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  • Space – Shaping The Future

    Shaping the future of space using advanced engineering, technology and business consulting.


  • Space


    Shaping the future of space using advanced engineering, technology and business consulting.

  • Americas 16,000 employees

    Middle East & Africa 17,500 employees

    Asia Pacific 4,500 employees

    Europe 12,000 employees

    Our Services Our expertise across a diverse range of sectors, disciplines and geographies ensures our clients benefit from the breadth and depth of our capability.

    We have a proud history of supporting clients in the space, Aerospace and Defence sectors. We’ve spent many years working with our clients to deliver value, improve safety, drive innovation and to solve technical challenges in an increasingly complex world.

    Fully Integrated Offshore Support Our Global Design Centre, established in 1995, is recognised by our clients as an industry leading centre of excellence in design and engineering. Our highly capable offshore specialists can seamlessly integrate with our UK teams, offering clients the opportunity to achieve lower costs and longer working hours.

    Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin group, is one of the world’s most respected design, engineering and project management consultancies, able to draw on the knowledge and expertise of more than 50,000 colleagues worldwide. And with over 9,000 staff across the UK, we’re the UK’s largest engineering consultancy.

    Who we are

    Space – Shaping The Future

    software development projects › Certified SCRUM Masters – managing

    member of APM › Member of the APM board and corporate

    and Management of Risk (MoR) › Founder member of PRINCE2, MSP03/07

    programme management experience: and AS 9100 and have extensive project and Assurance processes compliant with ISO 9001 We operate under Quality and Technical

    Performance Delivery & Quality

  • S PA C E P O R T

    Biometric Security Systems

    > Critical software development and verification > Embedded SW for satellites and launchers > Simulation SW development > Web SW development and support for ground systems

    > Operations for EO systems > Geospatial analysis > Data visualisation and analysis

    > Masterplanning and terminal design > Infrastructure and systems > Engineering services for runways & launchpads > Civil engineering and construction > Security systems > Noise and acoustics > Ecological survey > Air Traffic Management > Facilities management

    > Airframe engineering > Safety > Certification analysis > Requirements Verification & Validation > Horizonal and vertical take-off > Landing gear > Fuel systems > Advanced material weight optimisation

    > Satellite commercial models > Service incentivisation > Procurement strategy and option development > Business transformation > Business Architecture Models > Cost Modelling > Business Case Development > Cost Benefit Analysis

    > Digital Asset Management > Integrated Logistics Support > EASA Part 21J Design Organisation Approval

    > Spacecraft, instruments, and equipment > Mechanical design and analysis > Thermal analysis > Finite Element Analysis > Advanced composite materials > Systems and software engineering > Test definition, support, and evaluation

    > Project management > Technical management > Requirements engineering > Design optimisation > Test bench design and realisation

    > Wireless Network Design (inc 5G) > Secure Network Design

    > System Vulnerability Investigations > System Resilience > Cyber Security and Resilience

    The spaceports and missions of tomorrow require the convergence of the aerospace, infrastructure, communication and data science worlds. The complex interaction between regulatory environments, design constraints and design drivers will require each individual element to be designed with an understanding of the others. A deep understanding of all these environments is neither easily nor quickly gained, but it is fundamental to create a successful solution.

    Our capabilities and services

    Space – Shaping The Future

    Why us? Atkins has the depth and breadth of engineering capabilities across all of the key sectors that are critical to Space. Combining this with its business consulting capabilities creates a powerful offering to our clients. From vehicle manufacturers, infrastructure and service providers to downstream analytics, we are able to advise and support clients in considering the wider Space ecosystem, successfully delivering an integrated solution.

  • Design and Certification Atkins has been at the cutting edge of aerospace technology for over two decades. From designing and supporting certification of civil and military aircraft; to a range of military platforms and flagship projects in space, we have demonstrated an ability to create high quality pioneering solutions in a safety critical environment. Our specialists enable the design, development and test of launch vehicles and satellites, small and large – performing complex structural analysis and designing lightweight products using advanced engineering and technology.

    Our engineering capability spans across many disciplines, including; mechanical, systems, safety, software and digital engineering.

    Spaceports and Infrastructure Involved at the forefront of regulation and certification in aerospace, transportation and infrastructure sectors, we can help clients navigate complex emerging requirements. Our experts know how to work with industry, regulators and customers to deliver flagship infrastructure.

    We’ve been helping create infrastructure and systems for world class airports where air travel is safer, easier and faster for commuters. With a long heritage and proven expertise in understanding the built environment, Atkins is ideally placed to help shape spaceports, and the integration of disruptive technologies to drive better outcomes.

    Defence Atkins have a significant history in supporting defence organisations in the requirements definition, design, qualification and in- service support of assets. We work in secure environments, helping our customers to exploit data from satellites to gain tactical advantage – providing improved situational awareness and enhanced communications networks.

    Our deep engineering insight can be applied holistically to ensure interdependent requirements are considered across the entire Space operating environment in both the upstream and downstream domains.

    Our capabilities and services

    Space – Shaping The Future


  • Space – Shaping The Future

    Our capabilities and services

    Data Analytics Data and information are not the same: processing data in order that it can truly inform is both a science and an art. Our digital solutions and services for complex assets blend our expertise in digital transformation with our deep understanding, experience and heritage in traditional engineering.

    Our engineers and analysts use data from design and in-service to inform decisions – from maintenance and safety to operational excellence and optimisation, we use our engineering knowledge to deliver understanding and useful insight.

    Making Sense of the Earth from Space As the UK’s largest engineering consultancy, and leaders in digital engineering, we utilise data across a range of established and emerging markets to generate intelligent insights and to engineer the built environment. 

    Our Geospatial capability extracts value from space data streams – such as position, navigation and timing (PNT) or Earth observation (EO) – by using it to describe the world around us, to support some of the most important global civil engineering projects across infrastructure, transportation and energy domains.

    Engineering-led Business Consultancy Using the combination of our in-depth engineering, industry knowledge and business consulting expertise, we can provide service oriented business architecture models, supply chain optimisation solutions and cost benefit analysis for current and emerging markets.

    Secure by Design Atkins delivers cyber resilience expertise to the critical national infrastructure, government, national security and defence sectors.

    By combining our engineering insight with our experience of working in secure and mission-critical environments, we can offer unrivalled insight into an organisation’s digital vulnerabilities, ensuring a ‘Secure by Design’ approach to everything we do.

    Downstream Upstream and Downstream

  • We work with clients across Defence, space, government, critical national infrastructure and industry in achieving digital transformation. Our experience in delivering digital and business consulting across a diverse range of industries and scales is complemented by our technical credibility in space, aerospace and defence engineering.

    We’ll work with you to understand where your organisation is, where it needs to be, and how to get there. Then we’ll help you do it.

    Together we’ll ensure the best use of digital technologies and innovative ways of working, reducing operational costs and creating leaner, more agile organisations that respo