Stange - Cold Case 1898

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  • 8/12/2019 Stange - Cold Case 1898


    COLD CASE #1898

    In the summer of 1898 the foreign correspondent in the picture beo! !"s reporting onthe deeoping !"r in Cub"$ %his foreign correspondent h"d !ritten " f"mous boo& on" preious Americ"n !"r but "ctu"' h"d neer been in "n' !"r unti this summer of1898$ (e !rote for the )e! *or& World"nd the )e! *or& Journal. As " foreign

    correspondent he reported the foo!ing+

    I knew then that one of my pals was going to stand up behind the lanterns and have all Spain

    shoot at him.

    The answer was always upon the instant: "Yes, sir."

    Then the bullets began to snap, snap, snap, at his head, while all the woods began to rakle likeburning straw. I ould lie near and wath the fae of the signalman, illumed as it was by the

    yellow shine of lantern!light, and the absene of eitement, fright, or any emotion at all on his

    ountenane was something to astonish all theories out of one#s mind. . .

    These times on the hill resembled, in some ways, those terrible senes on the stage!!senes ofintense gloom, blinding lightning, with a loaked devil or assassin or other appropriate harater

    muttering deeply amid the awful roll of the thunder!drums. It was theatri beyond words: one felt

    like a leaf in this booming haos, this prolonged tragedy of the night. $mid it all one ould seefrom time to time the yellow light on the fae of a preoupied signalman.%

    This described one of the moments when he was in battle-but was this truly a war to help

    out the those less fortunate being abused by the Spanish or was this a war to avenge the

    deaths of Americans or was this a war to help the United States to become a world power.

    YU !"#$!"%

  • 8/12/2019 Stange - Cold Case 1898



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