Sponsored Programs Update ORED Research Seminar Series August 29, 2013

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Sponsored Programs Update ORED Research Seminar Series August 29, 2013. Welcome. Jennifer Easley Director, Sponsored Programs Administration Denise Peeples Assistant Controller, Sponsored Programs Accounting. Today’s Agenda. General Overview Sponsored Programs Administration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Sponsored Programs Update ORED Research Seminar Series August 29, 2013

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Sponsored Programs UpdateORED Research Seminar SeriesAugust 29, 2013

WelcomeJennifer Easley Director, Sponsored Programs Administration

Denise PeeplesAssistant Controller, Sponsored Programs Accounting

Todays AgendaGeneral OverviewSponsored Programs AdministrationSponsored Programs AccountingQuestions??General Overview

Sponsored Programs OfficesSponsored Programs AdministrationReview and Submit proposalsReceive awardsNegotiate and sign awardsNon-fiscal post award issuesSponsored Programs AccountingFund set up in BannerInvoicingFiscal functionsFinal fiscal reportsCollections

5Non-fiscal post award issues: subcontracts, consultants, budget revisions (sponsor approval), no-cost extensions (getting approval for things)Fiscal functions: JVs, cost transfers, internal budget revisions (non-sponsor approval), subaward invoice review (paying for things)

Sponsored Programs Fund ProcessSponsored Programs Administration

How to Contact Sponsored Programs AdministrationPhone Number: 325-7404

Fax Number: 325-3803

Mail Stop 9564

Location: 133 Etheredge Hall


Sponsored Programs Administration TeamsTina Cunningham, Team LeadBecky BassettDodie MaynardAngie TempletonTina Hood, Team LeadMatt CapellaNicole CobbTBD

Sponsored Programs AdministrationOther StaffPenny French Proposals/Awards, Subaward Unit Lead, Proposal DevelopmentLeLe Newell Proposal Submissions, Award Negotiations, Educational Training Hannah Burnett Proposal Review, Proposal Development, Award ReviewMarlene Langford Reporting, CloseoutsNatalie Carpenter Purchasing, PersonnelSystem MigrationTransition from Coeus to BannerAward NotificationsChild FundsNew form for those not listed on IASNotification processGMOAsFuture reporting capabilitiesThanks for your patience!

Proposal DevelopmentAssistance with budgets, forms, etc.Contact Jennifer Easley or Penny Frenchjeasley@spa.msstate.edu / pfrench@spa.msstate.eduCayuse 424 90-day trialTarget go-live date of 10/1/13Pilot groups

Other HappeningsWebsite RedesignFaculty and budget manager focus groupsEase of use primary goal

D.A.W.G. ProgramIncreasing support for researchLaunched in 2012New class to begin in September

Fringe & Tuition Rate ChangesSent on listservWebsite to be updated soon

Sponsored Programs Accounting

How to Contact Sponsored Programs AccountingPhone Number: 325-1937

Fax Number: 325-8394

Mail Stop 9602

Location: McArthur Hall 4th Floor


Sponsored Programs Accounting Teams: Team 1Kate Teasler, Senior Accountant Fund set-up for 30, 35 and 36 fundsWhitley Bingham, Accountant - 06 orgsStephanie Ford, Accountant - 02, 04, 05, 08, 3 & 4 orgs and Subcontract CloseoutCandace Sullivan, Staff New subcontract set-up and review of subcontract invoicesSponsored Programs Accounting Teams: Team 2Laura Rowell, Senior Accountant - Fund set-up for 31, 32, 33 and 34 fundsCindy Wall, Accountant - 011100, 012200, 03, 19, 18 and 7 orgsKimberly Dickey, Accountant - 01 orgs (except 011100 and 012200)Jada McMullen, Staff Processes checks and wire transfers and handles Time and Effort reporting and collectionsProcess of Fund Set-upSponsored Programs Accounting sets up the fund number based on the awarding agency.

3X0000-3X2999 Federal360000-363999 Federal3X3000-3X4999 State and Local3X5000-3X6999 365% Private307XXX, 308XXX, 3091XX Scholarships

Process of Fund Set-upSend email to PI and departmental contact

Cost share companion fund will be set up to correspond with the sponsor fund. The fund will start with 8 and the last five digits will tie to the sponsor fund.

Load sponsor budget and cost share budget into BannerIndirect Cost RatesCost Reimbursable FundsIndirect will be calculated on actual expenditures.

Fixed Price FundsIndirect will be posted for the budgeted amount if all funds are received.

See Indirect Cost Rateshttp://www.controller.msstate.edu/docs/FArate_fy2008.pdf

ImportantBe sure to use the Indirect Rate that corresponds to the activity.

Invoicing RequirementsA copy will be sent to the department for their records.

Second Notices will be sent after 45 days past due. A copy will be sent to the department for their records.

Sponsored Programs Accounting will invoice the sponsor based on the terms in the award.

Cost Share/MatchReview contract for cost share requirements.

All cost share expenditures must be incurred within the cost share fund.

Any cost required to complete the objectives and not covered by the sponsor should be considered cost share.

Use Request for Budget Transfer form

Reconciliation and Project Close-OutReconcile the restricted fund. The monthly reconciliation should be reviewed by the Principle Investigator.Sponsored Programs Accounting will prepare a close-out sheet to ensure that all costs are included in the final invoice to the sponsor. This should be reviewed and signed by the budget manager and the PI.Any charges discovered after the final has been submitted will have to be covered by the department if the sponsor will not accept a revised invoice. If this is discovered after the due date of the final, a revised invoice will not be submitted.Fixed Price and Residual Balance PolicyAll direct costs incurred as a result of performing the scope of work must be expensed directly to the project.If there is a residual balance, prior to any transfers, SP Accounting will:Recover waived indirect costs up to the federally negotiated rate based on expenditures. If the residual balance is less than $100, transfer residual to departments residual fund.If residual balance exceeds $100, send an email to the department requesting a Certification of Expenditure form.

Cost TransfersCost transfer is moving a cost from one fund to another.

Cost transfer should be applicable and allowable on the project the expense is being moved to.Cost transfers should be done as timely as possible. Cost transfers done more than 90 days after the date of the expenditure will have to be explained and may not be allowed. If not allowed the charge will have to be covered by departmental funds.

Time and Effort ReportRequired per OMB Circular A-21Print twice per year for 12 month employees and three times per year for 9 month employees.If the level of effort is not accurate, then a Job Labor Redistribution Form (JLRF) should be completed and sent to payroll. The Confirmation of Effort report should be changed for each month and a copy of the JLRF attached.Once the Confirmation of Effort is signed, changes to the effort will require a justification and may not be allowed.SubcontractsIf there is an issue with a subcontract invoice or subcontract, bring it to our attention.

At completion of the subcontract, the Subcontract Close out form will be required to be signed by the subcontractor and Principal Investigator.

Principal Investigator should review and approve subcontract invoices prior to processing.

How to Read the Monthly Ledger ReportFWREXDP Detail ledger reportFWGDEXP Summary ledger report

Budget from the award is reflected in the Budget column. The Budgeted Revenue is the amount of the award. The budget for expenditure categories are then listed. The realized column is cumulative through the ending posting period selected. The current month column is the period selected.