorcyclist. </p><p>To promote the safe riding habits without infringing on individual freedoms. </p><p>To motivate the bikers to write letters to their legislators before, during, and after the legislative session. </p><p>To furnish our members with a newsletter to keep all bikers informed in regards to upcoming legislation. </p><p>Disclaimer: </p><p>The views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily those of ABATE of Florida, Inc. and or the Southwest Chapter. This publication allows members to express their beliefs and opinions. ABATE of Florida, Inc. and Southwest Chapter accept no responsibility for the comments, opinions or views contained in this newsletter. </p><p>Please direct correspondence in reference to this publication to: </p><p>Wayne Cerra (cell) 239-989-3349 </p><p>Donations to ABATE of Florida, Inc. are not deductible for Federal Tax Purposes. ABATE of Florida, Inc. </p><p> 2010 ABATE of Florida, Inc. Southwest Chapter All Rights Re-served ABATE of Florida, Inc. and the Southwest Chapter do not condone drinking while riding or driving </p><p>IDENTIFICATION STATEMENT </p><p>SOUTHWEST CHAPTER NEWSLETTER; ISSUE DATE: AUGUST 2014 </p><p>PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY </p><p>ABATE of Florida, Inc. Southwest Chapter </p><p>PO Box 60745, Fort Myers, FL 33906 </p><p> </p><p>PRESENTLY, MEMBER MATERIAL DEADLINE IS THE 20th of the Month for Editorial and Board Approval </p><p>FOR SUBMISSIONS ______________ </p><p>NEW ADVERTISERS OR AD CHANGES MUST </p><p>BE SUBMITTED BY THE </p><p>15TH OF EACH MONTH </p><p>Southwest Chapter Meeting Schedule </p><p>This months Chapter Meeting </p><p>Will be held on </p><p>SUNDAY JUNE 1ST, 2014 </p><p>10 a.m. at </p><p>Harley Davidson of Fort Myers </p><p>Located at 2160 Colonial Dr. </p><p>Fort Myers, FL 33907 </p><p>239-275-4647 </p><p> </p><p>NEXT CHAPTER MEETING AUGUST 3RD, 2014 </p><p>SOUTHWEST CHAPTER NEWS PAGE 3 </p><p> </p><p>OUR NEXT CHAPTER </p><p>MEETING WILL BE </p><p>HELD SEPT. 7TH </p><p>Harley Davidson of Fort Myers </p><p>Located at 2160 Colonial Dr. </p><p>Fort Myers, FL 33907 Next meeting Oct. 5th </p></li><li><p> President Victor Piorkowski 239.823.6159 </p><p>Vice President Richard Leon 239.728.7100 </p><p>Secretary Laurie Hanley 239-898-5168 Treasurer Gwynne Hickman 239.246.2025 </p><p>Sergeant At Arms Shayne Harley 239.560.2565 </p><p>Membership Trustee Lynne Davis 239-770-5085 </p><p>Public Relations Gwynne Hickman </p><p>239.246.2025 </p><p> Legislative Representative </p><p>Ken Teddybear Miller 239.693.7035 </p><p> </p><p>Safety Director Frankie Kennedy </p><p>239.849.9065 </p><p> State Delegate(s) Victor Piorkowski </p><p>Richard Leon </p><p>Webmaster Taylor Musburger </p><p>239.334.1620 </p><p>Chapter Chaplain Tom Provenzano </p><p>239.267.8641 </p><p> Road Captains Gerry Mangina </p><p>ABATE of Florida, Inc. Southwest Chapter </p><p>EXECUTIVE BOARD &amp; TRUSTEES PO Box 60745, Fort Myers, FL 33906-6748 </p><p> </p><p>HELP SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MRO* Chapter Meetings held at Harley Davidson of Fort Myers </p><p>1st Sunday of each month *MOTORCYCLE RIGHTS ORGANIZATION </p><p>ABATE OF FLORIDA, INC. 2012 ABATE of Florida, Inc. Southwest Chapter All Rights Reserved </p><p>Donation to ABATE of Florida, Inc. are not deductible for Federal Income Tax Purposes ABATE of Florida, Inc. and Southwest Chapter Does Not Condone Drinking and Driving or Riding </p></li><li><p>SOUTHWEST CHAPTER NEWS PAGE 5 </p><p>This newsletter may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifi-cally authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of political , human rights, economic, democracy, and social justice is-sues, etc. We believe this constitutes a fair use of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the mate-rial in this newsletter is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond fair use, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. </p><p>ABATE OF FLORIDA, INC BOARD OF DIRECTORS (as of 6/12/14) </p><p> STATE OFFICE: ABATE OF Florida, Inc. PO Box 2520, Deland, FL 32721-2520 Phone: (386) 943-9610 Fax: same Email: PRESIDENT: JAMES "DOC" REICHENBACH PO Box 712, Silver Springs, FL 34489-0712 Phone: (352) 625-6353 Fax: same Email: VICE PRESIDENT: DENNIS "MUDDER" RUDOI PO Box 2520, Deland, FL 32721-2520 Phone: (407) 925-4307 Fax: (407) 699-9748 Email: SECRETARY: SHELLY JOHNSTON PO Box 2520, Deland, FL 32721-2520 Phone: (904) 405-4700 Fax:(386) 943-9610 Email: TREASURER: PATTI NASRALLAH PO Box 16309, Temple Terrace, FL 33687-6309 Phone: (813) 695-9203 Fax: (813) 626-2306 Email: SGT-AT-ARMS: TJ PAINTER PO Box 2520, Deland, FL 32721-2520 Phone: (352) 303-8299 Fax: (386) 943-9610 Email: PR/COMMUNICATIONS: SARABETH KOHL PO Box 2520, Deland, FL 32721-2520 Phone: (904) 591-4100 Fax: (386) 943-9610 Email: </p><p> MASTERLINK EDITOR: C/O STATE OFFICE PO Box 2520, Deland, FL 32721-2520 Phone: (386) 943-9610 Fax: (386) 943-9610 Email: MEMBERSHIP: GRACE LORD PO Box 2520, Deland, FL 32721-2520 Phone: (904) 504-6362 Fax: (386) 943-9610 Email: SAFETY PROGRAM (MSAP) DIRECTOR: CHARLIE WENGER PO Box 2520, Deland, FL 32721-2520 Phone: (954) 650-1420 FAX: (561) 333-6773 Email: LEGISLATIVE TRUSTEE: DARRIN "SCRIBE" BROOKS PO Box 2520, Deland, FL 32721-2520 Phone: (239) 398-7145 Email: PRODUCTS TRUSTEE: STEVE "CARETAKER" KNEE PO Box 4372, Milton, FL 32572-4372 Phone: (850)529-4446 Fax: (386) 943-9610 Email: LEGAL COUNSEL: LARRY CROW 1247 S. Pinellas Ave, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689 Phone: (727) 945-1112 Fax: (727) 945-9224 Email: WEBMASTER (appointed): </p></li><li><p>941-743-8883 1252 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33953 </p><p>LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES </p><p>Ad Expires 8.14 </p><p>Ad Expires 2.14 </p><p>VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME </p><p>Support Your Chapter @ Events </p><p>Ad Expires 9.14 </p></li><li><p>PRESIDENTS </p><p>MESSAGE </p><p>Hello Everyone, Needed volunteers for 5 star event. Security, Safety table, ticket booth. 2 hour shifts. </p><p>Please help out. </p><p>There is also a state board meeting from 12:00until 2:00pm and a dele-gate meeting beginning at 2:00pm, See the flyer on page 19. This months meeting is being held in Arcadia just down the road from the 5 star event (see page 16 for 5 Star flyer.) If you never been to a state meeting it will be good opportunity to see one. So come on and have some fun. Ride safe. Victor Piorkowski President Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida , Inc. </p><p>239.823.6159 </p><p>AD EXPIRES 6/14 </p></li><li><p>AD EXPIRES 11/14 </p><p>TREASURERS </p><p>REPORT </p><p>Hello fellow chapter members. I would like to thank all of you for having con-fidence in me to be your Treasurer. We got off to a slow start, due to vacations and other </p><p>personal commitments, but we are back now and running full steam. Your new Ex-ecutive Board met in Clermont this month and we all learned a lot! So have faith in us and we will endeavor to serve you well; there are some big shoes to fill, but we are up to the task. Looking forward to seeing you at our monthly meetings, the rides thereafter, and the dinner/new member rides that will resume shortly. </p><p>Gwynne Hickman 239.246.2025 </p><p> AD EXPIRES 12/14 </p></li><li><p>SOUTHWEST CHAPTER NEWS PAGE 9 </p><p>AUTO SALES </p><p>OWEN GORMAN </p><p>General Manager </p><p>(941) 639-1601 </p><p>Fax (941) 637-9582 </p><p>Cellular (941) 628-0492 </p><p>#1 Used Car Dealer </p><p>in Charlotte </p><p>County for 16 </p><p>years straight . </p><p>A subsidiary of Gene Gorman &amp; Associates, Inc. </p><p>EXPIRES 8/14 </p><p>LOOKING FOR </p><p>A FEW GOOD MEN!! </p><p>The SWFL Chapter of </p><p>LEATHERNECKS Motorcycle Club Intl., Inc. </p><p>We Welcome Marine Veterans, FMF </p><p>Corpsmen And Active Duty Men and Women Marines </p><p>If you love riding a mo-</p><p>torcycle and want the </p><p>Brotherhood/Sisterhood </p><p>That you had in the </p><p>Corps, then we are </p><p>what you want! </p><p>For further information </p><p>contact Rail Road at: </p><p>239-321-3298 </p><p>Or visit our website at: </p><p> </p><p>AD EXPIRES- TRADE </p><p> Southwest Chapter Products </p><p> CHAPTER PATCH LARGE (MEMBERS ONLY) $25.00 </p><p> CHAPTER PATCH SMALL $7.00 </p><p> CHAPTER FLAG $25.00 CHAPTER SHIRTS &amp; MORE ARE AVAILABLE ~ SEE PRODUCTS TRUSTEE FOR INVENTORY </p></li><li><p> One of the few-in-the-World dedicated </p><p>self-service motorcycle bays </p><p> Use the lift to raise your bike 2 high for </p><p>ease of cleaning </p><p> All cleaning solutions are strictly de-</p><p>signed for motorcycling washing </p><p> Spot Free rinse for a spot free finish </p><p> High &amp; Low pressure rinse cycles </p><p> High pressure air blower for fast drying </p><p> $1 to start </p><p> Cash or major credit cards accepted </p><p> OPEN 24/7 </p><p>Downtowner Motorcycle Wash </p><p>PINE ISLAND ROAD </p><p>Across From Bonefish Grill </p><p>Between Skyline &amp; Chiquita </p><p>1203 Pine Island Rd. Cape Coral, FL 33991 </p><p>239-800-2039 </p><p> Two Dog Washing Stations </p><p> Cleaned &amp; Sanitized between </p><p>each customers use </p><p>Downtowner Car Wash - Southeast </p><p>1009 Del Prado Blvd. Cape Coral </p><p>Offers Detailing Presently at Our Del Prado Location </p><p>Call for appointment (239) 772-2277 </p><p>Ad Expires 2.15 </p><p>Downtowner Car Wash </p><p>DOWNTOWNER EXPRESS CAR WASH </p><p>Welcomes Motorcycles </p></li><li><p>SOUTHWEST CHAPTER LIFE MEMBERS </p><p>SOUTHWEST PAGE 11 </p><p>Keith Baker </p><p>Darrell Barnett </p><p>Jerry Barnett </p><p>Denee Bartels </p><p>Scott Blink </p><p>Chet Butz </p><p>James Burkholder </p><p>Nora Burkholder </p><p>Don Campbell </p><p>Frances Cazes </p><p>Wayne Cerra </p><p>Jonathan Conant </p><p>Terry Covington </p><p>Audrey Cran </p><p>Maggie Cran </p><p>Rick Cran </p><p>Rob Cran </p><p>Robert Cruz Crusan </p><p>Jim Crystal </p><p>Dan Curry </p><p>Ginny DAsti </p><p>Biffle Davis </p><p>Lynne Davis </p><p>Mary Dicenzo-Porter </p><p>Al Diagiaco </p><p>Frank Disomma </p><p>Cindy Doak </p><p>Randy Eck </p><p>Marius Espeleta </p><p>Brian Galvin </p><p>Sonny Gartrell </p><p>Steven Goldstein </p><p>Lynnda Gray </p><p>Larry Gullia </p><p>Bob Hall </p><p>Rodney Hollingsworth </p><p>Misti Hollingsworth </p><p>Harry Hoover </p><p>Jeff Hoover </p><p>Jonathan Hunt </p><p>George Huttman </p><p>Susan Red Huttman </p><p>Dan Jackson </p><p>Cindy CJ Jordan </p><p>Frankie Kennedy </p><p>John Kennedy </p><p>Ed LaCombe </p><p>Julio Lopez </p><p>Mary Ann Rivera-Lopez </p><p>KD Marlowe </p><p>Russell May </p><p>Rev.Rea Means </p><p>Don Meredith Jr. </p><p>Jo Ann Miller </p><p>Kenneth Miller </p><p>John Mitchell </p><p>Moe Moser </p><p>Jim Mozeleski </p><p>Taylor Musburger </p><p>Carl Nelson </p><p>Terry Padilla </p><p>Bob Penn </p><p>Asuncsion Peppers </p><p>Richard Peppers </p><p>Victor Piorkowski </p><p>Kathleen Provenzano </p><p>Rev. Thomas Provenzano </p><p>Bill Robinson </p><p>Janet Rolfe </p><p>Tabitha Rossi </p><p>Roland Salsberry </p><p>Jencye Schmitt </p><p>Jerry Schmitt </p><p>Bruce Scheiner </p><p>Juergen Wolfgang Schitzer </p><p>Jencye Schmitt </p><p>Jerry Schmitt </p><p>Elsie Seif </p><p>Doug Sepanak </p><p>Robert Simon </p><p>Kelly Smith </p><p>Randall Spivey </p><p>Richard Stergulz...</p></li></ul>


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