Sputnik wins Solar Prize

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  • Danish Offshore Wind A/S has

    submitted an open door appli-

    cation to the Danish Energy

    Authority regarding the poten-

    tial for the establishment of an

    455MW offshore wind farm

    at the Danish side of Kriegers

    Flak. Danish Offshore is a joint

    venture between the companies

    WPD and Wind-projekt. The

    area Kriegers Flak is situated

    approximately 25 km east of

    Mon and the application covers

    at a maximum 91 x 5MW tur-

    bines. WPD and Wind-Projekt

    have already developed offshore

    wind farms on the German and

    Swedish side of Kriegers Flak.

    The two projects are Kriegers

    Flak I (Germany, 80 turbines

    in the size of 5 MW, permis-

    sions received for wind farms

    and cabling) and Kriegers Flak

    II (Sweden, 128 turbines in

    the size of 5 MW, permission

    received for wind farm, since

    May 2005 owned by Vattenfall

    having WPD as a consultant). If

    the Danish side of Kriegers Flak

    is also used for wind power, the

    total complex will represent the

    largest offshore wind farm in the

    world with up to 299 turbines

    and an output of up to 1.5 GW.

    It is also the first international

    wind farm area with projects

    from three countries meet-

    ing each other. Several wind

    studies and the Environmental

    Impact Assessments (EIA) for

    the German and Swedish side

    of Kriegers Flak showed that

    the area is well suited for wind

    power generation. www.wpd.se

    General NEWS

    18 reFOCUS September/October 2006 www.re-focus.net

    455 MW offshore wind farm proposed

    Liberty turbine heads to Lake Erie

    SolarWorld AG secures 8MW order

    Sputnik wins Solar Prize

    Conergy launches Asia-Pacific HQ

    Greener building company launched

    PV conference sets new recordThe 21st European Photovoltaic

    Solar Energy Conference (EU

    PVSEC) received a record-break-

    ing number of visitors at the

    venue this year in Dresden.

    With 2,700 scientists, industry

    representatives and politicians

    from 95 countries and around

    3,600 visitors to the parallel

    trade exhibition, EU PVSEC has

    positioned itself as a leading

    global platform for exchange

    between research and industrial

    application. EU PVSEC 2006

    was supported by the European

    Commission, the Federal Ministry

    for the Environment, Nature

    Conservation and Nuclear Safety,

    UNESCO, the World Council for

    Renewable Energy (WCRE), the

    European Photovoltaic Industry

    Association (EPIA), the German

    Solar Industry Association (BSW

    e.V.) and the City of Dresden.

    Conergy, one of the leading

    solar energy companies in

    Europe and a leading inter-

    national supplier in other fast

    growing fields of renewable

    energies such as bio- and wind

    energy has opened its new

    Headquarters in Singapore to

    expand its business further

    into the Asia-Pacific region.

    The opening ceremony was

    officiated by Guest-of-Honour,

    Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister

    for the Environment and Water

    Resources Singapore and Mr

    Hans-Martin Rter, CEO and

    Founder of Conergy. With an

    expected turnover of more

    than 1 billion US$ in 2006 and

    more than 1,300 staff, Conergy

    is the largest solar company in

    Europe. www.conergy.deA new company, GreenerLiving

    Homes has been created to

    enable people building their own

    home, to create properties that

    look and function like conven-

    tional homes, but which signifi-

    cantly reduce the impact on the

    environment. The company aims

    to make it easy for consumers to

    have their very own eco-friendly

    home helping its customers to

    minimise the environmental

    impact of their everyday lives.

    Its properties will also have sig-

    nificant health benefits for their

    occupants, particularly for the

    growing number of people with

    asthma or allergies. The service

    offering includes everything from

    arranging an initial feasibility

    study and producing bespoke

    design work (by RIBA chartered

    architects), to sourcing local

    builders and the specialist materi-

    als and systems required.


    Clipper Windpower Plc has

    announced that under a sup-

    ply Agreement with UPC Wind,

    eight of the Companys first

    commercially-available 2.5 MW

    Liberty wind turbines, the larg-

    est wind turbines assembled

    in the U.S. and the first to

    deploy a unique distributed

    powertrain, will be utilized in

    the Steel Winds Wind Farm,

    the first wind power project to

    be built on the U.S. shores of

    Lake Erie. Located just south of

    Buffalo, New York, in the suburb

    of Lackawanna, the Project is

    currently under development

    by UPC Wind and its partner

    BQ Energy. Sited along the

    Lake Erie shoreline, the Project

    will provide for the redevelop-

    ment of land long occupied by

    an abandoned steel factory.

    Project completion is expected

    by year-end 2006.


    SolarWorld AG (ISIN:

    DE0005108401) has secured

    its biggest export order to

    date in an agreement with the

    Spanish Instituto Technolgico

    y de Energas Renovables (ITER),

    Tenerife, for the supply of solar

    modules with a total capac-

    ity of 8 Megawatt (MW) until

    the middle of 2007. In 2005

    SolarWorld AG had already

    supplied solar modules with

    an output of more than 2 MW

    to ITER. With the SolarWorld

    modules ITER will build Spains

    biggest large-scale solar power

    station on the Canary Islands.


    Swiss inverter manufacturer,

    Sputnik Engineering AG has

    received the Swiss Solar Prize

    for its notable commitment to

    advancing the use of solar ener-

    gy. The Swiss Solar Prize aims

    to raise the energy efficiency in

    buildings and the production

    of renewable energies, espe-

    cially solar energy. Since 1991

    the prize has been awarded

    annually from the Solar Agency

    Switzerland. The solar prize jury

    is made up of 20 architects,

    energy planners and engineers.

    Sputnik Engineering AG was

    founded in 1991 as a spin-off

    company of the Engineering

    School in Biel, Switzerland, and

    has focused its activities since

    then exclusively on the produc-

    tion of inverters for grid-con-

    nected PV systems.


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