Spring is Coming – Things to do to Get Your Home Ready

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  1. 1. Spring is Coming Things to do to Get Your Home Ready As the warmer weather starts to move in, manyhome owners realize that their properties are no longer looking as attractive as they were earlier in the year. In some cases,harsh winter weather mayhave left properties with various forms of damage as well.However,there are a few simple ways in which a home can be prepared to welcome the much-anticipated warmer temperatures. Inspect Air-Conditioning Units In mostparts of the U.S., winter brings a substantial amountofrain, sleet,snow or all of the above each of which can cause a great deal of damage to outdoor air-conditioning units.If the filters are removable,they will need to be taken out and cleaned carefully so that any signs ofwear and tear or damage can be identified immediately.It is also stronglyrecommended thatall of a homes air-conditioning units be thoroughlyinspected bya professional before being turned on for the first time at the beginning ofspring.
  2. 2. Inspect the Roof Thanks to snow,sleet,ice or even heavy rains,mostroofs will carry a heavy load during winter.As a result,it is importantto inspecteach section ofa house roofcarefully as soon as it is dry. This will enable broken roof tiles, shingles or even potential spots for roof leaks to be seen before they become more serious issues.It is s trongly recommended thatproperty owners getup on a ladder so that a close-up inspection can be done;if this is not possible,itis bestto hire the services of roofing specialists to perform the inspection instead. Clean Patio Furniture and Accessories In many cases,patio furniture ends up being left outdoors to brave the elements during winter.As a result,it can end up becoming quite dirtyor even damaged.Placing patio furniture outon the lawn and giving it a good hose down will not only get it clean again;it will also enable home owners to carefully check over the furniture to ensure thatit is not damaged in any way. Once clean,it is recommended thatrusted screws,nuts and bolts on furniture be replaced.If applicable,now is also the righttime to reapplyvarnish or other protective coatings to wooden furniture. Clean Dryer Vents and Test Smoke Detectors Blocked dryer vents and faulty smoke detectors are among the leading causes ofhouse fires each year. Smoke detector batteries should be changed once a year and tested at the same time to ensure thatthey are working properly. Dryer vents should be carefullytaken apart and thoroughlycleaned on the inside to remove all of the excess lint that can startfires. Not only will this provide home owners with much-needed peace ofmind;itwill also help them lower their energy bills. Carrying out the above mentioned tasks atthe beginning ofspring will help ensure that home owners are able to get as much enjoymentoutof their properties as possible throughoutthe restof the year as well. About Author: At Sentry we are proud that over 90% of our new alarm system business is referred to us.This says a lot as mostof our competitors outspend us in advertising.We prefer to spend moneytaking care of our customers. For example we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call us, you get us, not some offsite supposed supportcenter or an out of state call center that cannot even pronounce the town you live in correctly. Feel free to give us a test. Call us at 617-532-1013.You'll be pleasantlysurprised