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  • Special Report

    Delta's advertising strategy of brand communicationBrand People

    DEJ's path to business management: Dealing with the right clients and productsAn Interview with General Manager of Delta Northeast Asia, CH KoDelta Green Life

    NCFTA LED light sculpture and 3D puppetry show performed with Delta solutions

  • From the Editor Special Report02 Delta's advertising strategy of brand communication

    Brand Circle08 NCFTA LED light sculpture and 3D puppetry show performed with Delta solutions 08 Delta provides Russian Academy of Medical Sciences with power protection systems09 Delta DVCS enters major Chinese industries10 DGC QE Lab accredited CNAS10 Delta Energy Technology accredited EMCC11 Delta introduces 100W and 150W PMT panel mount power supply series11 DeltasuccessfullyinstallsvideowallforIndia'sfirstSafeCityproject12 Ultra marathoner Kevin Lin conquers the Gobi Delta sponsors HD documentary to urge cherishing water resources13 DGC holds System Integration Solution Sharing conference13 Delta Sunshine Elementary School: Realization of the Delta belief and brand spirit15 Delta approaches Russian industrial automation markets with CNC system and elevator solutions15 Delta UPS and datacenter infrastructure receive awards around the world16 Delta exhibits displays for any vision at InfoComm 201316 Delta's projection mapping shines over Thailand LED EXPO 201317 Special reports on Delta's participation in Chinese exhibitions18 Delta's intelligent and energy-saving ventilation fan and fan heater debut at Guangzhou International Building Decoration Fair18 Great prospects for Delta Plant Factory on its entry to China19 Delta builds new energy-saving landmark in Taiwan: Light sculpture for Tropical Rainforest Greenhouse at NMNS19 Delta receives Community Intelligence Realization Award from ECO-NOMY

    Brand People19 DEJ's path to business management: Dealing with the right clients and products An Interview with General Manager of Delta Northeast Asia, CH Ko

    Brand Academy23 Delta Looks towards an Innovative Future~ Chairman Yancey Hai at Global Insight by Chin-ho Hsieh on ETTV

    News Station26 News Station

    Delta Green Life27 The fun of LOHAS travelling in Japan29 DEF helps elementary schools in Taiwan and overseas save energy29Delta(Shanghai)holdsitsfirstenergyeducationvolunteertrainingprogram

    CONTENTS Brand NewsJUNE 2013


    Delta Brand News Bi-Monthly December 1, 2011 founded

    Publisher: Ping Cheng Editor in Chief: Shan-Shan GuoEditorial Board: Andy Liu, CS Chang, Charlie Pai, Jack Lin, Jesse Chou, May Wu, Sonia Wang, Wim Chang, Yiching Chang, Yi-Wen WangEditor: Maggie Hsia, Milo Tseng, Shalom Hung, Thomas Chang

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  • 01Brand News

    On July 31, Kevin Lin, the ultra marathon runner from Taiwan, once again successfully accomplished another extreme expedition, this time running across the Gobi Desert, a distance of 2,400 km, in nearly 40 days. Delta Chairman Yancey Hai was waiting for Mr. Lin to cheer him at the destination - Jiayu Pass and ran with him in the last stretch of the quest. During the expedition, Lin and his team recorded a vivid documentary of surviving the world's three most arid regions, which will serve as an appeal for the world to cherish water resources. Before his departure, I met briefly with Mr. Lin to tell him that Delta would sponsor the expedition and express our strong support for his appeal. Taking this opportunity, I also gave him and his team the latest Innergie PocketCell Duo portable battery pack and Vivitek Qumi projector. Using these cutting edge technologies from Delta, they could ensure uninterrupted power supply for their electronic devices and constantly review the documentary they shot.

    This is the first time for Delta to sponsor an athlete. With documentary, Mr. Lin wishes to promote environmental education. This aim resonates with our corporate mission, "To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow," and Delta brand promise of "Smarter. Greener. Together." Our sponsorship is hence a solid initiative for the corporate social responsibility. Through Lin's demonstration, we also hope Innergie and Vivitek products could be widely publicized.

    Speaking of brand publicity, "advertising" is very important. In the "Special Report" of this issue, we introduce Delta's Brand Advertising Strategy and explain the what (to say), how (to say it), whom (to say it to), and where (to say it) of this strategy. DGC also shared with us their advertising experience over the years and how to maximize the value by constantly changing the method and the form of advertising as time goes by.

    In the "Brand People" column, we interviewed Delta Northeast Asia General Manager CH Ko. In mid-July, DEJ successfully appeared in Japan's largest electronics and power supply trade fair, Techno-Frontier. Energy products and solutions from Delta received warm response. Ko emphasizes quality and service. He directed DEJ for more than 20 years with the motto "selecting the right client and the right product". What will Ko's strategies be for DEJ in the next 20 years? You will find the answer from the report.

    Delta's display solutions have recently shone over the National Center for Traditional Arts (NCFTA) in Yilan and the National Museum of Natural Science (NMNS) in Taichung. With the sophisticated LED lighting control system, we created a nighttime modern version of the famous painting "Along the River during the Qingming Festival" at NCFTA, with daily energy consumption less than NT$60. At the NMNS we decorated the eight-storey greenhouse into an LED light sculpture with 234 sets of energy-saving lighting fixtures recycled from the Ring of Celestial Bliss with Delta's lighting integration solutions, for less than NT$35 a day. In the current issue, we would share with you these recent successes Delta achieved.

    Shan-Shan Guo,BrandManagementOffice

    From the Editor

  • 02Brand News

    Special Report

    < Text by BMO, Marketing Communication Department/ DGC >

    To build a strong "brand" relies on two fundamentals: branded business, which refers to comprehensive operation cycle and branding, the initiatives to build association with brand. Moreover, advertising is the most common used vehicle in branding.

    An analogy of "advertising campaign" is the "entry and presentation" of actors performing in a play; the preparations of a campaign is like the setting and warming-up before actors step onto stage. It takes a step-by-step process and enormous time to practice so that the most appropriate and best side could be presented to the audience. In this issues special report, we'd like to share with you the advertising strategy of Delta.

    Simply speaking, the basic elements of an "advertising strategy" are as follows:

    What (what to say) How (how to say it) Who (who to say it to) Where (where to say it)

    Let's start with "what" and "how". According to many international branding experts, boosting sales is the aim of brand building. Also, continuous increase of brand awareness and the constant accumulation of brand equity are ways to promote sustainable growth of the company. In addition, "advertising" plays a decisive role in brand

    communication. Many internationally known industrial brands continuously advertise on major media. When Delta advertises its brand, what should we say and what message should be conveyed to customers?

    "Brand Promise" is what we should say.

    Deltas advertising strategy of brand communication

  • 03Brand News

    It was the first time Delta defined a "brand promise" in 2012. Brand Management Office started meticulous planning and explored basic brand elements, which included a global market survey, re-categorization of business sectors and definition of brand architecture and communication architecture, launching a CI system (CIS), and more. The output of each stage of the process was the input for the following stage. After creating all the basics, we extracted the following strategic focus and positioning after analyzing mega trends of markets and Delta's core competences and values and then conducted in-depth discussions with the management team.

    Business Focus: Becoming a solution provider of system integration Brand Attributes: Efficiency/Reliability (Functional), Caring/Bonding (Emotional) Communication Concept: We believe in technology advancement and collaboration with customers in a

    changing world Brand Promise: Smarter. Greener. Together.

    With "what to say" decided upon, it was time to consider "how to say it". That was the stage for ad creation and production.

    Continuously shaping establishes the impression of Smarter. Greener. Together.To persuade a customer to buy a product or to retain a brand impression after watching is the essential magic of advertising. This all depends on the strategy and objective of advertisers. Besides broadcasting, advertising combines text and images to present the unique selling points of the products or the characteristics of the brand.

    How would Delta say Smarter. Greener. Together.? How to communicate Delta's brand promise with text and images was the principal mission at this stage.

    "Smarter" represents the technical core competences of Delta in power efficiency and renewable energy. "Greener" refers the corporate mission: "To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow". "Together" is Delta's philosophy. It represents the establishment of long-term partnerships with customers. In this case, how could we logically convert these three seemingly independent messages into one creative, attractive, and easy