Sponsor a Sponsorship: I would like to sponsor a child for thetotal amount of $1500. I would like todonate$

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  • St. Paul’sMinistry Mission Statement:

    To ensure that every child has access to

    a loving Christian environment and

    the education needed to become a self-

    sustaining individual and contributing

    member of their community.

    Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth St. Paul’sMinistry

    2900 Alemeda Street Ft. Worth, Texas76108 www.fwworldmission.net


    a Child Program

    Impacting the lives of youth in Mexico

    An outreach of the

    Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth


    Thank you so much to the

    sponsors of Angel, Esme, Joel,

    and Maria!

    The other boys and girls need

    sponsors for the coming school

    year which will begin in August.

    Please pray that COVID-19 will

    not be a problem and the

    schools will open as planned.


  • La Gran Familia

    Sponsor A Child Program

    Pledge Form

    Please complete the following information including

    your level of sponsorship for the child and indicate

    your participation as shown on this form.

    Please return this form by mail to Episcopal Diocese of Ft. Worth—St Paul’s Ministry

    2900 Alemeda Street Ft. Worth, Texas 76108

    Or visit our website at www.fwworldmission.net

    Church, Individual

    or Organization :


    City, State, Zip:

    Email: _______________________

    Cell Phone: _______________________

    Please indicate the child you wish to sponsor:

    □ Daniel □ F e l i p e

    □ Esmeralda □ A n g e l

    □ Esme □ J e s u s

    □ Gaby □ J o e l

    □ M a r i a □ R o b e r t o

    Sponsorship: □ I would like to sponsor a child for the total

    amount of $1500.

    □ I would like to donate $

    towards sponsorship of a child.

    Methods of Payment: □ Check is included. Please do not

    mail cash. Make checks payable to the Dio-

    cese of Fort Worth with LGF Sponsor a Child

    in the memo line.

    □ Credit card payment available please click

    the “Donate Now Button”.




    Sponsor a ChildProgram El Ministerio de San Pablo (St. Paul’s Minis-

    try) will facilitate the sponsorship of teenage

    youth by church groups, individuals, or fami-

    lies who want to make a positive difference in

    the lives of the children of La Gran Familia.

    An anonymous donor will match funds for the

    upcoming school year; therefore your

    donation of $1500 will result in a yearly dona-

    tion of $3000. Your funds help;

    • Provide for his or her education in tuition, books, supplies, uniforms,

    transportation, & tutoring

    • Empower the teen to reach his or her potential and to become a positive

    influence in their community Angel Jesus





    Pick a Youth to be Sponsored!