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Thursday, October 26, 2017
Thursday July 26th, 2018
Term 3 Week 2
Contacting the School: Families are invited to contact the office to make an appointment with their child's teacher if they would like to discuss academic progress or an issue. This allows the Class teacher to organise their time. The Office is opened from 8.30am until 4.15pm. Telephone 54971116 Anne is available to meet with families from 8.00am - 4.30pm or by appointment at other times. Families are encouraged and requested to contact her regarding issues or queries of concern. Contact details are listed above.
Choral Festival: On Monday, July 30th, all students will be
performing in the Annual Music Festival,
beginning at 7.00pm at the Donald Memorial Hall.
All students are required to be at the hall by
6.55pm to prepare for their performance and take
their seats. Full winter school uniform is to be
We will be performing two song:’We Are One’, by
Drew Lane, and ‘Help Is On Its Way’, by Little River Band. Students
will remain seated with the school until the conclusion of the Music
There will be a rehearsal at the Memorial Hall during the day on
Monday, July 30th.
Please inform the school if your child will not be attending the
Annual Music Festival on the Monday night
Woods Street, Donald
Mobile: 0428814884
Email: [email protected]
Vision Statement:
parish, and inspired
& creation.
School Norms Awards: This term, Merit Awards are being awarded to those
students who are seen to be adhering to the school
G., Piper, Zac M. and Henry, who were all acknowledged
at assembly Monday morning.
During Term 3 the PEACEFUL KIDS group will be made up of some Grade 4 and Grade 2
Sessions will commence on Monday 30th July. Each student will receive a scrapbook to paste their work in.
Weekly information for parents, homework meditations and exercises and other relevant information will
also be in this scrapbook. This book needs to be at school each Monday. Please keep an eye out for it in
your child’s school bag! You may use this book to start discussions with your child about our PEACEFUL KIDS
sessions. Weekly meditations are available online or via the school website. The more you can put into the
program from your end the more your child will benefit! Children in the PEACEFUL KIDS program are
exempt from homework other than reading and spelling.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Mary Hogan
Principal’s Awards: This weeks Principal Award recipients were: Henry, Nate, Ellie,
River, Marnie, Nullah, Patience, Lithil, Nicholas, Geordie,
Charlie, Lachlan and Zac M.
Term 3 – Religion The theme all classes will be working on in Religion classes this term is “COMMUNITY”. This is a term long unit and celebrates and explores the theme of community through the stories we know of Jesus Christ, as a welcoming and inclusive community for all. Some concepts to be explored include:
I can identify what a community is. I can describe the elements of a community. I understand that there are many types of communities in the world. I can empathise with people who don’t belong to a community. I can describe the impact of belonging to community. I can explain how Christians are called to respect the uniqueness and diversity of all creation. I can explain how Jesus’ ministry on earth modelled having particular concern for the poor and
marginalised. This Term we look forward to celebrating the 6oth Choral Festival, our school feast day and the sacrament of First Eucharist for Cameron Belleville. We hope to connect more closely with the young (Kindergarten) and elderly (Goodwin Village) in our community, living the mission of Jesus to welcome, enrich, enliven and bring a sense of belonging to all. We look forward to you joining our celebrations of community throughout the term.
are lots of new books available to read.
Borrowing days are: F/1/2 – Tuesdays; and
3/4/5/6 – Wednesdays.
Book Week: ‘Find Your Treasure’ During Week 6, Monday August 20th – Friday August
24th, Book Week will be celebrated. Students will reaed
and complete many activities related to the new Short-
Listed books.
Book Fair: The Book Fair will be held in the Multi-Purpose Room from Monmday September 3rd to Monday
September 10th. There will be lots of interesting books along with some great bargains to be had.
The Book Fair allows us to purchase new books for the library each year.
‘Reading aloud to children is the single most important activity for building the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully learn to read when they
begin school. Children who are good readers are usually successful learners.’
As we commence Term Three the staff would like to encourage
students to read each night and once over the weekend. Whilst
acknowledging the busy family time after school, students reading at
home significantly assists their progress. Reading is the most vital part
of homework and, if unable to complete homework AND reading,
please prioritise reading.
Donald High School Fete:
The Donald High School Fete will be held on Friday August 3rd from 12 noon to 2pm.
There will be show bags, games and activities, a sweets stall, fashion parade etc.
Please return the lunch order form and money in an envelope by Friday July 27th. There is 1
form per child. If you require a replacement form please contact the office.
The BounceBack program teaches children the skills and understanding
to be able to cope reasonably well with difficult or challenging situations,
things that can go wrong and to be able to ‘bounceback.’ The program is
delivered across all classes each year to enable the children to build a
more sophisticated understanding of concepts over time, and continue to
practice the skills in relation to situations appropriate to age and stage.
This term we will be covering the thinking, skills and strategies that help the children to respond
effectively to familiar challenges and to new and different situations that might arise. We will also
be revisiting the core message, that we can ‘bounceback’, and there are skills and thinking we can
learn to help us to do that.
If you would like more information about Bounce Back, or the assistance I can offer to children and
families, I can be contacted by phoning or texting me on 0409 598 481, or at school on Thursdays
Anne Boadle
Works at St. Mary’s each Thursday 8.30am – 4.30pm.
Contact Details: Through the school 54971116 or by ringing directly on 0409 598 481.
Email [email protected]
Meals on Wheels: St. Mary’s are rostered to deliver Meals on Wheels from Monday July 30th to Friday August 3rd.
Any family able to assist with the delivery of meals is asked to contact the
office (54971116) or Karla Griffiths (0459343388).
Any family interested in learning how Meals on Wheels operates is encouraged
to go with a person who has previously delivered meals.
The person delivering the meals is required to have a current Working With
Children card.
Thank you for your ongoing support of this important community service.
Term 3 Dates: Monday July 30th – 60th Donald Music Festival
Wednesday August 1st – Advisory Council Meeting 7.00pm
Friday August 3rd – Donald High School Fete
Monday August 13th – RFDS Mobile Dentist Visit
Sunday August 19th – Sacrament of Eucharist 10.30am
Monday August 20th – Friday August 24th – Book Week
Friday August 24th – Athletic Sports in Donald
Thursday September 6th – Feast Day Mass
News from the Garden:
This week students discovered that the wonderful seedlings they had planted before the holidays were ready to harvest. Students gathered in the vege garden to pick the beautiful fresh spinach and bright red radishes.
Mrs. Cumming gathered the produce together and cut it into pieces for each student to have a taste of the spinach & radishes. They were delicious!
Schools Tree Day:
National Tree Day and Schools Tree Day combine to make Australia's largest
community tree planting and nature care event.
National Tree Day aims to inspire, educate and recruit Australians to actively care for
our unique land and create future generations of committed environmental
Tree Day is an opportunity to do something positive for your local environment and
community and to reconnect with nature.
National Tree Day started in 1996 and since then more than 4 million people have
planted over 24 million trees and plants and it's still growing.
Treemendous! Did you know that…? Trees
take pollution out of the air
help recycle water
prevent soil loss
provide homes for animals
make food for humans and wildlife