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  • 7/25/2019 Spring Summer 2015 Newsletter


    Message from The Board

    I would like to take this me to formally thank our volunteer board members for

    their dedicaon to our cause. Their donaon of me and resources, and their

    overall hard work makes Strathcona Place Society what it is today.

    Naturally, as some volunteers move on, we are seeking new members in their

    place. We are calling on volunteers from our organizaon to take thischance to

    give back to the community and to this society. Above all else, becoming amember of the board of directors will give you an opportunity to have a say in

    the operaons of Strathcona Place Society. Further, it will provide a learning

    experience that will give insight into the management, both nancial and

    otherwise, of our centre. We have a current need for someone with a legal or

    nancial background. If you are interested, please contact myself or Linda.

    Please consider joining our community and fellow board members on June 10th

    for our upcoming evening dinner.

    Finally, I would like to thank our Execuve Director, Linda, and her sta for their

    connued valuable services guiding our centre forward.


    Roland Mansell, President

    SPSC NewsletterS P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 5

    S T R A T H C O N A P L A C E 5 5 + C E N T R E

    Inside this Issue

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    Message from


    Director Linda


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    Health and


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    Outreach Work

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    Food and


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    Calendar of


    Our mission is to enhance the quality and enjoyment of life for all people 55 years of

    age and older by providing services, advocacy, and opportunies for social and com-

    munity engagement in a safe, healthy, and creave environment.

    Visit our website:


    Strathcona Place 55+ Centre

    10831 University Avenue

    Edmonton, AB T6E 4R1

    780-433-5807 email: senctr@telus.net

  • 7/25/2019 Spring Summer 2015 Newsletter


    P A G E 2

    Strathcona Place


    10831 University


    (780) 433-5807

    Monday to Friday

    8:00 am to 4:00 pm

    As a community,

    we can provide

    accessibility to all

    our members; but

    we have to work

    together to

    accomplish that


    Letter From Executive Director

    I would like to to welcome all our new sta members who are going to help us

    grow into a thriving and enjoyable place to visit and work. I would also like to

    thank our members who donate their me and money to help us run our opera-

    on. Your gis are important to this centre because they show your connecon to

    our mission. Your gi means you understand the importance of keeping this cen-

    tre open and running. Your gi means you understand the struggle we face as a

    non-prot company. In parcular, Id like to thank our donor of the month, Joe

    Margala, for his kind and generous donaon to the centre in May.

    Currently, we are aempng to raise money for a ramp that will allow wheelchair

    access to the dining room. If you believe that Strathcona Place needs to be acces-

    sible to people with mobility issues, please consider donang to this cause.


    Linda F. Ensley, Execuve Director

    Dr. John W. Bilsland has been inspiring writers at Strathcona Place 55+ Centre for over

    23 years. In that time he has inspired and encouraged writers to hone their craft in the

    way that is unique to them.

    His gentle critiques, expertise in literature, and enthusiasm for a good story have been the

    bedrock of the writers group, which has anywhere from 45 to 75 participants.

    This award celebrates the best in 55+ writing: There are three categories including short

    fiction, short non-fiction, and poetry. Each category has a cash prize of $500.

    Submissions have been collected and the awards will be presented at the Annual Gala

    Awards Banquet on Saturday September12. Tickets to the banquet are $50 a plate with a

    charity receipt of $25. The public is invited and encouraged to bid on our silent auction


    You can see the details online at www.strathconaplace.com.

    The John W. Bilsland Award

    S T R A T H C O N A P L A C E 5 5 + C E N T R E

  • 7/25/2019 Spring Summer 2015 Newsletter


    P A G E 3

    Health and Wellness

    Audiology ClinicStrathcona Place Society, would like to invite you to a discussion presented by the Audiolo-

    gy Clinic of Northern Alberta. The presentaon will allow parcipants to beer understand,

    and beer combat, hearing loss.

    Join us on Wednesday, May 27 from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Please register at the front desk.

    Foot Care

    We oer foot care clinics conducted by Licensed Professional Nurses who are

    cered in advanced foot care techniques. These therapeuc workshops are

    designed specically to treat common and uncommon foot ailments such as

    corns, fungal nails, and calluses. Foot care clinics will take place every other

    Monday. Please contact us to make an appointment.

    Nurse-Administered Blood Pressure Checks

    Have your blood pressure checked by a professional nurse. This will take

    place Tuesday and Thursday every other week. Please call the oce to make

    an appointment.

    Personal Directives with Helen McClean

    A personal direcve communicates your wishes about your future and the nature of your care if you

    were to become seriously ill. It is much like a living will, but it is broader than that. If you would like

    help with a personal direcve, please contact the front desk, and Helen McClean will be in touch with


    S T R A T H C O N A P L A C E 5 5 + C E N T R E

    Community Resources

    Capital Health Link-780


    -5465 Provides health advice and informaon 24 hours, 7 days a week, and support

    is provided by experienced registered nurses and other health-care professionals.

    The Support Network 211 The Crisis Support Centre helps individuals cope with crisis by phone, in person, and

    online through its 24-Hour Distress Line, Seniors Abuse Helpline, Live Crisis Chat, and Suicide Grief Support


    Alzheimer Support Centre 780-496-2588 Oers support, informaon and educaonabout Alzheimers.

    HOPE Program 780-442-5311 Help qualifying homeowners bring their homes to a minimum standard of

    health and safety relang to plumbing, heang, electrical, structural, re safety, disability modicaons and

    energy eciency.

  • 7/25/2019 Spring Summer 2015 Newsletter


    P A G E 4S T R A T H C O N A P L A C E 5 5 + C E N T R E

    Outreach Workers

    The Strathcona Place Society encourages the development of a community. However, weacknowledge that some struggle to ourish in that community. You are not alone, and we are

    here to help. Outreach interns Francisco Yu and Andrew Go are eager to assist you with services

    that allow you to thrive in our community and yours.

    We oer:

    Assistance with aordable and suitable housing.

    Informaon and referral on programs in the area that would be benecial to you.

    Knowledge of nancial benets for 55+.

    Explanaon of, and assistance with, any and all form compleon.You dont have to tackle your challenges alone. If you feel isolated, depressed or lonely, or if you

    just want to talk, we can help.

    If you are a 55+ Edmontonian, newcomer or otherwise, call our oce today to make an appoint-


    Outreach and Social Work

    Come in and Meet our Outreach Workers

    Francisco Yu aends Norquest College where he is currently in his graduang year of the SocialWork program while working as a Community Support Worker and in training to be a FMS Support

    Broker. Previously he had aended the Police Studies program at MacEwan University and currently

    works as a Compliance Auditor. He comes from a family of classical musicians who study and teach

    the Royal Conservatory of Music piano, violin, and theory syllabus. He is currently conducng an in-

    ternship with the Strathcona Place 55+ Society from May 1st

    ll June 23rd

    as an Outreach Worker and

    looks forward to providing social services, advocacy, and opportunity for the 55+ community pro-

    mong a safe and healthy environment. Francisco will be pursuing his Registered Social Worker des-

    ignaon by his me of graduaon.

    Andrew Go is a single father of three beauful children and is proud of his many accomplishments

    they share as a family. He is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and moved to Edmonton eight

    years ago. His educaonal background consists of many social work prospects and he has a strong

    intuion. He has studied how to assess and interview with empathy and understanding from mul-

    ple perspecves. His goal is to make this community even more fun, endearing, and loving for all.

  • 7/25/2019 Spring Summer 2015 Newsletter


    Volunteer June 25

    Appreciaon BBQ 5:30 pm

    Looking for InstructorsWe are always looking for people who are interested

    in sharing their gis and talents with the centre by

    volunteering to teach classes or facilitate peer-led

    groups. If you are interested in teaching and/or

    leading, please see Tammy, Judy, or Linda, and they

    will talk to you about how your interests and

    volunteering might line up. We are one of the last of

    the Senior Centres to ulize volunteers as instructors.

    We would like to connue this tradion because itallows us to oer classes at less cost to you.

    Volunteer of the Month: DONNA TRENHOLM

    Donna has been a member of Strathcona Place 55+ Centresince 2006 and has been a volunteer for

    eight years. Several members who joined around the same me took tness classes together; Don-

    na was one of them. They stayed aerwards to visit with each other and noced that the Penny Box

    was full. They volunteered to count and roll the coins. As they connued to help with many odd

    jobs, Je named the group the Odds and Sods. Through the years they helped with, and then be-

    came responsible for, pricing and storing items for the Fall Bazaar, running the Book Sale in June,

    and helping out whenever asked. Donna is now on the Board of Directors and Advisory commiee,

    and she has instructed the beginners Tai Chi classes. Volunteering is a great way to make new

    friends and learn more about our centre.

    Volunteers Needed in

    the Dining Room

    We are looking for servers

    over the lunch hour one

    day per week. If you are

    able to help, please talk toTammy at the front desk

    P A G E 5S T R A T H C O N A P L A C E 5 5 + C E N T R E

    Your membership of only $30 per year includes access to all of our excing and

    diverse programs and acvies. (see the website for full details at

    strathconaplace.com). Program acvies run four months at a me, or you can drop in for just $3

    per session. As an added bonus, your membership is good at all other senior centres, such as South

    East, North, Westend, North West, Central, Southwest Edmonton Seniors Associaons, Edmonton

    Senior Centre, and Lions Central Seniors Centre.


  • 7/25/2019 Spring Summer 2015 Newsletter


    Movie of the monthJuly 161:15pm

    Join us on Thursday June 16 for our

    monthly movie! As always, it will be only

    $3 for coee, tea, and snacks.

    The movie we will be showing is yet to be

    determined. If you have any suggesons,please let us know by email at


    P A G E 6

    Movie of the Month


    Anne Stewart, Meditation

    S T R A T H C O N A P L A C E 5 5 + C E N T R E


    Breathe in


    Replenish your body with this breath

    Breathe out

    Release the toxins

    Poisoning your mind

    Stretch your body to ease out negativity

    Breathe in

    Breathe out

    Feel the rhythm of your breath

    Match the rhythm of your heart

    As it breathes

    As it lives.

    For a moment in your life

    Share a moment in rhythm with nature.

    Tide glides in

    And out again

    A rhythm

    Like the breath

    Like life

    You are a part of life

    A part of nature

    A part of the living earth

    Breathing in synchronized rhythm

    With the ebb and flow of tides

    Feel your body pulsing

    Expanding with each breath

    Like the earth

    Like the universe

    Waiting for a bang

    Of super cognition

    We have a huge stockpile of books that will be upfor sale on June 18 and 19 from 9 am to 7 pm, and

    June 20 from 9 am to 4 pm.. Get a great deal on

    previously enjoyed books. Hard cover and large

    so cover are just $2, and pocket books are $1.

    Although we have a tonne of supply, we are gladly

    taking more donaons. Please drop o any books

    you no longer need.

    ook Sale

  • 7/25/2019 Spring Summer 2015 Newsletter


    P A G E 7

    Dining RoomSoup To Go

    For only $3: Italian

    Wedding, Split Pea,

    and more while

    quanes last

    Meals on Wheels

    Strathcona Place Society is an ordering and pickup locaon for Meals on

    Wheels. We oer a healthy, substanal, and aordable selecon from the

    Chefs Choice page. Phone our front desk for more informaon or to place

    your order.

    Hearty Homemade Soup of the Day

    Bowl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3.00

    Cup . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.50

    Take-Out (16 oz.) . . . . . . . . .$3.00


    Vanilla Ice Cream. . . . . . . . . $1.50

    Ice Cream Sundae. . . . . . . . $2.00

    Yogurt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.50

    Dessert of the Day. . . . . . . . $2.00


    Coee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.00

    Tea. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.00

    Specialty Tea . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.50

    Hot Chocolate. . . . . . . . . . . . $1.50

    Milk. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.50

    Salad of the Day

    Small . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3.00

    Large. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4.00


    Sandwich of the Day. . . . . . .$5.00

    1/2 Sandwich of the Day . . .$2.50

    Egg Salad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3.00

    Grilled Cheese. . . . . . . . . . . .$3.00

    BLT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$5.50


    Bean Salad. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$2.50

    Scoop of Egg Salad. . . . . . . .$2.00

    Hard Boiled Egg . . . . . . . . . .$0.75

    1 Slice Toast. . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1.00

    Strathcona Place Caf Menu

    Please join us ve days a week

    from 11:30 to 1:00 for a meal that

    is both delicious and nutrious.

    Daily specials are also available.

    S T R A T H C O N A P L A C E 5 5 + C E N T R E

  • 7/25/2019 Spring Summer 2015 Newsletter


    P A G E 8

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


    Canada Day(Centre closed)


    9 am Table tennis

    9 am Woodworking

    9:30 am Critique


    9:30 am Pottery

    12 pm Mens Lunch


    9:30 am Pottery

    1 pm Whist

    2 pmYoga


    9 am Woodwork-


    9 am Table tennisFootcare by appt.


    9 am Bridge

    11 am Nurse

    1 pmYoga


    9 am Woodwork-



    9 am Table tennis

    9 am Woodworking

    9:30 am Critiquegroup

    9:30 am Pottery

    12 pm Mens Lunch


    9:30 am Pottery

    11 am Nurse

    1 pm Whist2 pmYoga


    9 am Woodwork-ing9 am Table tennis


    9 am Bridge

    1 pmYoga


    9 am Woodworking


    9 am Table tennis

    9 am Woodworking

    9:30 am Critique


    9:30 am Pottery

    12 pm Mens Lunch

    1:15 pm Movie


    9:30 am Pottery

    10 am Klondike


    1 pm Whist

    2 pmYoga


    9 am Woodworking

    9 am Table tennis

    Footcare by appt.


    9 am Bridge

    1 pm Book club

    1 pmYoga


    9 am Woodworking


    9 am Table tennis

    9 am Woodworking

    9:30 am Critique


    9:30 am Pottery

    12 pm Mens Lunch


    9:30 am Pottery

    1 pm Whist

    2 pmYoga


    9 am Woodwork-ing

    9 am Table tennis


    9 am Bridge

    1 pmYoga


    9 am Woodwork-



    9 am Table tennis

    9 am Woodworking

    9:30 am Critique


    9:30 am Pottery

    12 pm Mens Lunch


    9:30 am Pottery

    10 am Bingo

    1 pm Whist

    2 pmYoga

    S T R A T H C O N A P L A C E 5 5 + C E N T R E

    July 2015 Events and Activities