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  • 1. Spanish-American War vs

2. Other countries besides the U.S. had lands around the world. One ofthose was Spain-which is a country in Europe that borders France andPortugal. Spain had owned lands in the western hemisphere sincetheir explorer Columbus first found the islands south of Florida and claimed them for the country! 3. At one time, Spain owned Mexico and all of South America(which is why the people there speak Spanish). They evenowned Florida and Alabama and other parts of theSoutheast and Southwest U.S. at one time.MexicoSouth AmericaAlabama FLORIDA 4. Some of those lands were close to theUnited States such as Cuba and PuertoRico. 5. When Cubans began to demand freedom/independence from their mother country of Spain the Spanish government smashed them andkilled many and burned many of their crops and businesses. Caution: Dead bodies in a pit below. 6. The leaders of Spains government in Cubatossed thousands of Cuban people in jail forrevolting against them! 7. Many Americans felt sorry for our neighbors the Cubanpeople and some wanted the U.S. to help them. President William McKinley refused to get involved in Cubasbusiness at first. 8. American business owners and the U.S. governmentbecame angry when American sugar and tobaccoplantations in Cuba were being destroyed. The U.S. madea LOT of money from their businesses in Cuba. 9. Cubans growing tobacco 10. The United States Ship: The Maine photographed here in January of1898 was sent by U.S. President McKinley to Cuba to protectAmerican lives and property. One month later it would be blown up and destroyed!!! 11. When the Maine exploded, 260 American sailors died and manyassumed that the Spanish army in Cuba was responsible. Fact is, itcould have been an accident and some even say the U.S. may have exploded it themselves to get the war started! 12. This is what was left of the Maine after the explosion. 13. Another view of the Mainewreckage 14. U.S. newspapers blamed Spain without any proof!!!!Outrageous lies were told to American citizens about the event to sell more newspapers. This is called Yellow Journalism and it is bad.mkay? 15. Americans were furious that Spain would destroy a U.S. ship! A newbattle cry was begun in the States: Remember the Maine!With enough public support for a war with Spain, Congress declaredwar on them April 25, 1898. Notice the name of this history channelDVD. Birth of a WHAT? 16. COULD AMERICA HAVE *gasp!* WANTEDA WAR WITH SPAIN? YA THINK? WHY??? 17. Heres a short 4 minute video on thebeginning of the Spanish-American War andhow it all began..**THE FIGHT FOR INDEPENDENCE INCUBA