“SPEAKER’S ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF FLUENCY TOOLS” classroom training cannot make you fluent in speech. • Nor can e-learning. • Nor audio cassettes/CDs. ... Oral Training in Fluency Vocabulary

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    WHAT IS IT that prevents mosteducated people who write goodEnglish from speaking it quite flu-

    ently? The culprit is a wrong impression:Theyre under the wrong impression thatthe right way to speak English is to speak itthe way they write an essay or report.

    And whenever they start speaking in En-glish, they try to speak the way they write.That is, they try to force written Englishthro the medium of speech. Like trying toforce bricks thro a water pipe. Is there anywonder they stumble, stammer & falter?

    The liberating truthSo heres the 1st truth: Spoken English isnot written English said aloud. And no-body can speak English fluently if they tryto speak the way they write. Nobody.

    So, to speak English fluently, you need aset of tools that are wholly different fromthe set of tools that help you write English.

    Secret of the silver-tonguedSo the very first thing you should do isthis: Acquire fluency-building knowledge &skills. And whenever you speak, speak onlyaccording to fluency-building knowledge &skills and not according to your writtenEnglish knowledge & skills.

    The great news is, this first step is alsothe last step: Master the fluency-buildingknowledge & skills and whenever youstart speaking in English, your word clus-ters start flowing out . Readily. Easily. In-stead of just remaining on the tip of yourtongue. This is the 2nd truth.

    7 wrong methodsMind you, conventional methods are only

    language-learning tools. And not fluency-building tools. And so theyre not capableof helping you master fluency units andfluency strategies. This may sound incred-ible at first. But this is a fact.

    No, classroom training cannot makeyou fluent in speech. Nor can e-learning. Nor audio cassettes/CDs. Nor videos. Nor language laboratories. Nor ready-made sentences. Nor learning done throyour mother tongue. No.

    Of course, some of these methods mayhelp you utter one-line English here and

    there: One-line statements. One-line ques-tions. One-line replies. One-line instruc-tions. But mind you, true fluency is some-thing else. Something totally different.

    WHAT IS TRUE FLUENCY?You cant call yourself truly fluent just be-cause you can speak one-line English hereand there, can you?

    Youre truly fluent only when you canspeak continuously. At length. By givingsupporting details, reasons, justifications,and illustrative examples of situations andevents. Easily, clearly, confidently. Withoutunwanted hesitations. That too, in newer &newer situations. Even in situations youvehad no training in. Spontaneously. Withoutprior planning. Or advance preparation.

    Understand this: Every real-life speechsituation brings up new twists and turns and throws up new speech-composi-tion problems. And fluency is your abilityto navigate these twists and turns. Andto keep up a steady flow of speech.

    So the fluency skill is a unique skill. Theonly one of its kind... And so, you cant learnit in the same way as you learn other skills computer skills, or mathematics or swim-ming. Fluency skill needs a different ap-proach. A completely different approach.

    Self-study: Smart peoplesway to pro-like fluencyTheres only one way to master the fluency-skill: Self-directed self-study. That is the onlyway. No teacher-dependent method canhelp. You should do independent study outside classrooms. Yes, outside. Teachyourself. Without a teacher.

    Yes. The fluency skill can only be mastereddirectly . Thro self-effort. Without ateacher coming between you and the learn-ing process. Only then will the fluency skillbecome your skill. And this is the 3rd truth.Fluentzy, the worlds most sought-after

    fluency-building system, makes this self-study quite easy. Easier than you think.

    Act NOW! And ask for our 40-page FluencyHandbook: How to pick up fluency in En-glish thro self-study... And find out how togo about achieving the highest level offluency in English.

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    How to tameEnglish fluency! And how to transform yourself... from a h-e-s-i-t-a-n-tspeaker... into a fluent debater thro these 3 telling truths.


    Now, how do the Fluentzy books helpyou to become truly fluent and tostrengthen your fluency? Heres how:

    1). These self-study books tell you how to com-pose your speech and speak at the same time.On your feet. Against the pressure of time.

    2). They help you to break free of h-e-s-i-t-a-t-i-o-n-s. And to deal with on-the-spot speech-com-position difficulties. And speech-processing diffi-culties. And to speak on... In free flowing En-glish. About your ideas, thoughts & feelings.

    3). They help you to achieve the ability to sayplenty of things that are appropriate in all theeveryday situations you face in your social andcareer life, so that you wont be at a loss forwords in these situations.

    4). They help you to achieve adequate controlover fluency-producing vocabulary and other re-sources, so you can manipulate them and jugglewith them at will orally. And speak Englishspontaneously. Describe, explain or narratethings. Without prior planning. Or preparation.Whether youre having a chat or a serious con-versation. Or a public discussion. Or making apresentation. Or speaking at a job interview or media interview. Or negotiating. Or arguing.Or making a speech in public.

    5). They help you to train your organs ofspeech. And to get those organs to work likethose of a native speaker of English. And to helpyou speak on. In effortless English. Without

    Fluencypedia:The Fluency TamerWHY IS it that most of those who even have a masters degree inEngl