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<ul><li><p>8/12/2019 Stange - Cold War Project</p><p> 1/2</p><p>COLD WAR PROJECT-COVERT INTELLIGENCE</p><p>The Cold War was an integral part of the latter 1940s and the 1950s (it continued until 1989, but our</p><p>focus will be from 1945-1960). This was a time of political changes, technological innovations, war (both</p><p>hot and cold), significant international events, cultural changes and intrigue.</p><p>Youve been selected for a special mission. Your mission is to form a covert group to go back in time and</p><p>infiltrate the United States during the Cold War (1945-1960). Your group needs to know all it can about</p><p>this time period and so a list of essential intel will be given to you. Youll need to select a crack team</p><p>who can find the information, help the team assimilate to the culture that existed and also accomplish</p><p>the tasks given to you to demonstrate that your covert group is the best for the job.</p><p>Integral members of your group are: a linguist, a weapons specialist, a computer expert, a</p><p>mathematician, agents skilled in deception tools (key to ensuring that your team can easily transform</p><p>themselves in the time period you may be sent to), musical experts, a cultural affairs specialist, a foreign</p><p>affairs specialist, an historian, a political scientist, an economist and a technology expert. This is a big</p><p>team and some of you on the team may specialize in one area while some of you may be able to assist in</p><p>multiple areas, HOWEVER,the entire team has to work together to pull this off or you will beeliminated.</p><p>Sources to help you: your history textbook (chapters 25 and 26), packets that will be in the room (but</p><p>cant leave unless you somehow capture the intel, prior knowledge from previous educational</p><p>experiences, your own research (which may or may not be given in class), videos that Ill use to brief you</p><p>on some areas/events and finally, your own unique abilities and skills.</p><p>WARNING:There are other teams whove also been given this task and you all have to impress me</p><p>(Code Name-Badger) to win the assignment. There are threats to all of the teamsnuclear attack,</p><p>double-agents and covert teams from the other side. You have to guard your team from these threats.</p><p>Pre-mission Ops: You have to do the following before the mission:</p><p>1. Delegate tasks to team members,</p><p>2. Select a mission leader(s) to help your team meet my deadline.</p><p>3. All covert teams have must have a team name and each member of the team has to have an alias</p><p>you have to do this for the mission.</p><p>4. All spies have to be able to pass off their intel without being caught by the other spies or</p><p>government agencies not sympathetic to your beliefs. Your final mission will require you to pass the</p><p>information to me in a unique scenario with a unique pass system.</p><p>5. If you want to get a refresher on spies or cultural aspects to help you better understand the Cold War</p><p>(1945-1960) (note the movies may be filmed in years outside the mission parameters, but they still had</p><p>to know the intel you are gathering in order to do the film):</p><p>Movies:Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, Fail Safe, Dr. No,</p><p>From Russia with Love, You Only Live Twice, The Manchurian Candidate (1962 film), any of theBourne</p><p>films or Mission Impossible films will help you to understand how spies and teams operate, Matt Helm</p><p>series starring Dean Martin and the Flint series starring James Coburn</p><p>Television shows:The Man from U.N.C.L.E., the Avengers, I Spy, Mission Impossible and Johnny Quest</p><p>(cartoon series)</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 Stange - Cold War Project</p><p> 2/2</p><p>BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE:The following is information that you must know to help prepare you for</p><p>the mission:</p><p>-know the philosophies of democracy and communism</p><p>-satellite states</p><p>-why Potsdam Conference was key</p><p>-Churchills Iron Curtain speech</p><p>-policies of Truman while president</p><p>-key terms/phrases-containment, brinkmanship, massive retaliation, mutually assured destruction</p><p>(MAD), Red Scare, Hollywood 10, blacklist</p><p>-people-Truman, Stalin, Khrushchev, John Foster Dulles, Alger Hiss, the Rosenbergs, Joseph R. McCarthy,</p><p>Margaret Chase Smith and Eisenhower</p><p>-organizations-NATO, Warsaw Pact, SEATO, NASA</p><p>-government policies-Truman Doctrine, Eisenhower Doctrine, Smith Act and Marshall Plan</p><p>-events-Berlin Airlift, Korean War, 1949 nuclear explosion, death of Stalin, 1956 East European uprisings,</p><p>Suez Crisis and House Un-American Activities Committee</p><p>Cultural aspects-demobilization, GI Bill, baby boom, Dr. Spock, Jonas Salk, Taft-Hartley, Fair Deal,</p><p>suburbs, car culture, interstate highway system, sunbelt, migration, service sector employment,</p><p>information industries, franchises, multi-national corporations (mnc), AFL-CIO, educational changes,culturism, 1950s family, religious revival, the beat movement, racial issues, poverty for urban and rural,</p><p>THE INFLUENCE OF TELEVISON AND ROCK N ROLL</p><p>Objectives for the unit:</p><p>1. To analyze the different motives of the United States and Soviet Union at the close of World War II</p><p>and the start of the Cold War.</p><p>2. To analyze the cultural, historical, economic and political factors that propelled the US and the Soviet</p><p>Union into the Cold War.</p><p>3. To examine atomic diplomacy in the early Cold War years and to determine the extent to which</p><p>acquisition of atomic weaponry caused or affected the Cold War.</p><p>4. To examine a variety of primary sources and secondary sources and to distinguish betweenunsupported expression of opinion and informed hypotheses grounded in historical evidence.</p><p>5. To analyze how popular culture reflected the Cold War.</p><p>6. To analyze the use of covert operations during this time period to give one side or the other the</p><p>upper hand in the Cold War.</p><p>YOU WILL BE GIVEN YOUR MISSION ONCE ALL OF THIS HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHEDGOOD LUCK AND</p><p>THIS INTEL MAY SELF-DESTRUCT IN 45 SECONDS.</p></li></ul>