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  • DROIDS STATSby Thiago S. Aranha


  • 2Table of Contents1st Degree Droids

    Information Droids04. Memory Droid04. IN-4 Information Droid05. Archive Droid05. TT-40 Library Droid05. GY-I Information Analysis Droid06. SP-4 Analysis Droid06. JN-66 Analysis Droid

    Utilitarian Droids06. A2 Accounting Droid07. Systems Control Droid07. Overseer Droid07. EV Supervisory Droid08. J9 Worker Drone08. Factory Droid08. 5T Tree Feeder Droid

    Cooking Droids09. Robo-Bartender09. COO-2180 Cook Droid09. Cooking Droid09. L9-G8 Cooking Droid09. FDP-6000 Culinary Droid10. Personal Chef Droid

    Medical Droids10. GHT Medevac Droid11. Galactic Chopper Medical Assistant Droid11. Midwife Droid11. FX-6 Medical Droid12. FX-7 Medical Droid12. GH-7 Medical Droid12. 2-ZH Medical Droid13. MD-5 Medical Droid13. 2-1B Medical Droid13. IT-0 Interrogator Droid14. IT-3 Interrogator Droid

    Individual Droids14. J9-515. J9-615. EV-4D915. EV-9D916. MD-OC6 (Doc)16. 4-1B (Four-Onebee)16. Z2-1B16. IT-904

    2nd Degree Droids

    Astromech Droids17. P2 Astromech Prototype17. PG-5 Gunnery Droid18. R1 Astromech Droid18. R2 Astromech Droid19. R3 Astromech Droid

    19. R4 Astromech Droid20. R5 Astromech Droid20. R6 Astromech Droid21. R7 Astromech Droid21. System Operator Droid21. V1 Pilot Droid22. V6 Pilot Droid22. FA-4 Pilot Droid22. FA-5 Valet Droid

    Repair Droids23. MSE-6 Utility Droid23. Pit Droid23. Otoga 222 Pit Droid24. Hatchling Maintenance Droid24. NR-5 Maintenance Droid24. LE Repair Droid25. WED 15 Treadwell Droid25. KDY-4 Tech Droid26. Maintenance Droid26. Large Maintenance Droid26. IC-M Maintenance Droid26. Buzz Droid27. AD Armorer Droid27. Squire Armorer Droid

    Slicer Droids28. SB-20 Security Breach Droid28. NR 1100 Slicer Droid28. B2-X Positronic Processor

    Surveillance Droids29. Senate Cam Droid29. Podrace Cam Droid29. Fly Eye Espionage Droid29. Imperial Mark IV Patrol Droid30. SIS Surveillance Droid30. AC1 Surveillance Droid30. Surveillance Remote Droid30. Moon Moth Spy Droid30. Spy MSE-6 GP Droid31. Hound SPD Droid

    Exploration Droids31. F1 Exploration Droid31. F2 Exploration Droid32. Scout Survey Droid32. Scout Collector32. Scout Droid33. M38 Explorer Droid33. Dark Eye Probe Droid34. DeepSpace Explorer Droid34. Resource Probe Droid34. ER-1 Probe Droid35. Viper Probot

    Individual Droids36. T3-M436. P2-D1936. R2-C337. R2-D038. R2-D2 (Artoo-Detoo)

    38. R2-D639. R2-K739. R2-V040. R2-X0 (Patchwork)40. R2z-DL (Toozy)40. R4-B1141. R4-J1 (Jaywun)41. R4-M1742. R5-D442. Gate42. Q9-X243. MdZ-BLK (Blockhead)43. MSE-X-PR644. WED00-88 (Weedo)44. MK-09 (Emkay)44. LE-BO2D9 (Leebo)45. GSAD-4345. X0-X1 (Exo-ExOne)45. Blue Max46. AL-BRT-34-X3 (Albert)46. CUTH-BRT-92-X3 (Cuthbert)

    3rd Degree Droids

    Protocol Droids47. M-TD Translator Droid47. Chiba DR-10 Protocol Droid48. Siak Protocol Droid48. LB Courier Droid48. PD Lurrian Protocol Droid48. BD-3000 Luxury Droid49. 3PO Protocol Droid49. LOM Protocol Droid50. M-3PO Military Protocol Droid50. Espionage Droid51. TTS-15 Tutor Droid51. Droid Gatewatcher51. TT-8L Tattletale Guard Droid

    Servant Droids51. WA-7 Server Droid52. SE4 Servant Droid52. RA-7 Servant Droid52. Robo-Valet52. Webby Sailing Droid

    Caretaker Droids53. Droid Lifeguard53. MK2 Attendant Droid53. MK 8001 Attendant Droid53. Model E Childcare Droid54. TDL Nanny Droid

    Business Droid54. SCM-22 Stenographer54. XA-540 Secretary Droid55. CZ Secretary/Communications Droid55. 3D-4X Administrative Droid56. C4LR Litigation Droid56. R-97 Quartermaster Droid56. 12-4C-41 Trafc Controller

  • 357. Automated Sabacc Dealer57. Gambling Droid

    Individual Droids58. A-3DO (Threedee)58. TC-1458. C-3PO (See-Threepio) 59. K-3PO (Kay-Threepio)59. T-3PO (Tee-Threepio)60. Squeaky60. F-RTZ-2 (Fritz)60. J-9SB60. CBX-961. K-2761. KL-6T-LF7V-T (Sixtee-El)61. Spanner61. MK221 (Emmy-Kaye)62. X3D-IO (Exthreedee)62. K-M2 (Kay-Emtoo)62. C-3PX63. 4-LOM64. SE4-10 and SE4-12 Protection Droids64. 8T8864. Guri

    4th Degree Droids

    Military Droids66. Hutt War Droid66. Krath War Droid67. Xims War Robot67. Sith War Droid67. Sith Slayer67. Sith Elite Warbot68. Battle Droid68. Battle Droid Commander68. Battle Droid Infantry68. Battle Droid Pilot69. Battle Droid Security69. Super Battle Droid69. L8-L9 Battle Droid Prototype70. IG Lancer Droid70. Eradicator Battle Droid70. Protector Battle Droid70. Crab Droid71. Chameleon Droid71. Dwarf Spider Droid71. Octuptarra Battle Droid72. Tri-Droid72. Droideka Destroyer Droid73. ZQ Infantry Droid73. DCM-8 Missile Platform Droid73. Fromm Tower Droid73. RM-2020 Espionage Droid74. DX War Droid74. Dark Trooper Phase One74. Dark Trooper Phase Two75. Dark Trooper Phase Three75. SD-6 Hulk Infantry Droid76. SD-9 Infantry Droid76. SD-10 Infantry Droid77. X-1 Viper Automadon War Droid77. Battle Probot

    Assassin Droids77. Mark VI Scarab Assassin Droid78. ASP-4 Hunter Droid78. HASH-19 Assassin Droid78. Mark III Sleeper Assassin Droid78. ACC-7 Assassin Droid

    79. DSK-1 Deathstrike Seeker Droid79. NIL-8 Assassin Droid80. LXC-3TF Assassin droid80. HK Assassin Droid80. Eliminator 434 Assassin Droid80. Inltrator Assassin Droid81. IG Combat Prototype81. 2-1 Assassin Droid82. Attack Droid82. Terminax TX-1118 Assassin Droid82. Executioner Gladiator Droid83. E522 Assassin Droid

    Security Droids83. Seeker84. RLG Guardian Droid System84. DZ Tracker Droid84. KI 301-MAX Nightlight85. Blujay B4J4 Security Droid85. Mark VII Inquisitor85. BT-16 Perimeter Security Droid86. Ssi-ruuvi Security Droid86. Zed Police Droid86. Defense Droid86. GV Guardian Droid87. Hutt Security Droid87. K4 Security Droid88. K7 Security Droid88. Stilleto Security Droid88. Sith Sentry89. G-2RD Guard Droid89. GX Security Droid89. C-10-L Rapid Response Droid89. BDG Bodyguard Droid90. HXZ-1 Immobilizer Police Droid90. LE-VO Law Enforcement Droid91. S-EP1 Security Droid91. Warden 10-24 Security Droid91. MMV-608 Security Droid92. IG-100 MagnaGuard92. FIDO93. Hunter-Killer Probot

    Training Droids93. Marksman-H Training Remote93. RHTC-56094. HT Drone94. Dueling Elite Droid95. ASP Lightsaber Training Droid

    Individual Droids95. DX-2K295. Armx96. ERYX-496. YVH 1-1A97. 2-124 (Too-Onetofour)97. RX-5-TLN98. LC-Zed98. HK-4799. EL-43499. IG-7299. IG-88100. HN-TR1100. NT-X2 (Entax) & BT-X2 (Botax)101. IX-2A (Ix-twoay)101. K4-06B (Kay)101. 6FT-DP (Sixeftee-Depee)

    5th Degree Droids

    Cargo Droids102. Bomarr Brain Walker102. SM Scavenger Droid102. P-100 Salvage Droid103. V5-T Transport Droid103. Robo-Hauler103. MULE Droid104. Load-Lifter104. C-2V9 Cargo Lifter Droid104. CLL-8 Binary Load Lifter104. Freight Droid105. X10-D Draft Droid105. B-1 Worker Droid105. Trade Federation Loader Droid105. Loader Droid

    Mining Droids106. Q-4 Borer Droid106. General Labor Mining Droid GLD-M106. LIN Demolitionmech107. 11-17 Mining Droid107. Multi-Environment Mining Droid

    Labor Droids107. Scrubber Droid108. U2-C1 Housekeeping Droid108. R-10 Household Droid108. JR-8 Maintenance Droid109. MN-2E General Maintenance Droid109. GH-5B2 Maintenance Droid109. Mark II Reactor Drone109. AR-2B Utility Droid109. ASP-7 Worker Droid110. PK General Work Droid110. RIC-920 General Purpose Droid110. 8D8 Smelter Droid111. Decon III Droid111. Gyrowheel 1.42.08 Recycling Droid111. FLR Logger Droid112. GRZ-6B Wrecker Droid112. I-C2 Construction Droid112. EVS Construction Droid

    Messenger Droids113. M4 Message Droid113. ASN Courier Droid113. AS-M12 Message Droid114. Tech 4 PDV Messenger Pod114. Messenger Drone114. Elegance Message Droid

    Service Droids115. EG-6 Power Droid115. S9 Heavy Power Droid115. Inferno Fireghting Robo116. TS-Arach Pest Control Droid116. DBX Mynock Exterminator Droid

    Individual Droids116. LIN-D2D117. ZZ-4Z (ZeeZee)117. FE-9Q (Ele)117. Bollux118. AX-M12 (Ayex)118. Gonk118. EG-67

    119. Alphabetical Index

  • 4Information Droids

    Memory DroidType: SoroSuub Corporation Memory DroidDEXTERITY 1DKNOWLEDGE 2DBureaucracy: library science 4DMECHANICAL 1DPERCEPTION 1DSTRENGTH 1DTECHNICAL 2DComputer programming/repair 4DEquipped With:-Repulsorlift pads (nullies weight for transport)-Two manipulator arms-Three high- volume memory cores with Kraren XI Superprocessors, allowing rapid data collation-Monitoring screens, input keyboards and numerous computer interface portsMove: 0 (can be pushed on its repulsors)Size: 1.85 meters

    1st Degree Droids

    IN-4 Information Droid

    Type: Veril Line Systems IN-4 Information DroidDEXTERITY 1DKNOWLEDGE 4DLanguages 5DMECHANICAL 1DPERCEPTION 1DSTRENGTH 1DTECHNICAL 1DComputer programming/repair 6DEquipped With:-Box framed body-Treadwell locomotion unit-Video sensor-Vocabulator speech/sound system-Extendible I/O computer jackMove: 3Size: 1.3 meters tallCost: 2,500 creditsSource: Cynabars Fantastic Technology Droids, Shadows of the Empire Sourcebook (pages 105/108)

  • 5Archive DroidType: Industrial Automaton A9G-series Data Storage UnitDEXTERITY 2DKNOWLEDGE 2DBureaucracy: library science 4D, bureaucracy: Alliance information storage 12D*MECHANICAL 1DPERCEPTION 1DSTRENGTH 1D+2TECHNICAL 2DComputer programming/repair 5D*Alliance modied model onlyEquipped With:-Kraren XI Superprocessor, allowing rapid data collation-Cybot Galactica Data-Sifter software package (adds +1D to all computer programming/repair rolls involving data searches)-Humanoid body (two arms, two legs, head)Move: 9Size: 1.7 meters tallCost: 8,000 credits (used only)Source: Cynabars Fantastic Technology: Droids, The Truce at Bakura Sourcebook (page 134)

    TT-40 Library DroidType: Telbrintel TT-40 Information Search & Retrieval DroidDEXTERITY 1DKNOWLEDGE 1D+2MECHANICAL 1DPERCEPTION 1DInvestigation 5DSTRENGTH 2DTECHNICAL 2DComputer programming/repair 5DEquipped With:-Repulsorlift unit-360 degree data terminal-Auditory sensors-Three data wheels with extendable probes for fast linkage with Telbrintel switchboard-Twi